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    Are there any Australian women on here or can anyone on here tell me of any site similar to this in Australia?
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    Hi, Im from Perth
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    Hi there starpowergo. I am from Sydney. Its a great pity that there isnt anything like this in australia. We are so far behind the rest of the world in many things :confused:
  4. starpowergo

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    I am originally from Sydney but moved to Perth 3 years ago.
    What is your story with hair loss?
  5. Truffles

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    Unfortunately I think mine is Female pattern baldness or I believe it has a more technical name. I just noticed about 12 months ago that my hair was becoming very thin on top.
    I actually recently bought a laser hair treatment from groupon. $60 for one months trial. I thought it wouldnt hurt to try it for one month. Anyway I have been going to the Millenium Clinic in Sydney for about 3 weeks now and as yet no results. The owner of this place has told me that to continue after the month for another six months will be $1500 for everything and that even includes coming back in once a month for a maintenance treatment. Well I dont know what I'm going to do yet. i realise that one month isnt really long enough to see if it works but at the same time I dont want to sign up for another six without seeing at least some results. I dont know if its going to help but of course I'm willing to try anything
  6. starpowergo

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    My hair loss started about 18 months ago, i have every test done for hormones, protein, iron, vitamin deficiancy, thyroid, addisons disease etc etc and there were no answes. I have another appointment booked in with the dermatologist for the 23rd April, he will do a scalp biopsy. I dont really want it done as he is going to cut a piece out of my head - bit scary.
    I actaully just found in the last week that it could be aspartame toxicity - from drinking to much pepsi max / coke zero, sugar fee mints, splenda in my tea and sugar free lollies. There are a lot of reported cases and 92 known side effects from its intake.
    I used to drink a litre a day of it and eat the other things while i have been trying to lose a bit of weight. The thing that makes me think its that is becuase i stopped drinking diet drinks over christmas and just had coke and my hair actaully stopped falling out and started growing back over the 6 week period. I didnt click back then as i started on my diet again in January and it started falling out again. I have now stopped all intake of it and its been 5 days now. I used to get some dizzy light headed feelings a few times a week and they have stopped completey, so i have high hopes that it will grow back.
    I also contacted dr Hull in the US who had this happen to her and she recommended i take Silica, Biotin, mulit vitamin, vitamin , Vitamin B complex to grow my hair back as it worked for her.
    I am now taking it so fingers crossed.
    What things have you tried?
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    Hi :) im from geelong. :) its great to see some aussies on here. I have androgenic alopecia and wad only diagnosed bout 3 weeks ago but have been loosing my hair for bout 4-5yrs. Its pretty sparse now scalp is always showin and shinning in the sun lol. I am waiting for my 2 scalp biopsy results in may when i go to the derm. She has put me on regaine 2% twice a day hqve only been on it a week so cant tell if its workin....i dont know of any groups or anything over here have been trying to find some myself.....hope u get some answers :)
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    Hi all

    I'm from Canberra. Not sure how long I've been losing hair. I'm very good at convincing myself that unpleasant things aren't real ;) I have recently acknowledged that I do have a problem after my bitchy sister in law made some unpleasant remarks. I haven't had any tests done yet however I wouldn't be surprised if it's PCOS (never diagnosed with it, but have had many long term issues with menstruation, PMS, weight etc.)

    I have started treatment at advanced hair about 3 weeks ago I kind of freaked out once I had admitted to myself that I am going bald and jumped into the first thing that I thought might help. Hoping I haven't wasted my money. I think it's helping, but as already established i'm very good at cinvincing myself that things are different than reality.

    Anyway that's my story. Good luck with all your journeys :>
  9. Truffles

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    I'm a very cynical type of person. I don't believe much of the hype I am told about laser therapy or Rogaine, regaine etc. As such I can't go and spend a lot of money on something that might or might not work. But what I did do was go to Transitions Hair studio in Sydney. I was very sceptical when I watched the video on their website. But after going there and having an appointment with Andrew my mind has been changed. I still dont believe there is any cure to female hair loss but with the help of a gorgeous Follea toppette it is possible to feel almost normal again. Of course nothing of beautiful quality is cheap but it was worth every cent!
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    I am so happy to see some Aussies on here as well. Thanks for sharing your stories and I wish you all the luck.

    I'm from Sydney. I recently saw the dermatologist and she prescribed me Aldactone and Finasteride. I've done a pathology test (to check hormones ect) and am waiting on the results for those. I do have some excessive body/facial hair but I can't tell if it's because of my cultural background or something else, I guess the blood results will reveal that. I also did have low Iron. At first I thought my hair loss might be due to traction alopecia (since I've been wearing my hair in a tight ponytail since I was like 12 [I'm 28 now]). But the Derm took one look at my hair and said it was Androgenetic Alopecia. I tried Rogaine for a week but stopped.

    The stress from finding out and also a very bad move where I burned my scalp being out all day in the sun without a hat hasn't helped matters. *sigh*

    For now I'm hiding my hair loss by wearing my hair up all the time (which is what I've always done anyways, ha...ironically now that I know my hair is like this due to a condition, I now wish I could do more with it and hate having it up). I saw the recomendation for Transitions hair & have left an enquiry on their site. I have to admit I do fear wearing a topper or wig that might damage the existing hair I do have.

    The derma told me I probably wouldn't go totally bald but I am finding a strand of hair everytime I run my fingers through my hair. I also want to be able to leave my hair out and I can't do that without my scalp showing at my crown. I''m hoping the topper will help that. I have also brought a hair fiber but I'm afraid to use it in case I'm out and it gets hot and it runs like I've heard it can do.
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    Its absolutely devastating, there is no other word for it. It changes your whole life, well it does mine. I dont have the freedom I used to have. I wear a head band all the time when im not wearing my topper. I also use toppik, mainly just because i dont want to look at it when im at home. I live alone, I dont know what I would do if I lived with someone. I have never found that Toppik runs, even in 40 degree weather its been ok. I will still swear by the topper. Its beautiful but still not your own hair. I look at ppls hair all the time when Im out and im just so damn jealous. But, we must just go on. Please do look into Transitions. Beautiful quality, but, obviously quite expensive. All the best. Let me know how you get on. Cheers
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    Hi there,

    After my pregnancy I had lost a quiet good amount of hair, but as everybody knows its quiet common, as the estrogen level falls in the body. But even after 12 months of my delivery tghe hair loss has not stopped, THE DERMATS SAY THAT IT MAY HAPPEN KINDA ONE OF THE AFTER EFFECTS OF PREGNANCY AND IT MAY CAUSE A HAIR LOSS FOR A YEAR MORE THAN STOP AND MAY BE I REGAIN MY HAIR volume. but my hair line is shifting backwards and the thining of hair leaves me with no style and i am not even able to use any products to save them ., i m quiet upset and depressed for my hair situation.............
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    Hi im from Melbourne Australia, I have been diagnosed with Andro hairloss maybe would could arrange for us Aussie to meet up what are does everyone think about the idea.

    Let me know