Ack--Help!!! Spiro/Rogaine users, is this normal?

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    I've been on Spiro (stepping my way up to 200mg) and Rogaine for a little over a month. Also on continuous BC for a little more than 3 months.

    Before starting this regimine, I was shedding about 125-170 a day. The first week or two I was on Spiro and Rogaine, I didn't notice a decrease, but no increase either. By the end of two weeks, I was shedding a lot less--more like 50/day.

    Then, all of a sudden a week ago, the shedding started to increase! The last two days it's been back up in the 125-150 range (and today's not over yet...)

    My question is this...
    I know most people experience an increase in shed when they start these products...but how soon after you start does that happen? Right away? A few weeks later? What's weirding me out is that the shedding seemed to have slowed, but now, a month after starting Spiro/Rog it seems to be increasing. Is that normal for these products, or is it likely something else is causing the uptick in my shed?

    I'm just heartbroken...just when I thought maybe there was hope. :(
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    I know it can be so discouraging when the shedding gets worse. I went through something very similar when I first started spiro. I didn't experience the improvement first though. Shortly after starting spiro my hair loss increased tenfold. It was very scary. Somewhere into the 3rd almost 4th month I noticed a major decrease in shedding. I've read that is the turning point for alot of people. Spiro didn't stop the shedding enough so later I added BCP Yasmin and it worked for the first 3 months then I took a 4 day break and two days after starting it again my hair was shedding like crazy again. I immediately switched my BCP to Diane 35 and all I can say is wow!! the results are amazing. It's like I don't have a hair loss problem anymore. My part is filling in and I have hair growing in everywhere. I haven't used Rogaine so I can't add any experience with it. My guess is it's the spiro (and maybe the Rogaine??) causing your hair loss now and it will decrease but not for a while. It's hard waiting, I thought I was going to go bald just from taking spiro, but then all of a sudden it stops the shedding. I hope some of this helps you. This is such a painful, scary experience.
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    First of all, do u know why u were losing your hair to begin with? Was it hormones, medicine? Did u have all the blood work done like thyroid, cbc, iron, etc? I think that's important to begin with...all that said, if it is hormonal then the spiro should work. I have no idea about rogaine I have not used it. I did hear it does cause a shedding...having said all that, you've only been on spiro a month? Hair can not stop shedding that soon because it comes & goes in cycles like 2-3 month cycles. Just hang in there on the spiro if you can. Make sure to get your potassium checked. Drink tons of water. Unfortunately the waiting sucks. But it's worth it. I shed around 15 hairs all day & I've been on spiro 2 months now. I was shedding glob/handfuls since Jan 2009. Got on spiro 2 months ago & wow! It really works IF it is hormonal.

    Hang in there!
    Also, check with your dr. I'm just a 33 year old stay at home mom who desperately did her research so I wouldn't lose all my hair:)
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    spironolactone, saw palmetto, Nizoral, Rogaine regime

    Hi gals! I'm new here... (my very first post)... I too just started spironolactone 50 mg twice/day (due to PCOS) on Jan 8th... then I read on here to add Nizoral shampoo to stop the DHT from the outside... I did not really notice any difference with the spiro.. until the last few days after I researched and started taking saw palmetto (serving as a natural DHT blocker) and it really seems to be helping. I would like to get to the point where I am no longer on the spiro and just taking saw palmetto as I'd much prefer the natural route... any thoughts on this being an option?

    Thanks a bunch!
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    Hi I have a question for u:) Well I had totally jinxed myself when I posted a success with my hair loss because my hair is dropping like water. I am already at almost 5 months into taking 150mg spiro daily. Maybe I should add saw palmetto? How much do u take...I did order Finasteride but maybe I should take the natural approach my question is at what dose?

    Thanks in advance!!!
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    I stopped the spiro

    I've suffered from extreme hair loss... here are the links to my research and what has finally worked after many failed attempts (various shampoos, spironolactone... which I stopped after not being sick for over a year respiratory-wise... started the spiro and was sick every month... researched it and it is an immunosuppressant, and the desperate miracle cures)

    My regime:
    Saw Palmetto 640 mg. to block DHT from the inside (was taking 480, but just bumped it up as felt I needed more and I think I'm now at the right dose)
    Borage Oil (enhances saw palmetto effect) 1000 mg
    L-Carnitine to regrow hair 750 mg

    Shampoo: Nizoral to block DHT from the outside

    Hope this helps you!
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    I am not sure why the links I posted were edited out of my post but start searching on saw palmetto to block DHT, borage oil to enhance that effect and L-Carnitine to regrow hair... good luck! oh and don't forget the Nizoral)
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    All of the abbreviations posters use are pretty confusing and it's necessary to do a lot of extra research just to find out what things like "BCP Yasmin" are all about. It'd be really helpful if folks could maybe write out the full name first and then follow with using abbreviations.