According to the good doc, I have...

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    ...a mix of AGA & TE.

    I just about broke into tears when he told me AGA was involved, most likely triggered by the start of my BC (which he said was most likely the reason for the TE). I'm a little bit depressed, but at the same time relieved. I don't know if anyone else felt this way, but I'm just glad to know that I haven't been imagining it. He told me to start Rogaine as soon as I can, discontinue the BC asap, and get my blood drawn for iron levels.

    According to him, I shouldn't lose anymore which is a little hard to believe since he's no psychic & this whole thing kinda started out of the blue. I'm not shedding an abnormal amount, & that actually freaks me out...makes me anxious for if & when I start to shed a lot. He wants my ferritin checked since I bleed a little heavy & my periods last a whole week. I for once want a simple health condition like low iron levels, so I know there's a concrete reason for my thinning that can be helped. I just stopped taking my OTC lo since my cycle was up; it was causing undesireable side effects other than TE. Hopefully that will help too, & not make it worse. I've only taken it for 2 cycles, so I hope that's not long enough to see more loss after discontinuing it.

    He also said I need to watch myself since it seems as if I have a body-dismorphic (sp?) condition that causes me to obsess about the thinning to the point where I may be seeing things that aren't there. I told him I check EVERYTHING reflective to see how obvious the loss is, & he said that was a symptom of the disorder.

    Anyway, thank you guys for reading my posts & replying. I feel like I'm alone in this, & its comforting even if in the slightest to know I'm not the only one feeling how I do. Not to mention, I get a ton of information from looking around on the site & the forum.

    And PS - I'm nervous but eager to start the Rogaine, but I'm terrified. I've heard stories where either it didn't help, it made things worse, or it only worked until the person quit applying it & then the hair went right back to shedding. Does anyone have any stories or information on using Rogaine?

    Thank you beautiful women in advance! :eek:
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    Body-Dysmorphic Disorder huh? I wouldn't put too much stock in what that doctor says about your emotional state. Is he also a shrink now too? That pisses me off to no end...I can not even begin to put into words my feelings right now, but I'll try.
    I'm sitting here for the last 10 minutes trying to get my mind around how easy it was for him to just flippantly throw out that suggestion to you.
    Body-Dysmorphic Disorder to me is something some "doctor" made up in order to push medication on people.
    To throw that term out there and potentially label you with BDD is horrible. Of course you are preoccupied with losing your hair! Ya wanna know why? Because you ARE losing your hair! Geez, BDD is about people who "precieve" that something is wrong with them, but nothing is wrong. But then again, who is the judge in such things? A person who is obsessed with certain features, believing they are "flawed", well, to them they are flawed. Is it up to a doctor to say "there is nothing wrong with your nose," or "your hair looks fine, you're not losing it" or "you face is symetrical, you just don't want to believe it." Granted there are people that take things to an extreme, but for myself, I have had to read between the lines with this particular disorder and come to my own conclusions about it. It is my own personal opinion that BDD is a bunch of bullcrap in most cases.
    One of my daughter's was blessed to have a very beautiful and interesting shaped nose. For about two years, she was obsessed with getting a nose job. Does she now have BDD? I bet the doctors would say yes. She has a Jewish nose and its prominant. I don't have that and none of my other children have a Jewish nose. It is just how her DNA decided to express itself. It took a long time AND me showing her other models with a distinct hump on their nose, before she saw the beauty in it.
    How easy it would have been for me to take her to a shrink and have her put on medication for something that wasn't necessary. When she is older she may decide that she doesn't want that hump and get a nose job. Would that now qualify her for BDD? With the advent of plastic surgery, we now have a way to fix those "percieved" imperfections. But doctors will take that one step further and say that a person with BDD will continue to go back for more surgery. Who might their examples of BDD be? Joan Rivers, Michael Jackson, Leona Helmsly, and anyone else that chooses to be proactive in changing their appearance or who may feel that they don't measure up physically. So that means the person needs medication or they are now also flawed pschologically?
    Hair loss is not imagined. It is real. BDD on the other hand is an opinion which has NOT been studied. If I had a PhD in Psycology, I could write a thesis too and get published, but that doesn't make it a fact. They have no facts to back up their theories; only ancedotal evidence based on what a patient may or may not say or some of the more extreme behaviors that may warrent such a diagnosis.
    Here is a link to an explination of BDD, you be the judge:

    Sorry for my rant. LOL I have read a lot of non-sense clinical papers online about the emotional effects on women with hair loss, and the studies that they are conducting right now have more to do with the development of new medications than in actually finding a cure or truly helping women during her hair loss. They just throw out words and label women. Because of the extreme vulnerable state that many hair loss sufferers are in, of course they may believe some "expert" because "they aren't thinking clearly." How easy it is to suggest things in that state and for such a diagnosis to take root, when in fact no such thing actually existed. It wasn't too long ago that women were put into institutions, given hysterectomies and shock therapy because they were "emotional". That is where the term "hysterical" comes from...hysterectomy. They thought that removing the female reproductive organs would help in such cases. Shouldn't BDD, which was theorized in 1886 during the very time of "hysterical women" thrown into mental institutions raise a red flag for us? :eek:
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    Hi there, I'm glad you were able to get a diagnosis. My doctor also recommended that i start using rogaine but I'm not sure if i'm going to use it as I'm concerned about the possibility of losing more hair. I've been reading a bit about rogaine and it seems to be the approach that is most recommended with respect to women's hair loss. I think you need to really think about what fears you are having and why you feel this way before starting. For example, I have/had a tendenacy to just want a solution for why i was losing hair and have it "fixed". When my doctor prescribed the b.c pill and rogaine for me I was ready to start the treatment without doing any sort of research. It wasn't until a friend of mine said, how long will you have to take it? What will happen after you stop taking it? that I stopped and actually thought about the implications. I'm not saying that is the situation you are in but just letting you know that I had the same hesitations about starting rogaine. :>
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    Thank you both!

    I'm terrified to start the Rogaine...I've heard plenty of good & plenty of bad stories to keep me torn. I had my ferritin drawn yesterday and it came back @ 27; the low end of normal. My Doc told me to start Vit C & Iron supplements & to then check back with him. Since I found out, I've been doing a ton of research on iron deficiency & its relationship to HL - I guess this is pretty common. I'm not 100% convinced that my low iron has anything to do w my HL, but since its low it needs to be corrected regardless. So I guess we'll see how things are in 3 months. :)

    BTW - my Doc is retired and a very good family friend. I don't think he was being completely serious, but rather was trying to cheer me up after giving me the news. He knows I obsess about this, and I think he was in his own way trying to tell me to leave it alone. I think we have a bit of a right to obsess to a healthy degree because it is our hair. Unfortunately, its take for you to begin to lose it before you really see how important it is. All I know is that IF my hair get restored, I will love it and appreciate it everyday! Realizing that you're losing something so integral to your own identity also helps you to see what other things in life you take for granted or advantage of. I find that I've become a little more empathetic to others, knowing I feel how I do about my own condition.