Anyone used progesterone cream for hair loss?

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  1. blackie

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    Hi everyone.

    I am almost 47. Written a couple of posts. Long time hair loss suffer and still losing and pretty much at rock bottom. Been told to take YAZ and don't want---basically scared to. Have read that when you are in late 40's you are low on progesterone and if you use the cream it can help balance hormones and help with hair loss. Anyone tried this?

  2. valentine

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    sorry , I don't know but hopefully someone will . I think that may be my problem also ,Just so confused and not sure what to do next.
    Good luck
  3. kdwmw

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    Hi--I'm on my 4th month of bio identical progesterone. I'll be 47 in November & definitely peri menopausal. My doctor determined me to be estrogen dominant thru. blood & saliva testing. I had many issues besides hairloss (e.g. insomnia, mood swings, night sweats, gut, I'm a mess!). Anyway, started out on compounded pill form, but not absorbing it, so this month she changed me to the cream. My current shedding is minimal, but my shedding has always improved in the fall. At least it isn't worse & some of my other symptoms are better, but I have gained 5 lbs. If weight gain continues & I decide it is the progesterone, don't know if I'll continue. I took YAZ & Spiro in the past for HL, but it didn't work for me. I assumed I was AGA & even misdiagnosed by a diff. doctor. Now that I know it's a progesterone/estrogen imbalance, I understand I was on the wrong treatment. I really wouldn't recommend self medicating with online progesterone. You can make matters worse. Maybe you can find a doctor that specializes in bio identical hrt, but you still have to be so careful who to trust. There are a couple of ladies on the network that are even filing complaints against docs who have made their HL worse messing with their hormones.
  4. blackie

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    Thanks Valentine and KDWMW for replying. I am off to an endocrinologist to ask for my hormones to be checked. Hope I am taken experience of doctors so far( I have seen several) is very dismissive of female hair loss. I went to the hairdresser yesterday(first time in 6 months as I hate anyone looking at my hair and I have to look at myself in the mirror) I had a function to go to at my kids school and did not want to look a mess. The hairdresser looked at my hair and said " you have a big problem, you should go to the doctor and get it sorted out"! I nearly cried as the salon was full. I live in Asia but am european and finding a hairdresser to cut "western" hair is not that it costs a small fortune. The doctors here are great but not when it comes to hair loss.

    Take care and thanks again for taking the time to reply
  5. MariaB

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    I was on progesterone cream for about 10 years and I'm certain it helped with my hair. It also re-started my periods (I was in false menopause) The problem is, I became complacent and stopped taking it for about 18 months. During that time I put a lot of weight on around my middle and then I was diagnosed with ovarian cysts. Then my hair started falling out in handfuls. I so regret stopping the cream because although I'm now back on it, it doesn't seem to be doing much good anymore.

    Natural progesterone will not make you put weight on. Its estrogen that puts the lbs on and unexplained weight gain is often a sign of estrogen dominance.
    My advice would be, go for it and if it works then take it for the rest of your life. Don't become complacent like I did because I'm proof that you can't mess around with your hormones :(
  6. carmen17

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    Hi would be nice to have some clear cut answers..take this test, see what you're missing, correct it and hair grows back. Wishful thinking. I've had several blood and saliva tests and so far, low estrogen and low iron. Still waiting on other results. I went on yasmin to stop the hairloss that I noticed 3 years ago. After a year I had thick hair again. Was it from the pill? Minoxidil 2%? Better iron? Exercise? Less sugar? Maybe from all of the above. Who knows. A year after that, thinning again. So off the pill I went, shedding is really excessive now. Bought some toppik just in case. I thinned while on the pill and minoxidil every other day. So now I'm considering....the pill again... Geez, this gets tiring..Does anyone talk to their hair?? LOL I'm at that point, cursing it, talking nice to it, begging it, complimenting it..think I've gone mad. Going to try ortho-cyclen since I'm low estrogen, and minoxidil 5% and cross my fingers. Good luck with whatever you try, wishing you lotsa GROWHT!!
  7. Cassy

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    Can anyone update this thread on progestrone cream. Does it help or cause hairloss. Thanks
  8. medusa

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    Hi Maria,

    I too am taking bio identical hormone cream for hair thinnning due to "AA" - estrogen & progesterone
    estrogen every day and progesterone for ony two weeks of the menstrual cycle..But I'm wondering if I would be better off to take the progeserone every day or at least days 1 - 25 What I would like to know.. is how often did you take the progesterone? Did you take it every day? or just for 25 days? I'm thinking that if the birth control pill and the combi patch are both prescribed for hormonal/genetic hair loss and they work due to the
    combination of estrogen & progesterone.. but there are too many unfavorable side effects... then wouldn't it make sense to take bio - identical estrogen AND progesterone EVERY day? or at least the estrogen every day and the progesterone for 25 days???
  9. shasha1

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    I am also on bio-identical progesterone starting on day 12 to day 27. Before this, my hair was falling in clumps, the worst it's ever been in the 2 years my HL started. I had a problem with my thyroid in addition to a low Estrogen/Progesterone ration, so I started on Cytomel and natural progesterone. Within 2-3 months of taking it, my shedding decreased by about 50%. I also have low iron and for reason no matter how much iron I take, my ferritin goes up extremely slowly. I think I have multiple issues, but the progesterone + the Cytomel did help decrease the crazy shedding I was experiencing. Although a 50% decrease is great, my hair still falls more than normal and since I lost so much during the 5 month period of intense hairloss I can't afford to even lose what I'm losing now. Therefore, what I'm saying is, I think the progesterone helped but my problem is not solved since it's multifactorial.
  10. shinning_likeme

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    Hi there,
    Applying of progestoron cream is much better than to swallow steroid hormones.By This you will seriously distort their natural metabolism When you swallow them they will encounter potent stomach acids. The hormones that survive this assault then go to your liver where they will be further broken down. Your liver screens all molecules that enter your blood stream, passing some onward, modifying or detoxifying others, and rejecting a few.
    I first started using these creams in the early 1990s be became gradually disenchanted with them after I noticed that they typically worked wonderfully initially but then invariably stopped working. This is now known as "dermal fatigue".
  11. Carybear

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    Yes, yes yes. I use liposomal progesterone cream from day 13 to day befor AF and then evening primrose from day of AF to day of ovulation. I have experienced a decrease in loss and gain in growth. Try it. I get mine at iherb.
  12. Dominique

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    I also am a long time hair loss sufferer- I was diagnosed with AGA many years ago. It got its worst about a year ago and I became very concerned that I would soon not have enough hair to cover my scalp let alone enough to style. So I raised my head out of the sand and got busy trying to avoid that. I am now on an bi-identical Estrogen patch, Vivelle-Dot ( DR Redmond states in his book that a patch is the closest to the way your body provides estrogen) I also am taking a natural progesterone pill called Prometrium. I take one of the lowest doses(100 mg ) at bedtime every night. I do well on both with no side effects so far (3 months) and feel that they not only make me feel better, with a higher quality of life but together they are helping my shed to lessen quite a bit. each person has to decide for themselves about HRT but it is a fact that Estrogen keeps hair in the growing (not shedding) stage longer. I do other things to help my hair grow back too but I consider HRT to be vital in keeping my hair healthy and on my head longer.
  13. Carybear

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    I just wan to point out that Dominique is correct, but in Canada the drs are pretty much blind to hormone and auto immune problems. The reason I take evening primrose oil during my period and before ovulation is because it increases estrogen BUT, a balance needs to be struck. That's why the progesterone cream from day 13 to 27. This is how one naturally balances her hormones. HRT is ok for some, but my mother wound up w breast cancer because of HRT. So personally it's a big no way for me.
  14. catalytical

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    I have used a progesterone cream for the last 2 years - dime sized dollop, twice daily. You can get it over the internet. The doctor wanted me to go on artificial progesterone, I preferred to source my own bioidentical hormone cream. Worked wonders for me! Hair stopped falling out, and got thicker. AND, mid-cycle/premenstrual symptoms and cramps have been nearly eliminated. And prior to that I tried biotin, fo-ti and silica supplements with no appreciable effect. I notice that if I stop using the cream, I lose hair again...