Anyone else with chronic baby fine hair since childhood?

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    I keep combing through here to find someone who also has had baby fine hair since childhood. It's been this way since I was a kid, my mom has it, and now as I enter my mid 30's, it's getting worse. It's as if after the age of about 4 it stopped getting thicker and stayed in this baby fine state ever since.

    **Does anyone know the correct term for this type of hair? It would be really useful to search the forums/web for solutions or shared experiences if we had a common name, but I can't seem to find one :( .

    While I didn't experience the trauma that I'm sure comes along with sudden hair loss after living life with a full head of hair, this has been a painful experience as well, and I don't feel like it's as commonly addressed. When I was a kid I really didn't mind, but somewhere around 4th grade it started to make me feel like I was different, and by 6th grade I was getting made fun of at school.

    My hair is baby fine like, you can see my scalp, like my hair elastic pony tail is minuscule, like I'd rather avoid the beach even though I love the ocean, like wind is the bane of my existence, like I refuse to go to a salon anymore because my last few experiences were humiliating.

    If you think you've are the same boat as me, let's follow each other on here and create a support within this already supportive community. There's nowhere I can speak openly about these issues except for on this forum, and even though I get few responses to my posts, it still feels good to be able to get it all out.
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    Yes, I too was born with hair so very fine that it reminds family and friends of an infants/toddler's hair. All my sisters have fine hair too, but not the baby fine hair that I have- it had and still has the weight of cotton balls. Although when I was younger it was not thin, it still had to be styled just right or it looked limp and lifeless. Now in later life it has become thinner and I have to either add a light topper or wear H.H. wigs. It is also very hard to find helper hair that is fine enough to blend in and look like my own baby fine bio hair. Still I am just thankful to have as much as I do because I realize that as thin as it looks to me, there are others out there struggling to lead a happy life with even less hair than I have, so half empty or half full, its all in how you look at it, I guess.
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