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    :( Not sure why I have hair loss(after going of HRT5yrs ago )I think stress made it worse ,some has come back but still real short and slow to grow. I have Osteoarthritis and Fibromyalgia . In pain most of the time. Oh well I have learn to live with it ( bad back too that im fighting as I write )lol both started acting up at same time I went off HRT I also went on eye drops for pressure in my eyes! Take a baby asprin at night . Everything hit at once. Now I am helping my parents sell their home so they can add on to mine, my husband retired & we still have 4 out of 5 kids at home ** 2 in college **!!!!!!!!!!!. LOTS & LOTS of stress lately . I have never had any hair loss in my life till Menopause ( not even after the birth of my 5 babies ), my mom has a full head of hair and my dad is thinning though but he is 82yrs. My grandpa loss his hair ( never went without a hat ) not sure why. My part is normal size if wet but looks worse dry in the light . It just dosent want to grow or at least not very fast and not real healthy looking =(
    the top is thicker than the sides but still thin.
    I have only heard hormonel as a reason so far , now what. Oh and im 56yrs ( shh) lol

    My hair just a very few months before the HRT and Menopause nightmare


    Any help would be wonderful , thanks
    valentine :> :confused:
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    no thoughts ? :confused:
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    other than hormones it sounds like you are under a massive amount of stress! Certain meds can also cause it, I just recently found out that the over the counter meds I take for pain with my endometriosis (Aleve/Naproxen) causes hair loss. I would take a look at all meds you may be taking and also try to get treated for the stress. I have been under a lot of stress lately myself and have often thought about going on a medication to help reverse that, but half of them cause hair loss! I am looking into have my hair tested for everything from minerals to toxins and hormone levels because supposedly a hair test provides more info than a blood test, but still haven't figured out how to go about it. It's hard and not having a reason is so tough to swallow, but hang in there and remember to breathe!
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    Hi Valentine :)

    It sounds as if we share a lot of similar issues so I'll throw in my two cents. Like you, I have a lot of ongoing stress which I do my best to manage. I spend a great deal of time assisting my 92 year-old mother, and I also have chronic back pain (from scoliosis). You're a card-carrying member of the sandwich generation, so anything you can do to help manage the stress in your life should help. It's been well established that stress can play a major negative roll on our skin and hair (among other parts). So scheduling daily time for yourself to de-stress is very important. I know that stress destroys B vitamins, so supplementing and eating as healthy as possible should be a priority. I've been reading on this site that biotin may also help for regrowth, so I'm looking into this for myself as well.

    It doesn't sound as if your life is going to be getting easier any time soon, so you really need to keep your own health high up on your priority list. If and when your hair gets to a point that you're unable to get some positive results from lifestyle changes, then an endocrinologist may be the next step. I'm holding off on that step for now, but I'm not ruling it out in the future. My mom's hair is pretty thin, but geez...she's 92. Even with the genetic factor, I shouldn't be in that boat for 30 more years.

    Good luck in your searching for answers and solutions.
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    I just started using biotin, too early to tell if it's helping my hair but my nails are growing in like super strong weeds! they are usually brittle and dented!
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    I agree with the other ladies here--it sounds like you've got a lot to stress you out these days. Stress can certainly exacerbate hair loss, but I think there may be other factors at work here as well.

    It is very common for women going through menopause to see a decreased volume of hair. That doesn't mean you should just sit there and take it, though. Also, like others have said, your medications may be adding to your hair fall. I would suggest suggest reading the labels carefully and searching the internet for any links they may have to hair loss problems. You may be able to find an alternative medication (I don't know much about osteoarthritis or fibromyalsia, so I'm not sure) that will be more gentle with your locks.

    Lastly, what you really need to do, is try to remove stress from your life. Not only will it make your conditions worse, but it will make you look haggard and older faster. I suggest getting in a good walk every day, or take up yoga. Since your husband is now retired, use that to your advantage! Have him help with some of the household chores, and take a little 'ME' time for yourself :D Even quiet meditation, or listening to some sootheing music alone in your bedroom can help decrease your stress level. I hear that gardening works wonders, but as I kill every plant I touch, I have no way to personally back that up lol.

    Like Lucy4 said, if your hair loss is really bothering you/doesn't get any better, you should see a dermatologist or endocrinologist who will help. They should be able to run a battery of tests to help narrow down the reason for your thinning hair (thyroid, iron levels, etc). There are many women on this network who are a wealth of information, so don't be afraid to ask questions!
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    :( Havent been on for awhile , we just lost a dear friend to cancer this week and my heart is heavy.
    ,he was a very sweet and dear man , been my hubby's friend from high school. ( 38yrs !! ) so the stress goes on , plumming backed up , my back is still hurting me :( still need to see the Doc but kids need stuff so I must wait. just started VitD 4wks ago and I do believe it has helped somewhat with my nerve pain but nothing with my hair yet. I have been reading about virgin cocnut oil any one know anything about this ?
    well I hope everyone is doing good
    please take care
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    So sorry to hear about your friend (and the stress). I understand the kids need things, but....I always say that moms need to take care of themselves before they take care of anyone else (easier said than done I know!) otherwise how will they be any good to anyone? I hope that doesn't come off as harsh, but it really sounds like you need a break or at least some help!