Any comments on Dr.Michael Lorin Reed of NYC?

Discussion in 'Recommend a Doctor' started by connormay, Jun 30, 2011.

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    Please let me know if you've seen him, and how it was.
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    I have seen Doctor Reed in NYC. He is very expensive at $650 initial consultation and $250 for a 15 minute follow up within six months. On the good side, he is educated on the topic and is compassionate. He takes his time measuring your hairloss patter each visit to see if there's progress. On the negative side, he still doesnt know what is causing my hairloss. I feel like he keeps testing and testing and time keeps ticking as hair keeps falling. I was annoyed when he mentioned a test which may give me answers which he never mentioned on prior visits. I also feel like he has his "regimine" which he prescribed to all patients. He has a vitamins he suggestes (which he makes) and a topical minoxidil/estrogen mix solution (which he makes for $85 for a small bottle). And if your "lucky" enough to see results, you are stuck buying this from him forever! And it seems a bit experimental since it was only formulated within the past year or 2 (that info required my prying for info). He kepy saying "try it for a year and we'll see what happens" like it was an experiment. I may seek a second opinion before using anything. He is not versed on any natural remedies.

    If you decide to go, I highly recommend having your bloodtests (hormones, iron, nutrition) so that he can review them at the initial consultation. I cant imagine paying $650 for him taking measurements and talking about your hairloss. With your bloodtests, at least he can see if there's anything glaring to treat and rule out if its not the cause of hair loss. Let me know if you decide to go and what you experience is
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    P.s. he does not accept insurance so all visits are out of pocket
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    I too visited Dr Reed back in the spring due to my hair loss, which started a few years ago after taking medication. Fortunately with a lot of herbal remedies and babying my hair I had great improvement. Unfortunately however for some reason my hair just started falling out again hence my visit to the good Dr.

    He looked at my hair under some device and told me he doesn't think I'll go bald and that he can help me. I have to say he has good bedside manners and is very emotionally supportive - just what one needs during these difficult times. He suggested I buy, and I did buy, the minoxidil/estrogen drops to put on my hair which was a ridiculous price of $85 for a small bottle although you only have to use it once/day. He also sent me to get blood tests which came back perfectly fine - he saw nothing that would impact my hair. In all I think I paid around $750 which included the price of the minoxidil/estrogen bottle. I was desperate and thought $750 was a small price to pay if he could actually fix my hair problem.

    Follow up is $250 but I haven't gone back to see him because I'm not certain he can really help my hair grow. I don't want to be on a drug (I consider the mixture a drug) for the rest of my life just to have hair (btw I stopped using the minoxidil/estrogen mixture because it made my scalp itch) and would prefer natural remedies. I feel there's a reason my hair is falling out and I wish someone would tell me what that is so I can fix it. I don't want to put a bandaid on the problem by using drugs that don't get to the heart of the issue. I wouldn't hesitate to take a drug if that drug dealt with an underlying health problem that's contributing to my hair loss but I'm healthy as far as all the tests show so not sure why I'm still losing hair.

    He'll suggest you buy certain vitamins, hair fibers similar to toppix, laser comb, etc all of which he sells of course. I didn't end up buying any of the products though and realized you can find much cheaper alternatives (especially vitamins) if you bought them elsewhere. Hey he's running a business so I totally understand his need to pitch his products. :D

    Hope this helps!!
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    I had a hair transplant done by Dr. Reed, actually by technicians who work for him, and the transplant "failed" (his word). This was very traumatic for me since i had dreamed about and planned for doing this for years. I had asked him a million questions about the process before I did it. In response to my asking about if he was sure it would work, he said that it always worked. It is like planting grass seeds. They always grow. Except not for me. It was a TERRIBLE experience. Lots of my hair fell out and I actually had a bald spot for months, which I covered up with other hair. It was awful. Dr. Reed would not return my money ($7,000+) but offered to do it again at his cost. What a joke. No way. So there you have it. He is a very nice guy, but he's a little shipshod.