Anyone know where else to get a system similar to Reprieve?

Discussion in 'Cosmetic Solutions' started by Little_Lily, Apr 9, 2015.

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    Been dragging my feet with this decision. It seems like it will be life-changing to wear hair again. It's just climbing this hill, overcoming these hurdles, so many options and directions - limited funding. I have just been stuck wearing headbands.

    I wish someone can hold my hand through this process....maybe hold someone else's too!

    It's an unspoken topic with me...even though my hair loss is obvious people just don't talk about it. It's kinda worse that way, I guess. Because I am sadly crying alone inside...
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    Hi Little_Lily! I am holding your hand! You are not alone and you will find a solution that works for you. Sadly, there is no big sis or mentor to show us the way. We just have to cry to ourselves and come up with a plan. I am in the same boat. Here are some things I have recently discovered that I hope help you:

    1.) I attached a few clip in extensions at the back of my head in the nap area, then swing it around my shoulder and tie it into my bio hair doing a braid. Then I wear a head band and this takes the edge off.

    2.) I find that the UK and Europe is slightly more advanced in hair loss. Going to American wig salons is like being a carcass in the desert. They will start encircling you and eat you. I go to ebay uk and find human follea quality wigs for less (350.00 pounds/500.00 dollars). Ireland too sells them for cheaper. I have called salons in Ireland for product information and they are ok with returns internationally. There is a place called "Marc Glen" in the UK. They do an integration of hair with your bio for 2000.00 It is the same idea as Lucidena Ellery, except cheaper. I have thought about flying out there and it possibly being cheaper. Start looking across the pond. Europe is more advanced with Aesthetics and less pushy with making the $$$$$$$$$$.