acupunture and hairloss

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    My acupuncturist is confident she can treat my hair loss and i am considering giving it a shot. has anyone tried this or heard anything about this? I'm starting treatments next week so if anyone has some helpful knowledge please let me know. thanks. this is my first time posting something. i just joined. this seems to be the place for support.
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    There are a few ladies on the Network that have tried acupuncture, but I don't recall what the results were or if they continued with their sessions.
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    i'm doing it

    I'm starting treatments and chinese medicine next week and will be doing it for 3 months. I will make sure to comment on my results and hopefully will be able to find relief for myself and possibly others who want to try this sort of thing.
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    Hi, MT-
    After 3 infuriating MD appointments, I have decided to give acupuncture a try. My hair loss started in July 2009, or at least that is when I noticed it. It's getting worse and worse by the day, mainly visible at the scalp. I'm a complete wreck about this. I cannot concentrate on anything but my hair.

    At first, I self medicated with iron because my ferritin was 11 and I'm a vegetarian. After three weeks of iron, it went up to 21. But, my serum iron and iron sats were off the charts, which freaked me out. I decided to go off the iron for a few weeks and then re-test myself again, along with more comprehensive hormone and thyroid studies. I also made an appointment with a world renowned derm where I live. But, her next appointment isn't until December.

    So, I went today for my first acupuncture session. He claimed he could take care of my hair loss. He pointed out that my circulation is poor, my nail beds are white, my hands were as cold as Alaska. His "diagnoses" definitely make sense, and were my rationale for taking iron supplements (getting O2 to the extremeties). He suggested I only drink warm beverages, eat warm foods, etc. $85 later, he gave me some herbs for hair growth. I have to say, I feel content right now, and I've been a total mess these past few weeks.

    Anyway, I will go back next week. I might try to find something cheaper though. Will you keep me posted on how your treatments go?

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    acu is darn expensive

    I feel vulnerable. The first person i talked to who said she could help and I run to her with my checkbook willing to pay whatever the cost is. Hopefully the acu and chinese meds will work. If not i guess its only money right. at least i'm taking some action. For the last 2 months i've been paralized as i watch hundreds of hairs, lashes and brows fall to the bathroom floor. It feels good to have scheduled the appointments and have this women look me in the eyes and tell me it will be ok. I want to believe her so bad. time will tell.

    Kate it's good to know that i can discuss the acu treatments with you. I haven't actually spoken to anyone who has done this . As you mentioned, my acupuncturist's diagnosis was accurate in terms of symptoms and onset of hair loss. This women has successfully treated women in my community before for hair loss. i will keep up with posting any results in the next few week. good, bad, or no response to treatments.
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    Well said. I feel the same exact way. This is the only person who has acknowledged my problem, and actually said he could help. The derm I went to spent no more than 9 minutes with me per visit. My free T4 (thyroid lab) was flagged as low, but HE wasn't concerned about it. Yet, when I began asking pertinent questions about primary and secondary hypothyroidism, he told me I was "out of his realm". Why did he order the tests then?!

    Sorry for the tangent.

    Regarding acupuncture. I am skeptical, but it did feel comforting to hear someone say that he would "take care of me." He seemed confident he could help...but does he give everyone the same shpeal?

    I decided to go somewhere cheaper because there is an acupuncutre college here. Apparently, it is only $22 per session. I think the stress of paying $85 per session might exacerbate my hair loss!
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    Lord... It is a little (only a little) comforting knowing there are others out there, feeling the crap i am feeling too... My sisters studying reflexology & said she'll do reflex on me once a week to stimulate my hypothalamus & endochrine glands.... This should get my hormones balanced.... If you do enough research on google, youll see most of hairloss in women is from DUMB androgens. Testosterone turning into DHT which kills your hair by strangling it with the help of 5 beta reductase. I went to see an edoconoligist i think its is.... Just yesterday, she attached little things on my fingers & this machine measures what meridians are out of balance, thus finding out what is wrong with you. She found my ovaries & adrenal gland. No surprise as i have PCOS. Being into chakras lately & am only underactive in the root chakra... which is linked to my adrenal gland. All the pieces fit together. Now she gave me herbal medicine (chinese) but in pill form... Excellent. Also she gave me some drops for under the tongue that have like a sound frequency put in them? If you know anything about flower or shell essences then you know what im going on about. I hope this helps. Visits are expensive as can be & medicine isnt cheap either, need refill every fortnight too! Im going to be struggling to pay for this but if it works... halleluah, you will all know where to go. Im inpatient though as i am not dealing with this well at all... Im typing right now with my eyes all cried out, my head thumping... which isnt good cause i know im only making the hair loss worse with the added stress. And when i stress... I STRESS. Which is what probably shook my hormones out of place to begin with which gave me PCOS & now this. I just had to stop typing to pick up a strand off the keyboard. This really really sucks.... There are women out there that have no idea too, let alone men. This happening to a woman is absolutely crushing. I think id rather die. Suicidal thoughts arent absent at all at this point. 6 months ago i had hair loss, meaning i had lost a lot of hair BUT because i always had heaps of hair it looks "normal" to people, now 6 months later, i dont know if i can keep my job - i only just got it too, been there one month only. Anyway saturday i see a spiritual/energetic healer that ive known for a while... if i dont find the nearest bridge & jump by then. I pray for hair regain & more success stories. We need them.