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    I have been taking Seasonique for nearly a year now (started last December). I had been growing out my hair at the time, trying to change the style of my bangs. In June, they were long enough to sweep them to the side, and that's when I noticed a tiny change in my hairline. It looked slightly thinner/receded, but I likened it to not being used to seeing my forehead Over the summer, I noticed a lot more hair coming out in the shower, but I again tried to justify it as a "seasonal shed." You can guess what happens next - summer's over and I'm continuing to notice loose hairs. The nape of my neck is thinning most, but my hair feels thinner all over. My mom and boyfriend have not noticed a difference, but I can feel it and see it in certain places. I feel like I can't wear a pony tail anymore because it exposes so much of my receded hairline and overall thinness.

    I told my gyno of my concern and asked about a pill with less progestin (I actually suggested Yaz as I had heard it contained low androgens). She gave me Loseasonique which contains slightly less progestin than what I'm on. However, it's still levonorgestrel and I assume still high in androgens. I had previously taken Ortho Tri-Cylen Lo, Ortho Tri-Cyclen and its generic, Tri-Sprintec with no physical problems like hair loss, but I was an emotional wreck, so I would prefer to stay away from those "safer" pills.

    Other symptoms on Seasonique: about 10-12 lb. weight gain, oily skin and scalp (but hardly any acne, especially compared to when I was not on an OC). My scalp sometimes feels like it's burning, but not bad. I'm 25 and blood work for my thyroid came back NORMAL. I also had an ultrasound to check for possible cysts or PCOS to see if that was causing hair loss - NOTHING.

    Has anyone tried Loseasonique and experienced changes in hair growth? I haven't started my pack yet, but I am due to start soon. I am seriously considering asking again for a prescription for Yaz and stopping my Seasonique straight away. Any suggestions will be most appreciated.
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    I don't have any experience I can share with you regarding the Loseasonique however I think you should completely trust your insticts. You are already loosing hair so taking a BCP with any progestin would not be good. Many doctors aren't aware of the connection btw BCP's and hair loss that's why you have to do your own research, as you've done, and then trust it. I recently started Yasmin (as part of my treatment) and it helped with the hair loss, hair texture has never been better, my skin is so clear, no weight gain at all and best of all my moods have improved so much. Yaz is the milder version of Yasmin so I would think it would be worth trying.
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    Hey there, I know that everyone seems to have different reactions with bcp's but as far as I'm concerned their no good. I was on different bcp's as the years went by with no major complaints. Until Ortho-cyclen. I probably used it for 6 months, and as soon as I stopped my hair started falling out. Like most of you ladies I had really thick hair. Now I'm 3/4 of it. When I go to the doctors they are so unsympethetic, and borderline rude. Later I will post on my experiences with these doctors so you dont waste your money. And they all say bcp's dont cause the hairloss but thet weren't there when it happened. Anyway for me the shedding stopped can't say why I tried so many things but it's not growing back. So the regular shedding that I'm experiencing is still detrimental because it's not being replaced. Stay away from bcp's their no good it may seem like their helping but it sets something in motion and you can't take them forever. I've tried the cortisone shots and the spiro. The shots worked for me, as far as regrowth but I can't find another dr to give it to me, and the original dr. did a 180. The spiro I didn't take it long and I took the generic-yes it makes a difference on a drug by drug basis. So now I'm going natural I havent made an appointment yet but to hell with those md's that think they know everything but know nothing. I have a good feeling that natural is the way to go.
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    Hi I was wondering if anyone had ever experienced hair loss after going off Ortho tri-cylen. I know this is supposed to be one of the "better" birth control pills. I was on it for 8 years and went off it in April 2008. This past August 2009 I noticed my hair shedding and it hasn't stopped. I've been to a derm, endo, and gyno- and the only abnormality is that I have a elevated DHEAS level- which there is no cause- I've been tested for PCOS and adrenal tumors. So it was recommended I go back on othro. I've been back on for three weeks and have noticed no difference yet. Just wondering if anyone else has had a similar experience- and if so what treatment they have used. Thanks.
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    RE: Missy33

    I was Ortho Tri-cyclen, under the name of Sprintec. I had noticed hair thinning and AA after being on the pill for 8 months. I decided that if it was the bc causing the hair issues there was no reason to continue taking it. I stopped cold turkey and though the hair loss was progressing at alarming rates before stopping, it did get worse afterwards. I think some of the loss would have continued to happen if I stayed on it, but I also think it was due to getting off. I was in a lose-lose situation and decided getting the synthetic hormones out of my body was my healthiest choice. I have heard numerous stories of women losing their hair after stopping the pill. But, in my case you can also lose it while on the pill so you have to choose what is best for you.
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    I don't care whose "good list" these fall on or what they say about being "hair friendly" but I was on Sprintec (Ortho Tri-Cyclen) for only 8 months before it started causing my hair to shed all over. Taking this pill and then choosing to go off of it due to the hair loss was the only culprit of my losing all of my hair. I am now bald thanks to this "hair friendly" pill.
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    Not a Fact!!

    Since you've mentioned this twice I really want to point out that this is not a fact!! My hair loss was due to bcp and after I stopped taking them I lost all my hair and have not yet grown it back. It has been 7+ months and I was only initially on the pill for 14 months.
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    I agree 100%! I've only taken one bcp and it was Ortho Try-Cyclen (Sprintec) and it quickly caused 100% of my hair to fall out. I would never recommend bcp to any one. You never know how sensitive your system is until you see the side effects and then it may be too late.
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    I'm 24 and began taking birth control when I was 22. I had NO idea hair loss was a possible side effect when I began taking them or I would have been cautious. Besides preventing pregnancy, i'm not a fan of birth control. I always heard of the possibilities of blod clotting and strokes, etc...but never anything about hair loss....I was on Levora for about a year (which I found out to be high androgen ) and went off of it for a month or two. I didn't notice anything wrong with my hair or excessive shedding after coming off of it. Perhaps that pill agreed with my body ??? Despite being androgen high I never had too many bad side effects... When I decided to go back on the pill, I was prescribed Ogestrel 28 which I believe is middle level estrogen/ low androgen...The pill drove me nuts and I experienced many negaitive side effects but I stayed with it for about a year (until now )since I had the prescription set up for 6 month mail in coverage ....I recently stopped taking it since my boyfriend has been sent overseas (for 5 months) and I hate taking birth control when not necessary. It's been about 3 months and I definitely notice my hair is thinning and I've had excessive shedding. At this point, the shedding (I believe) has stopped (I HOPE!). During the 3 month period I have been very stressed, dyed my hair, and started a new diet while coming off of the hormonal rollercoaster that Ogestrel took me on. My thinning may be a combo of all three. I looked back at old photos and now realize my hair was actually thinning during the time I was on the pill as well as after. My hair however was not this thin before Ogestrel. Maybe it just took all of this time for me to notice my hair has scalp has burned in the sun!

    I have a doctor's appointment in a few weeks (to actually go back on birth control ...which I am now probably not going to do ) and will update what she says and I want to see if I have TE or actually have androgenic alopecia. The menopausal women in my family have all experienced thinning, so I hope this is just my scalp reacting to the chemical/hormal differences/changes. I've always had thin hair and it was always possible to see parts of my scalp, but now my scalp is very noticeable. My loss has been on my crown, so I wonder if it is A alopecia. I really hope not, but who actually hopes for that? Luckily, my hair stopped shedding and I do see new growth.

    I started chomping down biotin and bought some rogaine in case my doctor recommends it.

    I'll let you guys know what happens in the upcoming months. This website has provided so many answers for me!! It's great knowing I'm not a mutant and I'm not crazy! Having thinning hair is an all though consuming issue! I keep staring at other women's scalps like a creep!

    I now know I will warn all of my friends (none of which have experienced hair loss from the pill- I'M JEALOUS!) of the possibility of hair loss because of birth control....
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    I'm 31 years old now and currently suffering from TE after coming off the pill. This post got my attention because there really isn't one good pill or bad pill. All these hormonal birth control methods have a different effect on each and every one of us. Here's my story...

    I started taking Ortho Tricyclen when I was 20 to prevent pregnancy and nothing else. Even though I've had oily skin since I was a teenager, I hardly broke out - maybe 1-2 pimples right before my period that healed quickly. After 2 years on Ortho Tricyclen, my GYN switched me to Ortho Tricyclen Lo. I didn't see any differences between the 2. I was on OTC Lo for 7 years. During the 9 years that I was on OTC and OTC Lo, I noticed my skin got a little oilier and I was getting more breakouts during the time of the month. My sex drive had also decreased and towards the end I noticed I had developed a little depression. I decided to stop taking the pill and automatically I felt so much better. My sex drive returned, my skin cleared up and I felt a million times better!

    After being pill free for 2 years (and feeling/looking great), I was talked into trying Yaz. After being on Yaz for 1.5 months, I felt horrble. I was getting heart palpitations and a lot of anxiety. Something just didn't feel right. I didn't wait to finish the pack and stopped in the middle of my second pack. I went off this pill and again automatically felt better. THEN 2 MONTHS LATER hell broke lose! I started shedding 350+ hairs in the shower and started breaking out like crazy! I went to see my doctor and had blood work done. The only thing that came back abnormal was my ferritin (LOW <5). My doctor said the low ferritin and coming off the pill might be the cause. She prescribed iron supplements and sent me on my way. About 2 months ago I decided to see an Endo. She tested all my hormones again and everything came back normal. She said she DEFINITELY thinks that the cessation of bcp cause my hair loss. She said it's similar to post pardum hair loss and the drop in hormones. She mentioned trying Rogaine, but also said to wait it out and that it should correct on it's own - but that it might take months.

    I've been shedding for almost 6 months (off the pill for 8 months) and in the last 2 months it's been slowing down. From the end of November 2009 to March 2010 I was shedding over 350 hairs just after a shower and styling. Then in April, for a week or 2, I started losing an average of 120-150 after showering and styling. Then for another week or 2, I was losing an average of 80-90 hairs. For 2-3 weeks now I've lost an average 40-60 hairs after showering and styling and on 2 different days I only lost 20 hairs! Since January I've noticed new hairs popping up, but then I noticed some of these hairs were falling off. The ones that didn't fall out are now 1-2 1/2 inches long. I read that after/during TE you'll sometimes grow intermidiate hairs. They're pigmented and thinner than normal hair. But since the normal hair cycle has been disrupted these will grow and fall out and make way for a healthy terminal hair. I still notice some of those smaller hairs fall out, but I've also notice thicker hairs popping up all over my head (mostly on the top since that's the first place that I lost - now I'm shedding mostly from the sides and back).

    I have a lot of faith that my body will re-balance itself out and hopefully my hair will be back to how it was pre-Yaz. Even though I've lost about 35-40% of my hair, it's not noticable to most.

    For the last week or so my scalp has been a little itchy (no flaking or dandruff). It's nothing severe and I hardly even feel the need to scratch. But when I do scratch, my scalp feels a little irritated. I have read that sometimes itchyness will bring on more shedding but I've also read that during Telogen Effluvium recovery, your scalp will be a little more tender since so many new hairs are coming in -- I'm hoping this is the reason! :)

    It's so nice to have a place where I can share my story and read the experiences of others.

    Thanks ladies!
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    pilar, I think since you have seen the little hairs, you are on your way to a thicker mane. :) Just hold tight for a bit - here's why:

    Since I last posted, my hair has grown considerably, and I do see new little sprouts. I have new fly aways, and as much as it's annoying, I will never take those guys for granted. NEVER AGAIN. It took about 2 months since my full blown shedding to really start seeing my scalp thicken up(it's been 6 months since I got off the pill - it's been 3-4 since I noticed the thinning...), and in no way is my new growth long, but it's enough to see a big difference. My friends say they didn't even notice my thinning, so they don't notice the thickening...but I do. I bought rogaine, but decided against using it since I was worried that because I DID have new growth, it would traumatize it and make me worse off. I am pretty confident I don't have androgen alopecia at this point anymore. I still definitely notice my back crown and my sides/temples still shedding a bit (maybe 50 more than normal)..., but my fronts by my bang line is growing in. My scalp has been really tender like yours has been. I just think this takes time, and that's what's so hard. There isn't a definite growing gauge or anything....and since it does take SOOO long, it's so hard to decide what (meaning vitamins, etc) is working and what isn't. I know it's personally hard for me to remember how my hair was before. Like, is my hair really thinning? or am I crazy? no, I'm not crazy? this is thin? is it growing??? yeah, it's growing? Why is my scalp tingleling? Does this mean I'm balding again? :)

    I have been taking biotin pills and I would say they haven't caused any negative side effects. I'm not sure if they made my hair grow faster or healthier or not, but I do say that my new growth hasn't fallen out, so maybe it's helped. Since I didn't experience any negative side effects, I'd recommend them.

    My doctor said she doesn't doubt my hair loss was caused by stopping the pill, but she didn't seem THAT concerned about it. Maybe she didn't believe me or maybe I was too casual about it. She said hormone drops can cause a lot of crazy things to happen. She didn't think my blood levels were out of whack, so she didn't really ask me to go in for any blood work.

    She prescribed me Yaz, but only because I requested it. Luckily, a generic was just released this month (June) so it's wallet friendly. I just started the pack(1 wk in), and I don't feel any side effects (yet!)...

    We'll see. I just hope my new growth isn't affected by the pill and I'm super lucky to have new growth. I'll update soon about Yaz, unless I die from a blood clot. O boy. Why can't ovaries have an on/off switch without prescribed chemicals!?

    I just hope no one gives up their fight ! - Hair loss is very devastating and it takes a lot of strength to own up and accept it. This forum has helped so much!
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    Hi ilsasa,

    I'm happy to hear your shedding slowed down and that you've see new growth.

    I'm still shedding 30-80 hairs a day but I'm also seeing a lot of re-growth. It's been 7 months of shedding and 9 months off the pill (Yaz). I'm looking forward to the day that the shedding stops completely and my entire head is covered with new growth! :)

    How come you decided to go back on birth control? I think in your first post you mentioned having second thoughts about going back on any bcp.

    Hope all is well!

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    Based on my own experience, I did not have any hair loss while on regular Ortho Tricyclen for several years (which matches what the doctor states in the pill listing above.) However, I did switch at one point to Ortho Tricyclen LO and the LO version definitely caused mass shedding for me. When I switched back to regular Ortho Tricyclen, my hair stopped shedding and started to grow back again after a few months. My complete history with these pills is listed on the forums here:

    Hope this helps! :> -K
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    Hi all

    Has anyone been on Microgynon 30? I'm pretty sure it's the culprit for me. I was on it for years, no problem. I then returned to it after stopping it and my shedding began. I stopped it immediately in a panic but the shedding continued. I went through everything to discover what was the cause but no doctor seem to have a clue or even care really. I did all the tests, took vitamins, changed my diet completely, took immense care of my hair...
    They only thing they discovered was i had PCOS. They told me PCOS does not cause hair loss and wasn't an issue.
    I told them i thought the pill played a part but they dismissed it telling me it was not a side affect. I then went back on Microgynon a year on, thinking perhaps the stopping it caused it but the shedding became twice as bad over night.

    I realised perhaps it was the starting in the first place. So after research i find Microgynon is the worst pill to be put on if you have PCOS. It has record breaking androgens and will irritate PCOS symptoms. How the doctor did not know this infuriates me and upsets me no doubt. I can't believe i've had to do all the research and it's taken my a year to work it all out. A doctor who knows what they are talking about or actually payed attention and took everything in could have worked this out straight away.

    So finally i think i've worked it out, i start Dianette tomorrow in a bid to cure my excess hair growth and head hair loss (the most upsetting). I'm hoping this will reduce my male hormones and stop my thinning.

    Has anyone had a similar experience or is on Dianette?

    I would love to hear from someone else, i still feel alone!!

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    i was on yasmin from april 2009-2010, i noticed my hair thinning in march 2010, i decided to discontinue the bc hoping it would help, my hair loss accelerated after the discontinuation. I look back at pictures and my hair was fine all of 2009, thick and beautiful. I had a scalp biopsy feb 2011 and i was diagnosed with androgenic alopecia. My doctor now wants me to try yaz for its antiandrogen properties. Ive been using rogaine and seeing little hairs but my hair is still diffusely thin. Im wondering if i should start the yaz again and if it will help promote the hair growth. Im hesitant because im not sure if the yasmin had anything to do with my hairloss to begin with. I dont want to make anything worse!
    anyone have any thoughts or experiences?
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    Need a little hope

    After a misguided round with FemconFe and losing a vast majority of my hair, i started taking OrthoTriCyclen Lo and after only a few months noticed some baby hairs! I was elated! My hair just kept getting better! It hadn't felt healthy in over 6 months! THEN, my prescription ran out. I had come off bcp before without a problem, so didn't think it'd be a big deal to wait until my new health insurance kicked in. I figured i was alright now that i had survived the FemconFe hairloss ordeal. Wrong! My hair is shedding again! And I don't have much to lose at this point!

    Has anyone stopped OTC Lo and seen regrowth after something like this?!?! I'm wanting to never take bcp again, but also don't want to go bald if I can help it! Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

    -Angry and terrified in Texas
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    Birth control pills cause hair loss?
    i HAD no idea!
    my doctor put me on Ortho Tricyclen bcause i was told i has PCOS, and ive been taking them for 2 years but my hair had been thinning since before then.
    has anyone had bad experiences wih Ortho Tricyclen?