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Old 02-16-2010, 10:56 AM
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Talking Thyroid Problems and Low Iodine Levels

Over the past 18 months or so I have been shedding my hair, I started to notice a change in my hair about 12 months ago the texture was so dry and starting to break off and I didnt seem to have as much hair, it wasn't until I changed back to an old hairdresser that she noticed a difference, for the next 8 or so months each time I had a hair cut she would say what is going on with your hair, I think you better see someone. I now started to think she is right it is getting really bad, I also kept thinking it would grow back but it is not, and I am getting really worried about it now. So off I went to the local GP and he said we will send you off to a dermatologist, he was a really nice guy and sent me off with a prescription in hand to give to the pharmacists to make up a topical cream, apply 3 times a week to my scalp, he said this will fix your problem in no time. But it didnt. So I started doing some research on the net and found many different things can make your hair fall out, including esterogen, menapause, high Copper levels in the body, Thyroid problems, low Vitamin D. I felt I needed to speak to someone that specialised in womens hair loss and not the local GP's anymore, I stumbled across a Trichologist Tony Pearce, he is based in Sydney, he specialises in womens hair loss, I contacted him the next day and spoke with him for a while, he told me that if a woman is losing hair then it is within the body and I truely believe this. After going online and filling out his survey, there is a cost involved, he then sent on the blood test requests, I visited my local GP to organise the test, to my surprise my levels of Iodine are almost depleted to nothing and I have been feeling very unwell now also for quite sometime and getting worse. My levels of Vitamin D are also very low and this is also another reason why my hair is falling out. The Thyroid extracts the Iodine from the body and uses it to generate energy and all the other balances within the body, if you don't have Iodine to drive the Thyroid then you will suffer many symptoms such as Hair Loss, very low energy levels, diarrhea, stress levels increase and for me it has increased my levels of cholesterol also. Here are some of the things that the Trichologist wrong back to me via email, in no way do I know this person and I do not have any affiliation with him. I believe he is on the right track and he is the only person TODATE to actually listen to me, the doctor that I went to see to the get the blood tests told me I was depressed and heres a script for some anti depressants, dont go down that path, as this is probably not what your problem is. As well as all my friends and family said the samething, you must be depressed. I must admit I have had a lot of long term stressors over the past 2 years, so I am sure this has contributed to some degree also.

Vitamin D - Current research confirms Vitamin D is one of the three most important nutrients to health – 2nd only to iron. Vitamin D is essential for the active absorption, utilisation + regulation of Calcium + Phosphorus within the body; it's also vital for optimal thyroid functioning. New reference ranges (NEJM 357:3 July19th 2007) are 50-200 nmol/L. Levels less than 75nmol/L is considered Vitamin D insufficiency, whilst levels less than 50nmol/L is deemed ‘deficient’.

Levels of at least around 75nmol/L are essential to prevent Calcium loss from the body, and greater than 100nmol/L ('target' is 150-200nmol/L) for optimal thyroid functioning - you are almost deficient at 54nmol/L. A 2007 study found women are at 11% greater risk of breast cancer when Vitamin D deficient + long-term deficiency of Vitamin D exposes us to serious chronic illness

Iodine: is essential for the making of thyroid hormone. Low Iodine levels in women raises their long term risk of breast cancer. WHO guidelines suggest levels should be greater than 100ug/L NOT to be Iodine deficient ('target' - 150ug/L) - your level is (almost) severely deficient at 24ug/L. There is no UPPER LIMIT of normal range for Iodine. Latest findings suggest that the body requires less demand for thyroid and cortisol hormone when Iodine + Vitamin D levels are optimised - allowing the body to operate more efficiently.

Note your thyroid TSH remains 'normal' despite no nutrients to 'make' thyroid hormone. It would only begin to show when you are rock-bottom.

Elevated Cholesterol is due to sluggish liver detoxification pathways because you have low metabolic activity because you have insufficient Iodine + Viatmin D.
All other results ok

I am in constant contact with the Trichologist and he comes down to Melbourne once every 3 months, my appointment is for this Thursday so I cant wait to see him. He is about to start me on a heap of supplements, including Iodine drops, Vitamin D drops and L-tryosine, hopefully I will see some results soon, I really dont feel that I can continue this way due to how unwell I am feeling as well if my hair continues to fall out at the rate it is in about 6 months I will be wearing a wig. Hopefully the Thyroid will recover and I wont have to take Thyroid hormone tablets for the rest of my life. Anyway wish me luck, I will come back soon and let you know how things go. Best wishes to you all.
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Old 02-16-2010, 04:09 PM
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Hi Angelique,

Thank you for sharing everything that you did. I am very sorry that you are not feeling well but am so happy that you have a doctor who is spending the time to really treat you. What you talked about is actually similar to what I am learning as well and am looking into for myself. I was just told a few days ago about someone who had suffered 20 years from alopecia universalis and they recently started to re-grow (very slightly) some hair after starting significant injections of vitamin D. Just this morning I wrote to my Doctor asking about vitamin D and he has prescribed me to take whole krill oil and Rhodiola tincture. I'm already taking kelp tablets to help boost my iodine. Thanks for sharing and please keep us updated on your appointment and how his treatment is working.

Best Wishes,
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Old 05-11-2011, 04:59 PM
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Default Thyroid problems and Low Iodine levels

Hi, Angelique,
Just wanted to thank you for posting so much information regarding low iodine, vitamin D deficiency and alopecia. I really wasn't looking for info on hairloss, but this is something I've had since early adulthood. Wow, to find out I should have been looking at these things much earlier in life. Anytime is a good time to get fixed! I have been on thyroid medication for quite some time and will be looking into moving to Armour thyroid instead of synthroid. That may also help, but I think the iodine is a much better place to seek thyroid support. I'll up the vitamin D in my system, too. The depression has been low level, but very long-standing and persistent. And, I'm an inside dweller! Thanks again!...Anita
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