anyone try biodentical progesterone with phytoestrogens?

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  1. NoraBe

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    I saw this online (as I am desperate to stop my hair from falling everywhere). Wasn't sure if I should try this?

    I am on orthocyclen, so it might be too much estrogen. But it's basically a cream. Maybe if I rubbed it on my scalp? sound weird?

    thanks for any input:)
  2. Dharma2

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    Hi NoraBe,

    I was just to my GP to talk with her about going off my spiro and Diane 35. She recommended that I start taking progestrone & estrogen for 3 months before I stop anything I am currently on. I don't know if that's good advice and I still haven't started it because I too am wondering if that's too much estrogen. I am going to see a naturopath next month who works with bioidentical hormones. Hopefully he'll have some answers. I'll let you know.

    Just a side note: since I started diane 35 I have regrown a lot of my hair. My part and crown were really bad and now they have completely filled in. My gp says that if I figure out what started my hair loss and correct it (hormones out of balance) then I will not loose any of the new hair. Just thought you might want to try it long enough to get your hair back. I think you can order it online. It is pretty expensive compared to other BCP's but more effective as well.

    Dharma :>
  3. NoraBe

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    Hi Dharma!

    Yeah I think that sounds like too much estrogen for u. Maybe taper off the spiro first, then maybe somehow switch off the bc pill and try the natural way? Not sure, but go with your gut as far as using both, doesn't sound right. Maybe get a 2nd opinion.

    Well I'm gonna pray about guidance as to what I should do next. I did notice that I can order some diane 35 online as I'm in the US and they don't prescribe here. It makes sense since when a woman is pregnant they don't lose their hair bc of all that estrogen, maybe I can try for 3 months and see what happens. But it did take me a while to get used to the orthocyclen (I get really nauseous) even now when I take a break for my period. Once I start a new pack I feel nauseous a few days...but I was like that with both of my pregnancies I threw up for 4 months straight...anyway. I'm gonna pray about it and see if that's the way I need to go. I will also keep u in my prayers as we journey our ways through this trial. I want to keep my hair though and I am willing to try anything that will work....

    I'll keep u posted.

    take care & thanks for the info!
  4. kdwmw

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    Hi NoraBe,
    This is my 3rd summer of extreme hl. I count summers b/c the summer of 08 was when I realized I was losing an unusual amt. of hair & it was visible thinning. It also seems I have somewhat of a shedding reprieve during the winter mos., but never much regrowth. Anyway, I've been to too many drs, taken most every hormone test, & tried to many treatments to write about... BUT, I am now seeing a 'functional medicine' specialist. Just based on my prior test results (I took my binder full to her @ our 1st visit), she says I am estrogen dominant. Right now I am waiting on my salvia test results & she will probably put me on progesterone bio identical. I also have some absorption issues & need to add some probiotics to help me absorb all my supplements. Anyway, there is something else we talked about that I want to try after I get my stomach issues sorted out. It is called diindolylmethane (DIM). It is from broccoli ( & other cruciferous vegs) & it enhances natural estrogen metabolism. Google Dr. Zelig & DIM. Instead of adding more hormones to our system to try to balance them, it claims to help our own bodies take care of that estrogen the right way. I think I'm going to order some. I hate all the waiting & seeing stuff & I may be jumping the gun a bit. But I need to be proactive in this battle. K