andogenetic alopecia

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    I have only been on lo loestin for about a year. It was started because I have an electrical issue with my heart that seems to be brought on by hormones.. my rate has gotten to 249 beats a min. Being put on birth control settled it down but it doesn't seem like the best solution. I got off birth control aug/Sept and in November noticed the overall hair loss. Was put back on loestin bc I was told it is not due to the birth control and should stay on due to my heart issue. In mean time saw dermatologist and got results today saying I have androgentic alopecia and that is isn't due to bIrth control but genetics. I looked it up today and loestin has the highest androgen hormone levels....not sure what to do now as they want to put me on rogaine and a water pill. Any opinions would be great. I am not sure what to do...Dr said if I don't I will lose more hair and should try to save what I have. Also I want off the birth control bc of all that has happened...birth control shouldn't be used to correct heart issue anyway.... right? I just feel like I am being pumped with meds and no real answer of why this started since they all deny it's the birth control.
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    I got some blood results today and they are stating Lyme disease and currently have mono....does anyone think mono would set off the hair loss?
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    Androgenetic Alopecia is the most common form of hair loss and is known more readily in men as male pattern baldness . It is a progressive disease which, once begun, worsens with age. There are several factors which lead to the onset of this condition, including genetics, age, and the presence of the male hormone dihydrotestosterone (DHT).