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  1. homegirl

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    Addressing Cause of Hairloss

    What kind of a doctor can diagnose causes of hairloss. I saw my dermatologist who just said "Rogaine" I went to my hemotologist who tested my blood for thryoid and hormonal problems; plus Lups. Everything came back negative.

    If I would find a doctor in NYC to help me, believe me I would go.
  2. Tracy C

    Tracy C New Member

    A doctor who specializes in treating hair loss. Preferably a doctor who is an IAHRS member. The IAHRS is a patient advocacy organization. There are a few doctors in the NYC area who are IAHRS members.

    Rogaine certainly is part of the solution. I feel laser therapy helped me a lot as well. In my case (and my sister's) Spironolactone stopped the cause of my hair loss to enable my hair to start growing again. Rogaine and laser stimulated my hair to start growing again. I still needed surgery as well though because I had lost too much hair before starting treatment. My sister will do much better than me. She started treatment well before she lost as much hair as I did. Our mother never did anything to treat her hair loss. Now she is cue ball bald and she has lost so much hair that there is nothing anyone or anything can do for her.
  3. Beverly

    Beverly New Member

    light treatment

    have they tried a light treatment before for your mom.
  4. Tracy C

    Tracy C New Member

    My Mom let it go untreated for too long. She has never bothered to try to treat it. Like many other women, she wrongfully believed there is nothing a woman can do about her hair loss. Oddly, she still believes that even after seeing my Sister and I recovering from our hair loss. She is a very stubborn lady.
  5. Caryl Ann

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    very scared!

    Hello everyone, I am new, and my name is Caryl Ann. I am losing my hair, and so very upset. Four months ago I used this anti dandruff shampoo called Nizrol. It was the then that my hair became fried after 3 uses. I did not over use, and upon throwing it away the bottle felt full. I think that shampoo was the start of my hairloss. My hair has always been highlighted and blow dried. However, since the 4 months from my Nizrol use I have not, and WILL NOT color my hair. I do blow dry 1-2 per week. Today, was the first day I used a small bit of shampoo in months, I blew dry carefully and I can honestly say that there is not one healthy hair on my head. It feels like wire, and I look just terrible. I have become very nervous and depressed. Since the initial use of Nizrol my hair had grown out about an inch. I know this sounds crazy, but I would touch this healthy hair every night, and comfort myself that one day I would have normal hair. Well, after today's washing and as always deep conditioning every last strand on my hair, including my precious 1 inch of healthy hair was completey fried. I was shaking. Other than my hair I have a great life, wonderful husband, child, and love running my animal rescue. I am worried after the new 1 inch of healthy hair is destroyed, that I will never again grow healthy hair OR perhaps in the last several months the follicles were damaged and I will never grow hair at all. My concern is that it is now more than fried hair. It is the weekend, of course, but I plan to see a doctor on Monday if it's the last thing I do. I am so worried over this, I think it's making me sick. Please any help would be so appreciated!!! I will be checking replys constantly in hope of any help! Thank you!
  6. Tracy C

    Tracy C New Member

    Caryl Ann, It is not likely that Nizoral caused the damage you described, especially in only three uses, even if it was three days in a row. If Nizoral did cause damage like that, the product would have been taken off the shelves years ago. I use Nizoral myself and I have never experienced anything like that. I know many others who use Nizoral and they have not experienced anything like that either. I don't know what caused it but you do need to see a doctor who is a specialist in treating hair. You also need to find a way to ease your worries. Worrying and stressing out over this can and likely will make the problem worse.
  7. midnite113

    midnite113 New Member

    Hi. I'm no professional but I would guess that because U stopped using the Minoxidil, your having these problems. I don't think it's because of your other cream. Minoxidil tells U U can't stop using it once U start or U will again lose your hair, & it will be worse than where U started. From what I've learned here, your hair follicles shrink & this causes the shedding. I think that once U stopped the Minoxidil, U were left with a lot of the causes of shedding & your suffering from this original problem. Maybe it was made worse by stopping the Minoxidil when U did. This is the biggest reason I don't want to start using it again. I once tried it for a while but when I saw that I had almost no growth at all, I stopped. I believe this is why I have less hair now than I did back then. I believe the Minoxidil is the cause, because my hair no longer came out in clumps, it's mostly breaking off now. I think if I never used the Minoxidil, the clumps would've ended & I could've found out why ithappened in the 1st place & corrected that without using Minox. But because I did it, I'm left with what I have now.

    I'm heading to a Endocrinologist to see if there's an internal thing I can treat 1st. (which I should've done in the 1st place)Then if there is, I will be patient & do that. Any external help will have to be safer than Minoxidil for me. Maybe something like laser or anything that won't cause shedding for any reason.
    While I'm waiting to see response, I'll use a wig or hopefully still be able to use just a piece.

    I really never liked the idea that once U take to using Minoxidil, your stuck using it for life. May as well just get used to wearing a wig right away. Seems eventually you'll have to anyhow. FPB has to have a internal cause if U ask me. And so do other forms of it. Including what causes MPB. I think it's just that men accept their baldness easier than women do & leave it be.
    Some of them go to using Minox. & stay with it; so they have more hair now.
    Women however, have a more difficult time using products in general.
    I hope you've found a successful way to treat your problem by now. If U have, please let me know. Thanks & Good Luck !!
    By the way, don't let this ruin your social life. If you've had a good one up until the hair loss...keep it going !! I'm pretty sure the people who felt U were beautiful before will still think so.
  8. homegirl

    homegirl Member


    I wear a topper now. Tired of chasing after things that dont work for me anymore. No one knows I am wearing my topper. Some people just say "you're hair looks good like that".
  9. midnite113

    midnite113 New Member

    Hi. Yes, me too. Tho I do have some wigs for days when I have no time to do anything else. I prefer the piece to a wig because I hate wigs !! The wigs I do have look pretty good tho. Took me a while to find the right ones, but I feel pretty good about these, if I absolutely have to wear them. Nobody realizes I'm wearing mine either, unless I tell them. They all just tell me my hair is beautiful or looks great. I do get tired of wearing it the same way, however. It used to be nice to be able to just pin it up, then let it down when I wanted to. It's the beach thing that depresses me. Even just somebody's pool is terrible for me. Altho...I have actually gone in the water wearing my piece once. Just had to worry about my own hair falling down. But I was close to home at the time, too. I was in the complex's pool at my condo. Not there anymore.
  10. midnite113

    midnite113 New Member

    By the way....Have U read about the possibility of hair "cloning" in the near future ? If I see it happening anywhere, I am going for it !! It sounds wonderful !!
  11. Tracy C

    Tracy C New Member

    There are a few companies in trials right now to gain FDA approval to bring their treatments to market. Though the word "cloning" is often being used, it isn't actually a very accurate description of the treatments. More accurately, they are cell-based hair transplants.

    The biotech company I feel has the best treatment is Replicel. Though I have regained enough hair to not need wigs any more, I would love more youthful density. So as soon as Replicel's treatment is available, I am going to have it done.

    Some important things to note here... First and formost, if you stop treatment, you are generally not any worse off than before you started - unless you stop treatment because of shedding (more about that below). Secondly, those with Androgenetic Alopecia do need to keep using Minoxidil once they start. Those who do not have Androgenic Alopecia probably do not need Minoxidil at all, except maybe to accelerate regrowth. If so they probably do not need to continue using it once they have resolved the cause of their hair loss. Finding the cause of your hair loss is of the utmost importance. You need to know the cause in order to determine what treatment is appropriate for you. In the case of women's hair loss, there is no "one size fits all".

    Another important thing that needs to be said about this... A very important thing that every woman who is dealing with hair loss needs to know... Shedding is associated with every treatment for hair loss that actually works (Minoxidil, Finasteride, Spironolactone and low level laser therapy). There is no way to avoid shedding if you want to resolve your hair loss. Shedding is an indication that the treatment is working. The damaged follicles need to shed their hairs as they are being repaired by the treatment. Stopping a treatment because of shedding is usually a mistake that can leave you worse off than before starting treatment. You need to ride out the shed until your follicles are repaired. It's hard. I know. Been there done that. The shedding stops eventually and hair grows back thicker than it was before.
  12. midnite113

    midnite113 New Member

    Well Tracy, U can bet that if the cloning or whatever U want to call it is a go, I will be right there in line with U to get it !!

    I can't say that I know yet what the cause of my hair loss is...but because it's such a familiar thing in my family, I'm guessing it's from that; even tho I was hit with it worse than my sisters. They never said they saw their hair come out in clumps like mine did.
    Once I get to the Endocrinologist & I know for sure what my cause is, I will treat as indicated.
    I also would assume that depending on which drugs/treatments one uses, results will differ as each treatment does. I don't take Spirolactone for my blood pressure. I take Accupril. (& a water pill with it. "Microzide, I believe".) There are different types for different types of blood pressure issues. Yours may be different than mine. Or your doctor saw it fit to treat U for your combination of problems. Mine addressed only one thing.
    I have never noticed anything like shedding happening to me, but I haven't tried too many things either. I would expect it tho, should I get on that new therapy for growing hair back. I'd be happy knowing it was because my follicles were getting thicker & I was losing the thin ones. Yayyy !!! ( I hope. )
    I had considered going to Bosley before for transplants, but because I would likely need so many of them, I felt the cost would've been far too much, so I backed out of going.
    What I think is happening to my hair at the moment, is it seems to be breaking off, more so than falling out by the root, or follicle as U say.
    I also get some itching on my scalp, which I'm not sure it's from any hair trying to grow back or from where I attach my pieces. I lean towards it being from attaching my pieces, since I don't feel or see any extra hair up there. It may also just be that my scalp is so dry.
    I used to have to wash my hair every single day or I couldn't go out, it was so oily at the roots. But since having started this trouble with my hair, I notice I can go a few days before I see that effect. My hair used to be quite shiny too, but not anymore. It's very dry now. And I don't even color it anymore. Maybe might do it once or twice a year now, just for highlighting. But since I have no gray, I don't care much if I do or don't. If I don't...it's just a little duller.(mousey)

    I'm very happy that your hair is at a stage that U can feel near normal again. Congrats !! I know it took a lot of work & patience from U.
  13. Tracy C

    Tracy C New Member

    Please don't do that. If you ever think about doing that again, don't go to Bosely. Go to a doctor who is an IAHRS member.

    This brings up another very important thing every women dealing with hair loss needs to know. Women are usually not good candidates for hair transplant surgery. Some women are but most women are not. Ethical doctors know this. A compny like Bosely will not care and will do the surgery on anyone who is willing to pay for it, whether they are good candidates or not.
  14. midnite113

    midnite113 New Member

    Hi Tracy,
    I'm getting ready to hit the pillows now, but wanted to answer 1st.
    I already realize that places like Bosley can easily rip off a woman & talk her into their transplants whether or not she is a good candidate for it. I never felt that I was & didn't go. Not only because I couldn't afford it, but because I'd lost too much hair.
    I'm pretty wary of false advertisers. I'm a very cynical person about those things.
    However, I mentioned Bosley, only because I noticed on the "cloning" sight, that they are connected to the place that may have the 1st opening of treatment centers. Offhand I don't remember which it was called, but it's right there on the "cloning" sight. If it hadn't been for that, I wouldn't have mentioned them.
    As far as the "cloning" goes....they do seem to have different concepts & ways of doing it; depending on which company is doing it. I don't know which process is best, but I think I'd be willing to try almost any of them. I'd even volunteer to be a guinea pig !!
    I neglected to ask before, but I noticed U said to someone that U had surgery for your hair loss. Can U tell me what that was ? I'd assume U went to someone certified & this is what your talking about. Or...I could be totally mistaken. In that case, I apologize early.
    Have a good night.
  15. Tracy C

    Tracy C New Member

    Yes I waited too long to start treating my hair loss. Though I did grow a lot of hair back with medical treatment alone, I had hairless patches that could not be filled in with non-surgical treatments. My pattern was very similar to my mothers except I retained my hair line. Anyways, the only solution that works to fill in areas that are totally void of hair like that is transplant surgery. Fortunately, I am a good candidate so I had surgery to fill in those areas. Ten months after the surgery to fill in the holes, I had a second surgery to build up density. I chose a doctor who is approved by the American Hair Loss Association and a member of the IAHRS. IAHRS members are held to much higher standards of ethics and quality of work.

    I am a living example of the importance of finding the cause of hair loss and treating it early. Knowing what I know now, I thoroughly and fully believe that if I had started treatment much sooner than I did, I would not have needed surgery. My sister took this lesson to heart and started treating her hair loss shortly after I did. She is seven years younger than me so she started treatment seven years earlier in life than I did. Since she does not have patches that are completely void of hair and she started treatment early, she most likely will not need surgery. Our mother never did anything about her hair loss. Our mother has lost too much hair and too much time has gone by for her to be able to recover enough to not need wigs.
  16. midnite113

    midnite113 New Member

    Okay Tracy, thank U for explaining to me.
    Unfortunate for me, my hair has been super thin since a very young age, & I don't think hair recovery products were even out then. My Mom used to warn me every time I put something in my hair that I would lose it some day. (she used to perm my hair when I was a child, tho I don't know why...so I blame her for starting it )
    I really didn't notice anything until my hair came out in clumps at the age of 50. I'd been used to dealing with baby fine hair all my life, so a little thinness didn't bother me. But when the clumps came out, it showed up really bad, really fast. I instantly ran to the Dermatologist, who did nothing but tell me to use Minoxidil or wear a wig. I was very disappointed. Then I got so busy with other health issues that I didn't find a good Endocrinologist right away. I actually went to one but for a different reason.
    Now, I want to go back to one for the hair loss. I don't know if the one I saw back then was certified as an IAHRS member or not. How would I find this out ?

    Also, U say if I don't have actual bald patches already I may not need extreme means. I don't really know if I do or don't. I seem to have very thin hairs all over my head, but they're so very thin & sparse, it appears to me that I'm bald. They may not be if looked at with a magnifying glass. I don't know how closely a doctor would check it or how he would judge it. I just feel very bald !! It may just be covered in fuzz, if ya know what I mean. I can't really tell by touching it, alone.
    To me...the areas of my head that seem bald to me, kind of looks like a man would have baldness. It's mostly around the crown area. I do have my hairline, tho. There's just A LOT of area that needs hiding. And it happened very fast.
    I'm pretty sure if I cut it short, it would look like a man's bald head. So I don't cut it. I leave it long so I can comb it on top of my head & pin it to hook a piece onto it. Without my little hairknot, I would have to wear a full wig all the time. And if U know me, U know that's not my cup of tea, if I can avoid it.
  17. Tracy C

    Tracy C New Member

    There are not very many. Here is the list:


    Here is another link for you to the American Hair Loss Association:


    Do any of these pictures match you?

  18. midnite113

    midnite113 New Member

    Thanks...I'll check out these links.
    And no, I don't think I exactly match any of these. These photos appear to be totally bald heads in the area that's missing hair. As in, having a shiny spot on their head. I still have a little bit but it's patchy & thin. And I can do a comb-over of sorts. But remember also...my comb-overs are sparse. Maybe if I combed my hair away from my balding areas, I might look similar ? I'm not sure.
  19. midnite113

    midnite113 New Member

    Okay...I checked the list U sent me, but they were Dermatologists, not Endocrinologists as I plan to go to. There was one in my state & I've heard of him from TV shows I've seen. He isn't too local, but impossible if I decide to try him. I probably won't unless he does that new treatment soon.
  20. Cassy

    Cassy Member

    The pictures you put up, I am the bottom right corner but the hair on the sides is even thinner than the top. What does that paticular picture mean? Also, I dont want to speak to soon but its possible that the shed from the hairmax is done. Is been 7 months now and the last 2 weeks the shedding has slowed down a great deal. I am getting up the nerve to add the rogane. I hope i dont shed again because then I will be in real trouble.