Antidepressants and Telogen Effluvium

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    Kathy, thank you for the info!!!! :) I'm curious, are you taking oral Bhringraj and if so what dose? Or are you using the oil? I'm willing to try anything because I truly believe that my hair loss is drug related compounded by androgens.

    thank you!!!
  2. I only tried melatonin once. I did help me sleep and I did feel rested the next day, except when I stood up in the morning I almost passed out. This happened again later in the day. So I never tried the melatonin again. My Dr said its somewhat sketchy to take that stuff b/c its OTC you dont really know how much actual melatonin is in it - could be a lot - could be not much ...

    I am so outraged that these psychiatrists who prescribe these medicines FAIL to mention hair loss as a side effect. It is unbelievable they can get away with this.

    I find that sometimes taking a warm bath in the evening can help make me sleepy later on. I definitely have my nights where nothing works and I'm just up the whole night. Sometimes those nights I'll take an ambien even though I feel crappy and always the cry the day after having taken an ambien.
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    I'm taking the pills, they are 500mg each and the company is called GoodCare. I was getting them from my ayurvedic doctor but you can also get them at I also purchased the oil, which smells pretty nice. I have another oil from India which is super stinky, so I put that one away. The oil is suppose to be good for massaging on your hair at night so you can sleep better. A lot of ayurvedic is around massaging the body with oils, especially the feet.