back of head / base of skull is worst hair loss. Anyone else?

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  1. Elissa

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    I think it's odd that during the 2 years of hair loss I have had now, the biggest problem area for me is at the base of my skull / back of my head (above the nape of my neck). I still have diffuse hair loss thoroughout, but it continues to be the worst in this area.

    I read of many of you complaining of hair loss mostly in other areas. so am I a weird case or something?

    Just wondering if anyone else here expereinces the same thing and if there could be any reason why my hair loss would be so much worse in this area? Seems kind of random to me that it continues in that area even 2 years later...

    (BTW I thought I'd mention that I do not have Alopecia Areata.. it is not the patches of hair missing.. I know it is typical to have Alopecia Areata in this area, that is why i am mentioning it)

    Thank you so much for any inout/responses. I really appreciate your knowledge! :)
  2. mythreeboys

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    Yes me too. Diffuse loss all over the entire head but nape has the worst loss, and the worst pain (do you have scalp pain)?
  3. Elissa

    Elissa New Member

    I get scalp pain once in a awhile... it's so weird .. and my scalp gets hot and feels inflamed when it happens. I went to a dermatologist that "specializes in hair loss" but he was clueless. Not exactly a specialist in my opinion. Have you gotten any explanation from a doc as to why your hair loss occurs mostly in the back.. or why you get burning?
  4. mythreeboys

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    I get the hot scalp too, the nape gives off heat. I saw a derm at Cleveland Clnic who thought yeast, or seb derm. She felt the head and said it's hot. It's like an allergic response. Nobody knows but maybe it's an allergic reaction. My whole head is hit, crown especially and nape, but the whole head. Nape seems to be getting see through too.
  5. Dharma2

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    burning scalp

    Dr. Redmond a hormone and hair loss specialist in New York wrote a book called "It's Your Hormones." In it he describes that often women will have scalp sensations when they are loosing their hair. He says itching scalp is often due to senitivity when testostrone is too high. So taking a testostrone blocking medication like Spirolactone can help. However if your scalp feels like it is burning, like mine use to, then it's usually a sign that your estrogen is too low so rising your estrogen would eleviate that problem. I take both Spirolactone and Yasmin BCP but it was the Yasmin that actually stopped the burning completely. The combination stopped of the two completely stopped my hair from falling out.

    Testing your hormones for these low or high levels is not very helpful because some women are more sensitive to testostrone and estrogen so levels can appear normal and still not be normal for you.
  6. mythreeboys

    mythreeboys New Member

    Back when this began I had gotten on yasmin. My burning moved to my eyebrows and nape area. I was on yasmin for about 7 months before I had to give it up, the pain got worse. We're thinking some yeast reaction or autoimmune perhaps. But I have heard several women who get the burning feeling have improvement on yasmin and spiro.

    Elissa sorry to take from your post. I wanted to ask you do you have hair loss or shedding anywhere else perhaps? When I sought help at the Cleveland clinic she told me that AGA should not hit the nape. She suggested AGA should not horrible hurt although it can create odd sensations.

    Stupid hair :eek:( Anyhow Elissa your not alone on the nape. I have nape photos I should post them and you can perhaps give me your thoughts on if you see what I am seeing or (lack of) back there.
  7. Dharma2

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    Yasmin doesn't work for everyone according to Dr. Redmond however there are several options available. I only mention yasmin because it has worked so well for me. Also I hope I didn't sound like this was a solution for all hair loss. I do understand there are others reasons that women have to suffer with this condition but if anyone thinks her hair loss is possibly hormonal, consider reading Dr. Redmond's book. He really seems to know what he's talking about. I have no affliation with him or the book. I live in Alberta, Canada. I just am so relieved that I found something that worked because I was so distraught when I was loosing my hair. To find a solution was a dream come true and I hope by posting about it maybe it will help even one woman in her search for help.
  8. mythreeboys

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    I think it's wonderful you found a solution to your hair loss and something has worked for you. I get very happy when I read positive stories like this.

    Did your nape hair fill back in with yasmin?
  9. Dharma2

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    Hi Ouchy, I didn't loose the hair on the nape of my neck but my conditions wasn't related to yeast or autoimmune either so maybe that's the difference. I lost about 50% of my scalp hair of which about 30% has returned since I started treatment in May 2009. I also lost most of my eyebrows and they were red and inchy much of the time. A derm gave me a steroid cream which helped with the redness and itch. I am going to get permanent eyebrows on the 18th. My xmas present to myself, lol.
  10. mythreeboys

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    That is so wonderful about the regrowth!!!:) I bet your estatic.

    I read Redmonds book and it was VERY informative and refreshing. I'm so glad your regimine is working. What do you attribute the brow loss from? Your not hypothyroid are you? I hear that can really mess up the sex hormones.