After years of thinning hair is growing back :)

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    Hi Nasye
    Yeh stress is never good. It causes havoc with your body in all kinds of ways, including your hair. I've occasionally lost mounds of hair temporarily, on top of the continuous thinning argh!, because i've been going through a stressful time. Fortunatley the big fallout always stops when the stress is over though.
    Unfortunately just caring for your hair externally won't stop the fallout if the cause is internal. I tried all sorts of external cures but they didn't work because my hair loss was caused by my iron defficiency.
    It might be worth investigating your hair loss more thoroughly sometime soon if it continues to be a problem. I waited years thinking it might stop before i did anything then ended up with really ghastly looking thin hair. It was so stressful in itself & i wouldn't wish that on anyone. I hope your hair loss is only temporary & it gets back to normal real soon. :)
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    Hey Hetal thanks for your post :)
    Yeh i've read about lots of causes of hair loss on here. It's a shame it's so complex & there are so many different reasons & solutions. I just wish that everyone could find their's. It's so disheartening trying in vain for years & still not get anywhere. It's good to hear you've found something that has helped in your particular situation. I hope that things continue to improve for you and it's great that you've shared your experience. Thanks again :)
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    Hello Erin7111!
    Thankyou for shedding some light on the differences between the different types of ferrous. I was wondering lol :)
    I wasn't actually suffering from anemia just a lack of ferritin so it didn't show on any normal iron tests in the past otherwise it may have been sorted before now. Yeh the ferrous sulphate was a bit rough on my stomach. I got a fair bit of stomach ache & often pains that made me feel like i had picked up a bug but it was always the ferrous sulphate that caused it. Just had to cope with it though. When i dropped my dose to one tablet a day i was absolutely fine. I only take one a few times a week now that my levels are alot higher & my hair is still reeping the benefits :)
    I eat more red meat & fish now knowing about the haem iron & non-haem iron thing aswell lol so i think that must be helping aswell. So it's still onwards & upwards. Thanks again for that information :)
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    hi ive written on one of these threads before. I THINK i have tellogen effluvium or hair loss related to low ferritin I believe my hair has been getting thinner and thinner for years now. However like many of us i didnt realise just how bad it was until one day i realised you could see my scalp through my hair. Since then Jan 2012 I have been trying to figure out why this is happening to me and how to correct it I had blood tests and my ferritin was low at 12 and i have been getting my ferritin up and the last time I checked it was 79. I have read on these sites that it may take up to a year to notice any regrowth so i am being patient but my question is.. Do you have to shed hair to regrow hair because I feel as if my hair is still shedding quite a bit, I cant tell what is normal anymore. And how can i tell if im actually growing any new hairs? I just cant wait any longer!!
    Oh I have been taking ferrous fumurate once or twice or sometimes three times a day. and vitamin c and l-lysine.
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    Hi Tanie

    congratulations on your getting your hair back. You must be over the moon ( I know I would be). I just wanted to ask you a few questions because your problems sound similar to my own. Im 45 and my hair has been thinning for the about 4 years, I didn't really notice at first because my hair has always been fine, (im blonde which normally means your hair if fine) I first noticed it at the front and kept thinking I should address it at some point but at the time my life was very stressful and I never seemed to have the time or inclination because it was never noticeable. However, a month ago I went to my hairdresser and she said "what have you done to your hair". At this point I had a good look at my hair and realised that the thinning had spread through the centre of my scalp and in places I had very tiny bald patches where no hair was growing at all. Of course complete panic set it and now I feel like im going round in circles.

    I saw my doctor a month ago and she was very unsympathetic, the whole experience was very upsetting, she said to me that I had female pattern baldness and theres no cure and to basically close the door behind me. I insisted on blood tests and the result was that my iron was 39. I know this is on the low side so im now taking 200mg ferrous sulphate twice a day, by the way I got them on the internet because the 2nd doctor I saw wanted to do her own research before she prescribed me and at this point I just couldn't be bothered to fight for iron tablets. I saw a trichologist 2 weeks ago and he said I had a lot of very fine hair regrowth, he recommended some lotion but I said I wanted to think about it before I committed myself. He didn't actually say I had female pattern baldness or make any kind of diagnosis and seemed to think that it would regrow in 3-4 months after use of the "lotion". So I don't really feel that i've got to the bottom of my problem as yet. I have another appointment next Monday in Harley Street and am hoping I will get some answers then. I have changed my diet dramatically, for the past 10 years I haven't eaten well. Im now eating an iron rich diet and make sure I have a high protein content to my diet every day, I am taking nourkrin, saw palmetto, a multi vitamin and biotin (too much????) I wonder if this is the right thing to do, any advice would be welcomed) I have had tremendous stress in my life and only now are things starting to settle for me. Also I started to take HRT (Prempak) about 10 months ago, I was having 30 hot flushes a day and it was unbearable. I have now stopped so that I can get my testosterone level tested, Im wondering if the HRT is at the bottom of the problem. Im not sure I will go back on it after my blood test.

    I wanted to ask you; when your hair thinned, was it all over or just on the top/front?

    Did you have any parts of your scalp where you couldn't see (with the naked eye) any hair at all - however small.

    Did the overall condition of your hair change because the thinning aside, my hair is in really bad condition, very dry and split, ive always had good condition hair despite the colouring.

    Was your trichologist London based?

    Im really hoping that this is just an iron and poor nutrition issue because its the only way I can deal with it mentally, if I believe that this is only a temporary condition, I can get through the day, im not sure how I will cope If it turns out to be anything more serious. I feel sick most of the time and I feel like my life is on hold. Im so glad I found this site, its really great but there's so much information here , I cant get my head round it all. Sorry - this is all over the place, much like my sanity at the moment.
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    Hi Tanie thanks so much for your reply it has given me some hope I am going to get another ferrritin test at the tend of this month and it would have hopefully gone up some more. Ive been taking ferrous fumarate with vitamin c and l-lysine and i have had progress in raising the ferritin so im happy to keep taking it.

    Its such a stange thing to go through it´s such a rollercoaster of emotions sometimes I feel like my life is over I go to the bathroom every 5 minutes to check that my scalp isnt on show. Its the embarrrasment of having to tell people whats going on because how will they understand? They wont. And I dont want their pity.. because actually theres nothing WRONG with me there are other people out there that have a real illness so I feel quite guilty for wallowing in my self pity but just cant help it. Sometimes I get these moments of clarity when I think´Im lucky´ to have gone through something like this it has made me a stronger person and less concerned about what people may think and we should just be happy with what we have when we have it. But I think the hardest thing of this whole thing is the loneliness that Ive felt not being able to talk to anyone about it because they just dont get it... they would say oh its not that bad, it will come back, things to make you feel better at the time but really theres nothing anyone can say or do its out of my hands, we´ll just have to wait and see. I cant even begin to imagine the amount of time I have spent on the web just trying to find that one piece of evidence that what I have isx and that x is reversible and that this person had x and now thy have a full head of hair and theres nothing to worry about because x is temporary - silly me for worrying about it. Im truely thankful to this website and the reassurance that we give to one another I dont know what I would have done without it. Saying that, my aim is to carry on posting updating about my progress- good or bad so that maybe it will help someone out there going through the same thing. Good luck to all you ladies.
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    Hi lilyRose
    I just want to say how much your email touched me; in fact I had a little cry when I read it because I recognise your pain. There are times when I feel guilty for feeling low about my hair loss, like I’m not allowed to feel sad or be devastated or even feel like my life is over. The loneliness of it is crippling, the fear of not knowing what’s going to happen, will it get worse or maybe better, it’s the unknown that haunts me at 4 in the morning and when you wake up and the first thing you think about is your hair and it’s the last thing you think about and you even dream about it. It’s all so consuming. I’m tired of thinking about it and researching it, we all hang onto every scrap of information on this site hoping it will be something that we can try, I feel so sad about that. But at the same time I can’t not do that. I feel like if I don’t worry myself stupid, it’s like I don’t care enough about it and because I don’t care, it won’t get better, I won’t allow myself a free minute not to think about it, I don’t know why I do that. I’m angry at my friends for saying things like, “ I don’t why you’re so worried” excuse me, I’m worried because my hair has stopped growing and I don’t know why and if it happened to you, you would be exactly the same. It’s got to the point that I can’t really be bothered to speak about it to them. I can feel myself withdrawing from them. In the odd moments of clarity I know that if I lost all my hair and I ended up wearing a wig, I would deal with it because there is no other choice. I feel like I’m living a nightmare (and to be fair, my life has been one car crash after another so I’m no stranger to emotional pain) but I feel like this is more personal, like its hit at the real heart of me and who I am. I don’t expect this has made you feel any better but I just wanted to say that I know your pain and you are most certainly not alone – although I know it feels like it pretty much most of the time. On a different note, I recently found out that I have a abscess under one of my crowns and that I’ve probably had it 6 months which ties in with my hair loss - I wonder if it has anything to do with it. I’m having root canal now and maybe things will get better… it gives me some hope anyway. Worth a thought if you’ve had any teeth problems. My iron was 39, ive been taking 2 x 200mg of ferrous sulphate a day in the hope of raising it to 100/120 on the off chance that its low iron that has caused my hair problems. Take care and I really hope the iron does the trick for you x
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    Hi Tanie,

    I was curious to know how you're doing now? Has your hair continued to improve?
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