Androgenic alopecia and scalp itch - help!

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    I am new to the site but no stranger to thinning hair. I am 39 and female and have been experiencing diffuse thinning and hair texture change for at least 4-5 years now. However, over the past 6 months to 1 year, it has worsened more quickly. I also have severe dry scalp and itch and flake. In the past, I have been to 3 dermatologists and 2 technologists, all of which said either just use rogaine and get over it or who diagnosed as psoriasis or scalp dermatitis. For a while, I tried birth control and spironolactone but didn't seem to do anything for any of my symptoms other than make me gain weight and made me even more irritable if that is possible. Lol. Recently, I went to a physician who specializes in hormones and she diagnosed me as hypothyroid even though countless other doctors have said my thyroid levels were normal. She also diagnosed me as low progestrogen androgenic alopecia and low ferritin of 32. She told me to take progesterone at night and melatonin since I don't sleep well from the stress of the crappy frog furr as my beautician even called my hair. She also recommended that I take pregnalone (sp?), dhea, selenium, multivitamin with iron, Isotorol, iodorol, and armour thyroid. Some of these worry me because wont they worsen the scalp DHT and hairloss?? And shouldn't I take some more iron than just a multi?
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    progesterone cream -good or bad?

    I was on looking for others who have stopped spiro., but I had to respond to your post because of some similarities. My whole body system changed about 2 years ago. My scalp got oily (always dry), my hair became dry and frizzy and quit growing, I got acne (never had it), heavy frequent periods, had horrible heart palpitations, and crushing fatigue (among other things). The worst was when I noticed that my hair was thinning, bad. The dermatologist put me on spiro. (200mg.) and iron (had low ferritin - 9). The spiro. messed me up. My hair began to shed and it just accelerated. I lost more than half the hair on my head. Anyway, through recent tests (have been to every specialist imaginable) I've found that I have very low progesterone levels (which would explain the symptoms + several miscarriages), normal estrogen, and normal testosterone - I also have elevated ANAs and other positive autoimmune tests. I was also insulin resistant. I had to go off the spiro. because my kidneys and liver began to malfunction and my potassium began to raise too high. My Naturopath put me on high doses of myo-inositol, magnesium, vit. C, 5,000 iu's of D twice a day, selenium, E, and Flax oil. The inositol has helped to keep the shed down (every time I went off spiro. the shedding would increase 10 fold). Inositol helps insulin resistance and is supposted to cause ovulation, which raises progesterone (I haven't ovulated in a long time).
    I was also told to try thyroid hormone and DHEA (my DHEA was low) ( by a kinesiologist - not my current Nat.). The natural thyroid caused a massive shed and so did the DHEA. I was also given a shot of estrogen which also caused a massive shed.
    I have purchased a natural progesterone cream, but have been afraid to try it. I've been hoping to balance my hormones naturally through the inositol.
    By the way, my iron would not budge until I started taking 2,000 mg. of vitamin C twice a day - I've since lowered the dose by half. My ferritin levels are now very good.
    I hope you find your answers! This has been a long horrible road for me. I just can't seem to give up.
    If you try the progesterone cream, let me know how it goes. The doc. I see thinks that progesterone often doesn't work, or makes things worse because of low doses (causes more estrogen dominant symptoms). She recommends starting at 200mg. ! Still too scared to try.:confused: