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    Hello Hello Network Ladies! Welcome to the new forum of The Women's Hair Loss Project, this forum in no way replaces the Network, it just adds another way for women to interact and communicate with each other. Since having started the WHLP in August 2007, I have received many request for an actual forum. I have come to realize that some women find social networking confusing and are not really interested in setting up profiles to interact with others on that level. I actually never thought I would start an actual forum because I personally would get lost on them, never liked the way they were run and always felt disconnected, however, I know that with the amazing sisterhood we already have, that the forum will just be an extension of that warmth and support.

    I definitely want to integrate the activity on the forum with the network, so I have created little button banners to place in the signature area of existing network member profiles that can link back to your page.


    If you would like to add this to the signature area of your posts please create a thread in the "Private Support" area with your request and we'll get that up for you. The private technical support area is for communication that may require the use of sensitive information such as email addresses. Threads created in that area are only viewable to you and administration. While the "Banner Request" doesn't really fall under the topic of "sensitive data" I want to keep those all in one area, and that seemed like the perfect place. :D

    Thank you so much for being apart of The Women's Hair Loss Project, it has meant a lot to me and so many other women and it is all of you who make it the special, loving community that it is.
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    Thank you for the welcome
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    I'm new to the forum but eager to share my story. I've had my ups and downs with growing my hair. When it was good it really was good. Then just when I thought it was healthy enough I colored with a Clairol product to hide the gray. Wrong move. I've been down this path before and have had to start over getting my hair back healthy. You'd think I'd learn. I saw Veronica Webb on the Wendy Williams talk show and she mentioned that she doesn't color her hair because it breaks it. I could really identified with her. The only successful hair coloring product that I can use with my perform without breakage is Clairol Hydrience. It really works but of course this last time I tried a differenct Clairol product and my hair snap left and right. I'm done, I really think the hair color was old and that's mostly why it broke. So here I am again starting over. I know conditioning is the only way to get it back..What a slow process you'd think I'd learned by now. Patiently waiting for my hair to return.
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    new member and lost

    I've been advised by my Dr. to find a support group forthe depression that Im facing from my FPB...I've tried posting things, but even after signing up it says that it's been blocked, I really dont even know whree to begin. but thanks for at least making this available to be able to read other's stories.
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    acne meds and hair loss

    Has anyone noticed a connection between either topical tretinoin or oracea and hair loss? I also have thyroid and menopause factors, but I am suspicious of the tretinoin especially. CCA
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    Hi I'm new and I need a friend !
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    Hello, I am new and very interrested in why I have been losing my hair for over two years. I have lots of hair still left but after two year after having my son I noticed that my hair started to come out in the shower and when I brushed it and it hasn't stopped. I am very interrested to why it started after all these years of my hair being just fine. Iron could be my problem and have started to take it but haven't noticed much a difference. I am one of those women who lose hair when I am pregnant and after the pregnancy my hair goes back to normal but this last pregnancy it cleared up for a two years and then hit again and hasn't let up. I have PCOS but what really is PCOS? No one really knows what causes it, doctors don't even have a direct answer so I have learned to do research on my own and that is why I am here to listen to others like myself and hope to come up with an answer. Okay now I can't wait to get busy reading.
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    hey hi frns newbie here,i find this thread appropriate to introduce myself.
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    Need help knowing what tests to ask for

    Hello Sisters:) I need help in regard to knowing what tests to take to find out why I have been losing hair for about five years. The last "doctor" I went to, a Derm. flounced in, told me he had kidnesy stones, took a quick glance at my hair, announced alopecia, whatever and said, "Sorry, looks like we are both having a bad day". Needless to say I was angry and in tears!! I don't know what tests to ask for to find out the cause of this hair loss and that is what I need help with. Also, should I go to a Derm. or an Endo doctor? :>Thank you:eek:
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    i am new here.thanks for the welcome.hope i enjoy the company of other members here..
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    Hi, I am a new member and I have suffered from hair loss for the past several years. After my initial loss, it grew back and I have controlled it pretty good with Minoxidil. Several months back I stopped using the Minoxidil just to see if I could and I have for the last few months been using Tretinoin Cream for help with wrinkles. (I am 64.) I started shedding more than usual 2 months back and started taking Minoxidil 3 weeks ago. For the last 2 weeks I have been having a major shed and I can no longer go out in public as my hair has gotten so thin. I also have hypothyroidism but I have been taking synthroid and I thought that was supposed to take care of it. I am getting a blood test Monday to have my thyroid checked and I also am going to see about buying a wig. I am at my wits end. I do not know what is causing this but it is ruining my social life. I only hope that it soon stops the shedding and starts regrowing.
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    I understand completely. I am only 43 and dont want to leave the house. Its a beautiful Friday night and instead of being out I threw on a baseball cap so I dont have to look at it and am hanging out with my dogs! Pathetic I know....
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    Thank you

    The warm welcome is very encouraging. However, this will be the first time I have ever participated in a forum. I also consider myself low-tech, so members please bear with me as I learn the procedure.

    Thanks, again.
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    i love hair

    around march of 2010 i noticed my hair falling out i was diagnosed with chron's but my doctor insist that it is not causing my hair loss. my hair fell out and new hair grew in and fell out and new hair grew in it did this about 6 months. no i wasn't completely bald but you could clearly see my scalp. my hair has always been my thing it was long and curly and its been colored and not colored. in october it finally seemed to slow down and it was comming back in thick and i was feeling better in april i had enough hair i didn't have to wear my wig any more and i went and got a hair style. it was short very short! but it looked like normal hair and it was mine. all summer my hair has grown and been healthy i have not colored it i have just left it alone. well in the past 2 weeks it has started again and i can feel the depression sinking in i cry in the shower with handfulls of hair. Then i realized i have been telling my aunt that my scalp burns and hurts and thats when i notice the hair comming out in hand fulls. so i have looked up a few things online but cannot find a remedy most of the answers is stress. well everyone has stress and i have dealt with it my entire life so why is it different now??
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    I am about your age and am having hl too. Rogaine causes extra shedding. The info that comes with the package states there me extra shedding. Rogaine does not guarantee that the shedded hair will grow back. I also read that there is no guarantee that it will work, and if it does, hair gain may be minimal. I think Rogaine works best for users under 40 years old
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    Shedding is associated with every treatment for hair loss that actually works. Shedding is part of the process of reversing follicle miniaturization. The hairs in those weak shrunken follicles need to shed out of the way as those weak follicles are returning to normal. How much a person will shed depends on how many follicles where weakened. The more weak follicles you have, the more you will shed. The less weak follicles you have, the less you will shed. Shedding stops when those weak follicles have returned to close to normal. The hair usually grows back. It is actually rather rare for it to not grow back. It does take a long time though - about a year.

    I started using Rogaine and generic women's Minoxidil when I was 42. I am now almost 47. Guess what? I grew a lot of hair back thanks in part to Rogaine. For many women, Rogaine is enough to treat hereditary female pattern hair loss - if they would ride out the shedding period and stick to the treatment. Some women need more and I am one of those who needed more - but Rogaine played a significant part in my recovery.
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    Rogaine's Effectiveness as We Age

    Hi, It's great that Rogaine is still working for you. I read something about Rogaine being somewhat effective for women up to the age of 40. After that it supposedly becomes less effective. I am near 60 years old; and am very concerned that because my hair is already very thin on top that shedding will be very obvious.
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    The effectiveness of Minoxidil (Rogaine) is widely misunderstood, as is the way it works. It is one of those medications that takes a long time to do its job. It takes four to six months to find out if it will work for you. Then it takes at least a year to 18 months before you will know if the results will be cosmetically significant. Its not great but it is better than nothing at all. The results improve over time if you keep using it. Many folks give up and stop using it because it takes so long.

    I did not realize you are 60. I am not a doctor but I have read and I've been told that if you are going to try to treat hair loss you need to start before age 50. I honestly don't know if that is true. However, I have read similar things about weight loss so there might be something to it.
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    I first started using Minoxidil when I was about 43. I was going through menopause. My hair loss stopped, so I thought it was working. Then when I was about 50 (and still using Minozidil) the hair loss started up again. I began to use Reviogen, and that made my hair thicker on top. Then three years ago I lost about 20 pounds and had an additional bout of hair loss. The Reviogen did not work so I started taking Viviscal and my hair came back. Now it seems Nothing is working! I just ordered a hairpiece for $2,800 from Joseph Fleischer in NYC.

    Seems like things work for a few years then either they stop working because the body becomes immune to them or it's just age and genetics.
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    If your hair loss stopped, Minoxidil was working.

    It is very important for readers of this thread to know what you were doing to address the cause of your hair loss. Minoxidil is a growth stimulant, but it can do nothing about whatever is causing hair loss to happen in the first place. Minoxidil is only part of the solution. The cause of the hair loss needs to be determined and treated.

    It will seem this way if you do not address the cause of your hair loss. Adressing only the effect is only half of the problem. Finding the cause and treating it is very important.

    Men and women both need to userstand that there are two parts to this problem. You need to treat it from the inside out and from the outside in. You need to find the cause, treat the cause and stimulate regrowth. I don't see how anyone can do this on their own. You really need to work with a doctor who specializes in treating hair loss. That is what I did and that is why I am getting results.

    I was wearing hair for several years before I started treating my hair loss. Thankfully, with the help of Dr. Haber, I no longer need to wear hair if I don't want to. I still do sometimes though. But at least now it is not because I have no choice.