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    Hi All

    As I sit on my new couch, watching my new husband sore his head off and as I numb my brain with some trash TV.... I know things could easily be worse for me. So don't get me wrong if I occasionally 'lose it'.... but I'll tell you what, hair loss, despite being physical, attacks your heart and soul. :(

    While I find my hair everywhere (today, in paint, on the venetian blind and in my mango juice) internally I have the biggest struggle going on. But as they say 'better out than in'!

    So here I am. Here is the A - Z of me, Milo:

    A - Androgenic Alopecia
    B - Biggest loser - addicted to the show!
    C - Curly hair. Think Shirley Temple. Well used to be anyway!
    D - Diagosed 6 months ago. Sudden onset.
    E - Emotional, in private generally.
    F - Frizz. A natural concealer he he he.
    G - Green eyes, grey outer trim. 'Scary' according to my sister.
    H - Hair loss - an absolutely gutting ecperience.
    I - Itchy scalp - drives me MAD! Apparently a sign of AGA.
    J - John Frieda hair products - Volumising Splendour.
    K - Kangaroo & Koala. Hint: Where I am from they are native.
    L - Latte - up to 3 daily. Full cream too. Like a happy Cat.
    M - Medicine: Cyproterone Acetate. Tried Spiro recently. CAUSED HL.
    N - No pets, just a husband... he he he.
    O - Oral contraceptive pill - am convinced ending this triggered my AGA
    P - Plumonary Embolism - Lungs, big bad blod clots. Caused by 'O' above.
    Q - Question most things - especially doctor's advice!
    R - Renovating! Gosh its so time consuming!
    S - Scalp biopsy. Bloody, nasty and painful.
    T - Toppik - using this daily. Think they should make a 'choc brown' colour!
    U - Uncontrollable addiction to chocolate.
    V - Vitamins - occasionally. Contemplating Saw Palmetto.
    W - Wefts - Human Hair - I wear them when I straighten my hair.
    X - Ok... too hard! :eek:
    Y - Yo-yo. My HL journey so far - up and down!
    Z - Zero children. Maybe in the next 1-2 years!

    Ok. So thats it pretty much!
    Just like the rest of you, I'm trying to figure it all out...

    MILO :)
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    Hi Milo, I'm sorry you are going through this, but I do think your ABC's are very creative. Your U is my favorite, and as for K? That's my dream trip. Welcome, and good luck!
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    I am really happy to see you here. This is a growing forum and we get new members everyday. I like your comment about Fuzz being good coverage. I sort of feel the same way about it. Any hair is good hair.

    You can also join the network it has more members but they are slowly coming over to the forum as well.

    Your story was very familiar and I felt like I knew you the moment I read it....... Let me see what I can come up with. I will just use Sunday.

    S- Short Hair - I don't have to see the thinning ends.
    U- Unbelievable - 14 years later, still in shock.
    N- Never - Never coming back, but I hope I can keep some of my hairline.
    D - Don't Tell anyone about my HL
    Y- Yet another day, happy to have a topper.

    We are getting a new puppy in about four weeks, so I will have my husband and daughter and one puppy! (other two daughter are grown and gone I am heading to Rome in a few weeks for a vacation. You will love New York for many reasons.

    I am really happy to have you here.

    KAWAWA ( kicking ass with a wig attached)