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Discussion in 'Wigs and Toppers' started by YAC, Feb 12, 2010.

  1. YAC

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    Hi everyone,

    I have been wearing a topper with clips for about 6 months now. I feel good with it on and now it is naturally part of me. Due to work, I need to travel frequently for next few months. Not sure what to do about my hair. The clips on my topper is metal so I cannot wear it through the security checkpoint. I am not yet at the stage of shaving my head to wear any sort of adhesive. Is there any alternative to this option? I dread to take my topper off in public..I guess my last resort is to wear a hat to the airport. Any advice will be helpful. Thanks!
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    I haven't experienced this yet seems to me you can't have been the first woman to go through airport security a topper on. For that matter, bobby pins are metal too, and I've seen women go through security with their hair in buns. (Pretty sure I've done it too.)

    I'd be inclined to wear the topper and just be sure you get to the airport with plenty of time to get through security. Depending on the sensitivity of the particular scanner, it may not even pick up the metal (heck, less metal in a couple of those combs than in one key...). If it does, they should pull you out of line to wand you. They'll find no metal in your pockets, etc.--they'll only find metal if they wand your head...and if so, then you discreetly tell the agent that you're wearing a hairpiece for medical reasons and it has toupe combs (if they're REALLY snarky about it, they can feel the combs through the hair if they touch the spots, but I doubt it'd come to that.)

    Of course, like I said, I don't know. If you're worried about it and you don't have to, say, go straight from the airport into a meeting, wearing a scarf could be a good way around it...if you wear a hat, some places WILL make you take the hat off at security to run it through the scanner. I've never seen a woman or a man forced to remove a wig at the security check point.
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    Thanks so much for your advice! I decided to wear the topper to the airport and nothing happened. I was not detected by the metal detector! You would not believe how relieved I was and now I can travel worry free! Thanks again!!!
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    No problem with airport security

    I have been wearing a small wig for years and always wore a bandana when traveling because I was scared if I wore a hat they may ask me to take it off or if I wore my hair piece that the metal clips would set up the metal detector. Recently I had to travel and could not take my wig case so I had to wear my piece onto the plane. Luckily my clips (which look and feel metal) did not set the metal detectors off so I am confident to fly again wearing my piece and looking fab.
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    If anyone's reading this in 2013, metal detectors aren't a problem. However, if you're in the US and they have the big rotating scanners (the one where you hold your hands above your head), you will be patted down when you step through.
    Usually, they just touch my head and kinda know and that's all that has happened.
    Sort of embarrassing, but I just tell myself that I'm never going to see them again.
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    I have been through the metal detector at airport with clipped topper on and it wasn't detected.
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    curious - has anybody had an experience with airports in europe?
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    I have travelled extensively wearing a topper with clips and never had a problem in Europe or US airports. No worries.
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    thanks, i am considering whether i should keep it on or put on a hat and leave the topper in my suitcase.