any vegetarians with some input?

Discussion in 'Iron' started by quinn, Jul 30, 2013.

  1. quinn

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    I started taking a multi vitamin when I stopped eating meat at 15. I knew I had low iron counts already from testing prior to my scoliosis corrective surgery, and wanted to supplement for at least that (never ate red meat in my life, so there that is). Does anyone have any idea if my hair loss could be linked to a meat free diet? I've been looking around but there doesn't seem to be much helpful information on the subject..
  2. Britney

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    To keep away from meat in your diet is not the solution for hair loss you should add beat, carrot, green vegetables in your diet in addition to this you should eat amla,almond to make your hair strong and healthy which keep you away from all kinds of hair problem.
  3. quinn

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    I'm not staying away from meat as a solution, I've been vegetarian for years before my hair started to thin. I eat a lot of greens, peppers, beans, nuts, etc.. Lots of lentils and the like.
  4. quinn

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    I guess I'm mostly asking if, even with a very balanced vegetarian diet, if it's possible I'm not getting a specific vitamin or nutrient, and if so, what I can do to remedy the problem.
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    Hello, I am vegan, and I suggest you check your b12 levels as well as your ferritin. B12 is hard to get, and easy to supplement, I have successfully raised my b12 levels using b complex drops daily and am currently supplementing once a week to maintain them. If only it was as easy to raise ferritin levels!
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    What I forgot to say is that you will only get the b12 from your multivit if it is chewed, it has to be dissolved under your tongue to absorb it apparently.
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    we have very similar diets, and I wanted you to know what my doc told me. I eat a vegetarian (mostly vegan) diet. My ferritin level has been consistently in the low-normal range my entire life. I eat fairly well (veggies, beans, whole grains, etc.), and take a multivitamin. The dermatologist told me that even though my iron was "normal," she would like me to increase my ferritin to at least 60 through iron supplements. She also asked me to increase my protein to 70 grams per day. She said that my hair loss was most likely not due to iron or protein deficiency, but that I needed to increase my intake to grow healthy hair. She said that if it were due to nutrient deficiency, there would be excessive shedding as the main symptom. She also recommended checking vitamin D levels, and my primary doc recommended checking B12.

    Hope this helps a bit. Would love to hear what you found out from others.
  8. quinn

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    thanks everyone for the replies! I'm going through a bad shed right now, but I just added the vitamin b to my regimen and I'm going to try d as well. I've been doing protein shakes as of last week as well to try up offset that a bit. I'll keep updating as I go.
  9. Hairlover13

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    Hello everyone. I've been vegetarian for 17 years, so half of my life and I've always been loosing quite a lot of hair. However, I didn't really pay attention to that but I recently went to a haidresser and she said that I was losing too much hair and that it is not normal at all. Let me just tell you a few words about me. I am in a happy couple, have many dear friends, love my job, love my life... so I definitely don't have that stress factor. I went to see a dermatologist and she said that my iron is too low (26 out of 200) and she said that I should get to 70 at least!!!! I started taking oemine (4 capsules per day) about a week ago. I also have an appointment with a hair specialist in 3 weeks to see what he has to say. If you saw me, you would just think that I have thin but normal hair. However, I'm worried about the future. If I continue losing so much hair, I really Wonder what's going to happen. My hair is just everywhere, I have to broom the flat twice a day. You just find it in every nook and cranny! I've also started using masks (1egg+a spoon of lemon juice). I guess it just takes time. My boyfriend loves cooking so he makes sure I have my daily income of iron: lentils, betroot, goji, parsley... I'll keep you posted how it goes. In any case, I wish you all good luck - don't give up! I'm sure we'll get there one day x