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    Hi to all ladies, first i want to mention that i am not native english speaker, so please ignore my mistakes. My hair loss started one year ago and i didnt know why. So i went to dermatologist and he said i have telogen effluvium and i am low in zinc and iron. I never thought it could becouse i discontinued birth control pills.
    So after searching on internet like maniac every day for many hours and visiting all possible doctors i kind of gave up becouse i was tired of searching for the trigger. In the meantime i started to take my birth control pills again becouse i saw on internet it could be the cause of hair loss, so i did panic and started to take it again with hope it will stop my hair loss. My hair loss started in december 2012 and continued till november 2013 but it slow down and i saw huge amount of regrow everywhere on top of my head.
    So i thought maybe the trigger was the birth control and i stopped it again. So now my hair loss is back becouse i stopped the damn birth control.
    So after one year i finally know the cause of my hair loss, and that is stopping birth control!!! I feel relieved and sad at the same time becouse if i would stay away at first from birth control i could be already cured. So all ladies who are out there and thinking to jump back on birth control pills please stay away from that!!!!
    Now i did cut my hair to bob from very long and i hope this time my TE will be gentle and will end soon. I am taking vitamins, especially biotin helps my regrow. Also stay away from roggaine, it will make your hair fall out as soon as you stop to use it. Just eat well, and take your vitamins. Time will solve it out. I post picture of my hair before, and i pray and i believe they will be the same one day. Goold luck ladies

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    similar situation...

    Dear Baruskita,

    I completely understand what your going through because I went through a very similar situation. Over a year ago I stopped birthcontrol and my major shedding began, I have seen countless doctors and have finally come to the conclusion that I have chronic telogen effluvium that was triggered from me stopping birthcontrol. I too started it again which only made me loose more hair so I decided to stop. Now I am finally seeing regrowth but am scared because I dont know if it truly coming back.
    I can relate to feeling angry and like I could have avoided the whole situation if I only stayed away from the birthcontrol pills. How is your hair looking now? Are you staying away from birthcontrol completely?
    Stay positive, hopefully both of us will have full regrowth!!!
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    Hi Hairgirl:)

    Hi, for the past few months i did visit many doctors, including endocrinologist, normal GP, dermatologist etc and last month i went to my native country to immunologist where he did check all he could. He came up with conclusion that i have some kind of inflammation in the body, but he cant see what it is. So i was thinking it could be actually even the tooth infection what was going on two years ago and its actually the time when my hair started to fall. So now i will look closely into this to have my teeth fixed. But two years ago i stopped for awhile also the birth control pills. So i think this have part in hair fall also. Becouse whenever i stopped and started to take bcp again i notice decrease in hair fall into 3 weeks from starting bcp. So i think its probably hormones too.
    Now i am almost two months free from bcp and i my hair is falling out the same. So i revisit my dermatologist and he said yes that i have telogen effluvium (diffuse alopecia) and he found out also that i am very defficient in iron. So i started to take 100mg of iron, twice a day. He also gave me zinc vitamins to help with regrow 20mg twice a day. I do also take Revalid,you may look on ebay, its vitamins which help to regrow hair for people like us with telogen effluvium and alopecia. I take it for 1 months so far and i do notice some regrow. But only time will tell....most of the time i pray that my hair will stop falling out and i will feel normal and happy as i used to be, i am not myself i am always thinking about the hair situation and my self esteem is very low becouse of the hair.
    Lets hope and believe that we will be fine !!!!!!!!! Lots of luck for you:>
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    I also forgot to mention what seems to help a bit for the regrow and hair loss to be less is placenta ampoules, you can buy on the internet, you massage it into scalp after washing your hair, it helps to minimize hair loss and helps regrow. I also bought ampoules with aminexil from Vichy, they do help too. You may try that too. :>