20 years old, confused, undiagnosed.

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    Hello everyone! :) I'm so happy I found this website. I've been so confused about my hair for years and I'm hoping someone can give me some advice on the type of hair I have. Here's a bit of a back story;

    I'm currently twenty years old and I have very thin hair. My hair fell out in clumps when I hit puberty at twelve and my mother took me to a dermatologist who did a biopsy on me. Everything turned out normal and my derm. assured me that it was just my hormones freaking out. I didn't give my hair a second thought after that, but I took biotin and a multivitamin religiously, just to be safe. My hair stress began again when I hit 12th grade when a couple of my friends mentioned that I have "like, no hair." I never noticed until then, and I began obsessing and doing research. I went to the doctor and had my hormones checked. I remember her saying everything was at 40, which is healthy. But my hair is still thin. Some days are better than others, some days I have nervous break downs.

    What confuses me is that I have these little sprouts all over my head. Some are very thin, and some are very thick. I lose about twenty hairs when I shower or style my hair, and I notice a couple inch long hairs in my hands when I shower; some thin, some thick. I'm not sure if this may contribute to my hair issue, but I'm a chronic worrier. I'm stressed out all the time, especially about this. My family says my hair has always been very thin, and I often question my sanity since, when I look at pictures of myself years before, my hair looks the same. I've read about hair thinning caused by extreme stress; chronic telogen effluvium, and how it can mimic androgenic alopecia. I'm confused if I have AGA or not, as there are no balding women in my family. However, my three great grandfathers were bald, and my dad is sort of bald. Not horribly, though.

    These thoughts run through my head every day and I just want a break. I felt amazing for a month, but it's a cycle and I know I will be pulled into obsession once again and I just want to live my life.

    Thank you for reading.
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    I know exactly how you feel. I'm much older than you but I noticed my hair thinning in my mid thirties, not much but I did notice a difference and then it leveled out. I'm 50 now and it has really taken a nose dive.

    It could be stress for you, are you on BC or any other kind of medication? Maybe now would be good time to take a long look at your diet and watch how your shedding reacts to certain modifications in diet; that might be the best place to start right now. Find foods that promote and encourage hair growth and eliminate of course gluten, sugar and other things that could cause some kind of sensitivity or imbalance that your hair maybe reacting too.

    I know it's very stressful and I worry all the time :( and I really need to stop. Better to try and focus on finding a way to determine where the sources of your hair issue may lie.
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    Thank you for responding! I am not on birth control as I'm unable to afford it. I try to avoid sugar and the like as much as possible, and I still take all my vitamins, eat healthy, and I've even switched to the "no poo" method of washing my hair. What confuses me the most is that I never noticed my hair is thin. In fact, I've always said my hair was my favorite part of me :/ I only started hating it when I graduated, because kids can be mean. Ever since then it's been a struggle.

    On the bright side, I've seen a lot of women with shaved heads and they all look gorgeous. I think it's a look anyone could pull off :) It's edgy, LOL! We should stop worrying together. I need a vacation, haha!
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    I signed up after reading your post

    Hey :) I have been just coming on to read posts every now and then about hair losses and I havent come across anyone that has quite a similar story to mine, hence feeling the need to sign up now to respond to your post!

    I am now 21 years old. I also never took into consideration of my 'thin' hair until I was about 19 when friends started mentioning it, I developed a skin condition when I was 9 that gave me a small bald patch on the top centre of my head, but that went away with antibiotics within weeks. I too worry and stress a lot, I find that I get more panicked and anxious than other people as well. People started really expressing how thin my hair was, to a point people were asking if it was a medical condition, I thought I was just lucky for a long time... I always loved my hair thin because it never took long to do, but I always had enough hair to be able to style it and wear it how I like, but now being in my final year of Uni and running a business, my stress levels are the highest I have ever reached and my scalp is more revealing than ever, which has lead me to conclude that is has to be my stress. I dont loose patches or clumps of hair, but rather a gradual lost and it looks like my hair is receding and the only way to wear this is with a comb over side fringe, still a hard time covering the hairless areas and show a lot of my scalp, sometimes I spend so long on it that I cry over it and refuse to leave the house. I have tried oils, shampoos, vitamins, doctors says my blood is fine and everything appears normal, Ive visited dermatologists and 'hair loss specialists' and I've also stumped them, everyone who has seen my hair has lack of knowledge of a case like mine and hasnt been able to successfully help me. Please stay in touch with me at solar.nicholls@gmail.com if you happen to find any solutions and I shall do vice versa if you get in contact! I dont feel so alone now that I have heard someone who is a female, around the same age and have similar patterns, it gives me hope! I wish you the best of luck and health.