Any one from Malta?

Discussion in 'Europe' started by DeeO, Nov 17, 2011.

  1. DeeO

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    Hi all :),
    I'm new and trying to find a reasonable shampoo. I lived in Panama, Central America and the dermatologist Doc. had me use Anaphase by Ducray. I cannot find any here and expensive to have shipped. Also, looked up alternatives and think that maybe an organic shampoo would help...I've been'shedding' for years, now gettign very thin! Help! And thank you! :>
  2. deedoo

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    hi Dee,

    what shedding are you experiencing? is your hair greasy or dry? Nizoral is good but its medicated and dry's hair, gets rid of dandruff and seborah dermatitis (SP). Aveda scalp balancing shampoo, and Folliclense.

    Check them out on the net.

    Dee xx
  3. DeeO

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    Hi Dee,
    Well it comes out in my hand, and when I comb it (which I don't do that often, only finger comb), when I wash it, and somtimes just see hair on furniture, cloths, florr etc.,
    My hair is what you call curly, frizzy, I keep it around shoulder length, and below, wear it braided and tied back quite a lot. I would call it dry. Definetly not greasy.
    Do you know if those shampoos are available in Malta? Or do I have to get them from U.K.? I do not think USA will ship here.
    Many thanks. Dee
  4. deedoo

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    I will check if you can get it from Malta, Folliclense is only available on the website and shipping charges are very expensive.

    I would say you need a good moisturising shampoo, Aveda do excellent ones with rosemary in it, which is supposed to be good for hair growth.

    Try their website and let me know if you have any luck..

  5. Tracy C

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    When you tie your hair back, do you pull it tight? If so, you want to stop doing that. Wearing your hair in tight styles can cause a specific type of alopecia called traction alopecia.

    As far as shampoos go, have you tried making your own Aloe Vera shampoo? My sister and I just made some so we can give it a try. The link on how to make it was in another thread of this forum.