Any other completely bald ladies out there?

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    I had a major stress attack and was on Lexapro for two years. I had a bald spot, then my hair began coming out in the shower, then it was falling out every day and pretty soon I had lost about 75% of my hair.

    I went to a barber and had it shaved because I looked sickly, and so that the hair would grow back the same length. He shaved it to the skull--even though I told him I didn't want it shorn that badly. My male friends who shave their heads have more hair than me!

    Well, It's been almost 2 months now, and my hair has not even grown half an inch, and I am freaking out. I have used topicort (given to me by a dermatologist) and Imunal, and obviously they aren't really helping.

    Are there any other bald ladies out is going for you? Is your hair growing quickly? What are you using? I have no insurance and am leaving paycheck to paycheck....this sucks!

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    Hi Jen,

    I am completely bald and have been for about 4 months. I also cut my hair short (about 1/4") when I had lost about 80-90%. I found that I had more new growth than I thought and was excited about the possibility of it continuing to grow back. However, it only fell out more. I currently am completely bald (down to the scalp), have no eyebrows, and my last eye lash fell out yesterday morning. It's been a difficult adjustment but every day I'm learning to be more comfortable with my new self. I'm currently seeing a naturopathic doctor and am only taking natural supplements to help boost my immune system and thyroid.

    It's nice to meet you,

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    Hi, Nice to meet you too. Do you wear a wig? I have thought about it but I'm holding out. I feel like I would be okay going out in public if at least my whole head was covered in stubble, but that hasn't happened yet. What types of supplements are you taking? I took Biotin for about a month. It didn't seem like it was making a difference...and all the money that is I went to buy some Nioxin shampoo, etc today but ended up with Mane n Tail instead. I hope it helps. Well, good luck with everything!
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    I do own a wig but only wear it occasionally. There's some days where I just don't feel like wearing a scarf or bandana and b/c it's the middle of winter I'm not about to go out without anything on my head. I tend to prefer the wig when I'm out in public but I am getting used to be out with just a bandana. It's pretty obvious to others when I wear a bandana or scarf that I don't have any hair so it feels more vulnerable. My goal for myself is to not hide behind any head coverings when Spring and Summer roll around. However, I know that there will still be occasions that I would prefer a wig. I'm actually looking at getting a second one in a few weeks. The one I am looking at is more like my original hair and I think I'll feel more comfortable in it.

    As far as the supplements, my dr. prescribed Zinc, Norwegian/Icelandic Sea Kelp, and Echinacea tea. He believes that I have a hormonal imbalance. To keep my GI healthy I'm also taking probiotics and plant enzymes. Before this doctor I was kinda of prescribing myself with evening primrose oil and a hair/skin/nail supplement. I never tried any special shampoos, just didn't feel too confident in them. I wish you luck though and hope it works for you.

    I'm also without insurance and currently not working. I just finished school as a full time student so my husband and I are living off his income, which isn't much. I know how it feels to want to try new things but then come face to face with the expense (and some things are not cheap!). I've gone through some products and realized they weren't for me. Fortunately we're at a point after the holidays etc. where I just can't afford more than what I have. So, I have to cut myself off. The next product I would like to try are for my eyebrows and then like a said, a wig that I have my eye on (and is cheap!). Have you experienced any other hair loss besides your head?
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    Well, it's funny, I've had trichotillomania since I was a teenager, so I rarely have many eyebrows or lashes; that's what I pull. Since my hair fell out, my lashes and brows haven't been growing back like they usually do. I don't think my hormones have anything to do with my hair loss. I got bloodwork done at the dermatologist and my thyroid is fine. It's so lame that it is mostly from stress, but I feel strongly that the medication I was on is what spurred it on. I still remember hold a huge chunk of hair in my hand. It's been crazy and I'm getting impatient. I keep telling myself that things could be worse! Take care and keep me posted !
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    I wouldn't be too quick to say it's just from stress. I know we have different onsets but I also know that if you're experiencing as much hair loss as you said (75%) then there is no way that is just from stress. I've even had conversations with my doctor about this and agrees. If you're having more than just a few spots or slight shedding, it's likely more than just stress. For me, I'm sure it was the birth control. I started seeing thinning/spots about 8 months after being on it. So, I would go with your gut about the medication. From my experience that is always an easy "answer". Also, all my blood work has come back "normal" as well. Most people's do unless they have another condition that would reveal itself in the blood work. My diagnosis is based on my symptoms. Just some food for thought.
    If you feel impatient maybe you could put some of that energy into understanding the likely cause for you and researching similar scenarios. I've learned that I can't wait for the doctors to lead me through this. Even the derm. doesn't know about this condition and I've had to move past her. I do hope that the shampoo does something for you. And I am sorry that you've gone through this for so long. I think it would really suck to not be able to grow back your eyebrows and eyelashes like you used to.
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    Well, I'm completely bald now, but before I shaved it, yeah, that's how much was gone. The original bald spot appeared before I got stressed out *there was a specific series of events* so that's what makes me think the meds affected it.

    I am worried about getting back on BC pills but I really need them because I have PMDD (I'm just a mess! ha!!). On the American Assoc. for Hair Loss site, it says low androgen BC pills don't do harm but that the high level ones can cause hair loss.

    Do you mind saying what BC pills you were taking?
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    I was taking Sprintec. Other names for the same product are Mononessa, Ortho Cyclen, Ortho Tri-Cyclen, Ortho Tri-Cyclen Lo, Previfem, Sprintec, Tri-Previfem, Tri-Sprintec, and TriNessa. Once I started loosing my hair and believed it was connected to my bcp I didn't care to entertain the idea of trying any others. I hope that the low androgen bcp can help you. It also helps to have a gyn that can take the time to consider your symptoms and recommend something better for you.