Any advise for wearing wigs in the Summer?

Discussion in 'Cosmetic Solutions' started by leap, Oct 22, 2015.

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    Hello ladies! Of course on this hair wearing journey, I come to my fellow hair wearing sisters. I am at the point of the journey where I am accepting that I need to wear a topper or wig and have experimented with a few. I have finally gotten past this crossroad and am "ok" with the idea of it. However, physiologically, I feel like I am inside an oven when I put it on and I am in so much discomfort. It is like putting on a Winter hat in the Summer. I have tried lace front and human hair as I know they are suppose to be "breathable". Is there an older sister out there that needs to tell me that this is just the way it is? Is there an adjustment period? Is it because I need to cut my bio hair really short? Or are there any solutions? I kind of feel like I am going one step backwards in this journey and I have willed my entire being just to get to this point. If I bond, will there still be this sweaty, unbreathable feeling? I am feeling helpless all over again. Please help. Dont want to live a life of hopelessness.