A herbal remedy for a long lasting hair loss

Discussion in 'Treatments' started by Briklane3, Aug 31, 2012.

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    Suffering from a post pregnancy hair loss and it is lasting 17 months after pregnancy, on a trip to france to visit my mother this month i have tried the nourishing oil she is using once a month for 3 years now, she is 65 and
    her hair is thick beautiful curles shiny and no white hairs at all.
    I stayed a month and i used it twice as an overnight mask and i noticed losing less hair athe is that i m not sure it is the oil that made my hair better or it is just the holiday mood, i would like to buy it, it is a british made essential oils and alguee mix called (uk hair solutions), they do few products but the one i used is the (thicker hair) oil, the bottle cost quite a lot around £70 and i havent been working for 3 years and avoid expensive purchases.:confused:
    I need some reviews about the product, if anybody used it and how long does it take for hair growth, do i have to buy once and to continue for life. thanks :)
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    Looks interesting, and they have the right info, and if you have living proof that it has worked for your mom it might be something to look at.
    I've heard good things about nettle extract and the nice thing is that it's natural and don't see it giving any side effects.
    There is just so much product out there that takes your money with no results.
    I'm at the point of being tired of spending tons of money on something with no results, but in our case anything could be worth a shot.
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    Hi Brik,

    First of all relax. Yes it might be possible that using such oil is the reason behind your hair loss problem. However I would say you should consult with some professionals to identify its actual cause.
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    First and foremost balanced diet with proper emphasis on vitamin calcium and iron may go a long way in preventing hair fall, because deficiency of protein and iron intake also contributes to hair loss. Thus a balanced diet comprising of all the essential nutrients should be insisted on.
    Hair should be washed and brushed properly. Similar importance should be given to trimming to prevent tearing of hair. Combs with wide tooth should be made use of. Split ends should be got rid of as part of trimming. Blow drying should be avoided because the heat generated is found to be damaging from the point of view of hair.