Anyone from Ohio??

Discussion in 'Northeast' started by Amber2009, Jan 8, 2012.

  1. Amber2009

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    Is there anyone here from Ohio that could give me some advice??
  2. Tracy C

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    Ohio is very fortunate to have an excellent hair restoration doctor in South Euclid. His name is Dr. Robert Haber. The clinic is called Haber Dermatology. Here is the website:

    He is approved by the American Hair Loss Associate and a wonderful person. He will help you find the cause of your hair loss and determine a treatment regimen that is appropriate for you.
  3. ForeverBlue

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    I live in Northern Ohio. I can't recommend any good hair loss doctors, but i'd be more then happy to offer support if you need it. Nobody knows what it's like to lose your hair, unless you've been through it. I've never had support because nobody gets what i've been through. It has devastated me, yet everybody seems to think it's no big deal. That's because it's not happening to them. If you want to talk, i'm here.

    Take care.
  4. Amber2009

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    I know what you mean sorry its so early I can't sleep because my hair loss keeps getting worse. I am afraid I will never find a solution or someone who understands. My hair loss has devastated me. I thought about ordering a wig online, but I have heard bad stories about the money wasted. The wig shops in Ohio are horrible. I am so glad to find someone who understands. I am only in my 20's and it has ruined myself esteem. I don't do any of the activities I used to do. I find myself crying and even embarrassed for people to see me. A wig may help, but I do not know where to go. I have been to shops but they look so fake. Does anyone have any recommendations? I just want my life back and self esteem. The only thing that has been helping me is a lot of praying.
  5. Amber2009

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    Take care forever blue
  6. Tracy C

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    Hi Amber,

    Have you been to a doctor yet? If not, you need to do that. It is very important to determine the cause of your hair loss. You need to work with a doctor to figure it out. Once you determine the cause, you will know what treatment is appropriate for your condition. Once the cause of your hair loss is resolved, your hair should grow back.

    How close are you to South Euclid? Dr. Haber is in South Euclid, he is a dermatologist with a speciality in treating hair loss. Dr Haber helped me get my hair back.

    How close are you to Strongsville? When I was wearing hair, I got them at a shop called Wig Salon in Strongsville.

    How close are you to Fairview Park? There is a salon in Fairview Park called Jeffrey Paul Salon. I have never used them but they have a good reputation.

    There is hope Amber. You need to start with a good doctor who specializes in treating hair loss. There is help out there. Go get it.

    Take care of yourself,

  7. Cassy

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    Wow, you just keep helping me out! I live in northeastern Ohio. I am calling Dr. Haber for an appt. I also didnt know where to get advice on wearing hair. now i do.
  8. Amber2009

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    I live near cincinnati the southern part of ohio. Thanks for your help. I went to my doctor and she did blood work. She doesn't know. My derm. said I have TE. I go to my ob. soon. I have tried to find a solution for over 2 years now and it keeps getting worse. Thanks for everything and all your help.