23 years old sudden hair loss, what seemed to work

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    I am a 23 graduate student, all my life I have had healthy hair... well until 3 months ago. Somehow in the process of a month and a half I realized there was a 3 x 3 area just in the top front of my scalp with almost no hair, it was not one of those clean circles with no hair that are all over the web, mine was a not well defined area with a couple of hairs...

    I believe there is no need to explain how I felt... from being a cheerful person at some point I was avoiding to talk with people, I wanted to be invisible.

    The very first thing I did was going to the doctor, he did not gave me that one answer that I was looking for, though he prescribed me a blood test (regular and thyroid) and an anti-dandruff shampoo (Nizoral). He said there was not much to do besides that since my skin looked fine and it was unlikely hereditary alopecia (apparently for that to happen my mom should have it as well).

    I started using the shampoo and eventually I learned to accept it (without praying for my hair to come back). I got my blood samples and apparently my thyroid is within normal ranges. Then I consulted another doctor, he told me that from his perspective it was likely a bad managed stress problem...
    Around those days it was not only an empty area but I was loosing much more hair after showers and on my pillow after wake up! :(
    So I...

    Bought Bach flowers drops, and decided to have a no stress policy (basically : "I care about nothing but my health")
    Fixed my sleep and eating times
    Used the anti-dandruff shampoo every 3 days for 3 weeks
    Quit smoking
    Stopped taking vitamins (I read that excess of vitamin E caused hair loss... and I realized that I was taking two with vitamin E) and switched them for Omega 3 pills.
    Used a home mix (that a friend highly recommended for bad hair loss under exams stress) once a week until now. A spoon of olive oil, avocado oil, honey, mayonnaise and one egg yolk, mix well, to the fridge 3 mins and apply half an hour after washing your hair.
    Visited my doctor at the first place

    Now, 3 months after I realized the in the no-hair area I can see several tiny hairs coming out! By zones, some more some less, but finally growing back :)
    I am still not sure about the reasons for my sudden hair loss, it might have been stress (3 months ago I was under a more stress than usual), it might have been the vitamins, it might have been a general decompensation. But since I came to this very same site looking for advice back then I wanted to say everything I did to help if possible.
    I was not sure on wether to write this here... perhaps it seems useless, but I thought that if there is anyone there who is in a similar case and find a little relieve I will be more than glad.

    The amount of hair is not physiologically related to the muscles on the face, so please do not stop smiling :)
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    26 years old and sudden hair loss, stress ??

    HI !!

    Thanks for your story, you gave me hope !!
    Im 26, about 10 months ago moved to Canada (from Europe), got married, my dear friend died, I was living in Toronto for a few montha, than moved to Halifax, than to Toronto, and now Im in Halifax. I know it's a lot.
    I noticed about 3 months ago sudden hair loss after washing hair, 300-400 hairs every day !!Everytime I touch my head my hand is full of hair. My hair is normally thin, but now it looks really bad.
    Two months ago I went to my doctor. He said, that my thyroid is small, my skin was thicker than usuall and my voice was "strange". I did blood test, but my hormones were ok. i was suposed to take Materna. So now, I'm taking Materna, Biotin and BioSil (liqiud Silicon), but my hair is still falling out, I have the feeling that it's even getting worse. My doctor said that if you take vitamins in tablets it is really hard to overdose them and it mostly causes stomach problems and not the hair.
    I have beautiful nails, no acne skin but my head looks awful and I'm depressed. I can see some hair growing up, so maybe something is happening on my scalp ?!

    I eat healthy, don't smoke, don't take any hormonal pills. This situation is very stressful for me and I don't know to do.

    I know that I shouldn't be thinking about my hair, but it is so hard, I hate looking at myself and I see everwhere hair !!

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    Follow up

    *Joanna this might be useful...

    Well, I mentioned that tiny hairs were growing! and they did but it was far from being the complete missing piece, I continued like that for 2 more months until I got in to final exams... and you know... you decide to push just that month and then go back to taking care of your self... big mistake. During the course of that month a line of around 1 cm width in the back of the previous missing spot got empty...
    By the time I finished my exams I realized how stupid I was for not paying the attention my body was screaming for (the spot was hard to notice for others by the way I styled my hair those days)... Then I finally found a new dermatologist to whom I mentioned the likely stress cause to my 'alopecia' (hate that term) and without paying much attention he said "we will bring it back".
    With little explanation he started injecting Cortisol in the empty area (around 8 injections) and in 5 minutes he told me to come back in 2 weeks... I was a little furious for the injections out of the blue... anyway he prescribed Clobex in spray every night before bedtime.

    I remember that I used to have like burning or dry sensations in my scalp particularly under stressful situations, after using the spray they definitely disappear and at least my skin became less dry, I came back after two weeks and again the injections... I did not see any improvement by then but continued with the spray every night. I have visited 5 times already (every two weeks, spray every night) and I have seen a HUGE improvement.

    The area that at some point was almost 3 fingers x 3 fingers is now 1 finger x 2 fingers (thats how I have been measuring it), the fuller areas are not as dense as they used to but the hairs are still small, I am missing one more injections day and my doctor is still confident about getting it all back :D
    The emptier missing does have tiny hairs now :)

    PS I keep the omega pills, but not the Bach flowers... they did not helped in finals at all

    Well... I guess I will come back in few months with the final result... the doctor mentioned it was an autoimmune response caused by stress that should not happen again, I really hope it does not come back :(!
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    Anne what is cobex spray, it is a steroidal spray?
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    Got it all back (finally)

    (cancelled my prev mail so opened a new user)

    After months of cortisol injections (twice a month for 2 months and once a month for the past 4 months), 8 hours sleep almost all nights, using the Clobex spray... well not that much for the last 4 months, eating better... the empty area (3 fingers x 3 fingers area hair-free at the top of my scalp) is full of hair again!!!! there is only a minor .5 cm area missing but it is unnoticeable :)

    I remember how I felt when I logged in almost a year ago, I was almost ready to get used to my new hair style, now I am back to where I was before. I learned to take care of myself beyond academic pressures or useless overreactions. My very best wishes to all of you who are in the way to get all the hair back to young days!:>
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    Great.. Fight one sis