Any link between Zolpidem/ Ambien & hair loss?

Discussion in 'Hair Loss Causes' started by esmerelda, Jul 3, 2009.

  1. esmerelda

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    It just occurred to me that My hair loss kicked into overdrive when I started on Zolpidem last year. I looked online and saw that other people noticed similar hair loss with the product but that the product information and warnings do not list hair loss as a possible side-effect, short or long term.

    Anyone know anything about this???
  2. VictoriaG

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    Wow. I started taking Ambien over a year ago, just once a week. In the last few months, I've gone through periods where I was taking it every night. A few weeks ago I switched to Ambien CR - right before that last bad "flare up" I had, that hasn't totally subsided!!! I can see a connection. I'd read and read the product information, and since it didn't mention hair loss, I figured it wasn't the aggravating factor. Silly me. I'm going to look it up online now too. I'm very interested to see if anyone else posts here!
  3. esmerelda

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    I take the stuff almost every night or every other night. During the summer months when I don't have work, I am completely off of it, but I've been working all this summer so haven't gone off of it yet. Its my goal to be completely off of it by August. Going to try the next year without it if I can but I get so much anxiety that its difficult to sleep without waking up 3-4-5 times a night.
  4. VictoriaG

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    I am a very, very bad sleeper, and I love how this stuff knocks me out in 15 minutes. I try to not take it, but it's hard. Now I'm going to really try, it will be very interesting to see if that itchy/burning/flaky sensation subsides. Do you take regular or CR? Some of my googling seems to imply that CR is a bigger culprit, but I'm not sure.
  5. esmerelda

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    I actually take the generic version, Zolpidem, regular.

    Gosh, now I'm going to be REALLY stressed if the sleep med causes hair loss or exacerbates it. How do they expect people to relax and sleep if it triggers hair loss :confused:

    heh. might be related, might not be. hrmmm
  6. VictoriaG

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    I took the generic too. Took being the operative word. I'm going to try to stop completely.

    I think we all try so hard to find a cause, or an aggravating factor. Unfortunately, it's all too easy. My experience has been that any search I've done (in the last 2+ yrs), on pretty much anything I put in my body, shows someone who thinks they've had hair loss as a result of it. We makes ourselves crazy with this, but till we know hy, we're gonna keep searching.

    (Makes me think of all the stuff I've taken where listed possible side effects are: Insomnia, sleepiness, weight loss, weight gain...Yeah, and there's a 50% chance of rain every single day).
  7. esmerelda

    esmerelda New Member

    heh, yeah, agreed :)
  8. shortie

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    Holy cannoli, could this really be true? I asked my doctor and he said absolutely no way, same for derm, same for OB/GYN. It's a really hard habit to break, especially being an always nervous, really bad sleeper. Guess it's time to quit and wait out the shed. Any idea if hair will grow back after the stuff is out of your system? My poor hair is so thin and now so baby fine, it's as though it's evaporating. Except if it evaporated it wouldn't be all over the tub and sink and floor and rug and . . . Arrrggggg. Why can't the warnings be clear and honest? I've been poisoning my hair for 4 years! Makes me want to . . . pull my hair out?
  9. AOC3

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    I have been diagnosed (or so I think) with Alopecia with 2 small spots that first showed up in April. Well 2 tunred into 5 and shedding just started about a month ago. I have taken brand and generic Ambien (never CR) on and off very casually for 3 years and this PAril is the first I"ve seen of any hair problems. Hard and frustrating to try and isolate the aggravating factor. I have considered asking for somehting for axiety because it is very frustrating and I do not want to take Ambien every night, which I have since the hair loss got worse int he past month.
  10. kdwmw

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    Hi everyone,

    Here are my two cents, if you want them...the reason why you can't sleep (or stay asleep, in my case) is related to what is causing our hair loss. In my case, I was estrogen dominant. Hardly producing any progesterone at all (I don't remember all the lab #'s). Anyway, after about 3 years of HL, plus horrible insomnia, I started seeing a functional medicine specialist. Last month I started taking bio identical progesterone day 16-26 of my cycle. And guess what?!?! Best sleep I've had in years. As for my hair, I'm still shedding, not too terribly bad though. I really shouldn't expect to see any difference for a few months. But even if my hair doesn't get better, at least I'm not the exhausted wreck I have been. My crazy mood swings are much better, too. :cool:
  11. Emma Jo

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    When you found out you were low progesterone did they have to do your blood work on certain days? What did they check for sure?? I think that is some of my issue as well. I had to take progesterone the first month I was pregnant because it was low. Also the only time I did not have hair loss was when I was pregnant, but have had hl in the three years following and the 11 years prior to my pregnancy. My GYNO gave me progesterone when I told him my periods were slow to start (spotty in the first day or so) then super heavy. I have not taken it yet for fear it would only make my hl worse. I wanted to get my serum ferritin up first before trying something else. I have close together periods and heavy so I am not sure if the iron I took/lack of my usual heavy periods stopped my shedding or if it was the high progesterone during pregnancy or both. Sorry to go off topic a bit...always putting as much as I can into a post to see if someone has the same situation. I have overall thinning so is that usually mostly hormonal or iron related....oh so frustrating and confusing, isn't it????!!!!????!!!:confused:
  12. kdwmw

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    Hi Emma Jo,
    My endo. did a full work up on me when I was diagnosed w/hashimotos (2008). Testing just happened to be right before my period. He never addressed any results except my thyroid #'s. Anyway, when I showed my NP these old tests, she noted the imbalance & had me take a saliva test. This does have to be done on a specific day of your cycle (day 18-22). She tested for estradiol, progesterone, DHEA & testosterone. My estradiol was normal, progesterone very very low, testosterone low normal & DHEA very low. Anyway, I'm hopeful the progesterone will help. It certainly sounds reasonable when my NP explains it to me. BTW, I have also had low ferritin in the past, as well as, low Vit D levels. I corrected both with supplements, but no hair miracle here. :(
  13. Emma Jo

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    Thanks for the reply!! I have had some of the hormonal tests run as well but it has been awhile. I will have my endo redo these and make sure that I get copies so I can see the results myself. Today I will find out about my celiac tests, which of course can cause hl/deficiencies. Very common for us Hashimoto's(I have been for about 10 years--since 28) to have other autoimmune diseaases so she has been checking into other things. I had the Vit D and iron deficiencies since last year. My vit D is resolved...I think it was 52 or something last week with the blood work. My serrum ferritin was the one that decided not to budge. Acually other levels in my iron studies seemed to change a bit...the actual iron level was within one point of the "normal" range and like I said in another post my Hgb still stays around 13.o or more. Before I was a SAHM I worked as a nutritionist. Part of our client assessments was checking Hgb. Well of course I did mine all the time thinking that it was causing my HL but even when I restricted my calories it always was good between 12.5 and 13.5. Do you think you need more time since your deficiences are resolved to now see if that helps you. Maybe it just takes longer for bodies to long has it been??
    I have insomnia as well. That is another red flag. The only thing is that I am not sure if it is from having a 3 yr old that never slept the first 2 years of his life due to acid reflux or a snoring husband. I think my sleep cycle is screwed up but still could be hormonal.
    I am only thinking though is how long could you have low progesterone. If this hair loss of mine has been going on for 15-16 years don't think it could have been that at the start....:(
    Thanks for your information!! I hope you get great results ASAP!
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    Regular ambien effects last right around 4 hr. max and ambien cr which is controlled release is 8 hrs..the ambien, chemical name is Zolpidem,