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    thought id start this thread for anyone having a bad shedding day. its so discouraging when you not only are trying to grow hair and it wont but the hair you do have is falling out :(
    i had thought my shedding eased up but yesterday was a heavy shed day yet again. what really was upsetting was that it was also small hairs as well. so to add insult to injury and new growth i had has decided to fall out as well. im really at my ropes end. im starting to think i may end up having to wear wigs eventually. with all our advances in meducine youd think being able to keep hair in your scalp and grow it wouldnt be rocket science!!!
    im just feeling so down but also extremely angry :(
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    Don't give up hope-we all have days like that, but I do feel your pain!! yesterday in the shower I saw that 1 inch long baby hairs had fallen from my head. My hair had been stable for 3 or 4 months and I was lulled into a false sense of security thinking that things were looking up. That sight just about ruined my day. I also had to cut my decade long pageboy off two weeks ago because my hair had gotten so thin on top and the sides. Now I have a very short boy cut. I haven't worn my hair this short since my twenties and I am not comfortable with it. I feel naked and less attractive without my longer hair, I miss it SO MUCH! But I REFUSE to give up, maybe its my Irish blood but I will not let the rest of my hair go without a bruiser of a fight!! So you hang in there girl and you and I will be dancing on the tables when our hair improves and is growing again. keep the faith!
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    hi dominique
    thx so much for your post. you made me giggle with the irish blood part because ive got some in me too and im very stubborn lol im not sure if thats good or bad tho because its been hard accepting this. im just in disbelief this is happening. my mother in law is seventy and has more hair than i do at 42 :( it just seems so unfair.
    im so sorry you had to cut your hair hugs. that must have been very emotional. ive not had short hair since age 8. itd be a huge adjustment but the plus side is you have your lazercap.and hopefully well in the way to growth.
    i get my topper wed and im worried the color texture and haircut will look good. its so hard these days to remain optimistic but having a good friend like you is a huge plus. stay positive :)
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    Yes my mother had a huge amount of thick course hair when she died. All my sisters have beautiful heads of thick hair, Some days I convince my self this is just a temporary problem and will improve if I am determined and patient enough. then other days, esp. when I go to dance night and see women with hair so thick it is bounding off their shoulders( while I am in my wig) well it gets very depressing! But I haven't and won't give up until it becomes hopeless. I am hopeful that the Theradome laser helmet will help the problem. But there is not enough prove out there that this type of therapy is noticeably helpful to hair so it is a gamble. Still any hope is better than no hope at all. Thanks for the hugs, I do so miss my hair, it wasn't looking so good but some how having to cut it off makes the hair loss problem so much more real to me. I hope your topper is all that you would like it to be, I don't feel its the solution for me. My hair is baby fine and most toppers will be very noticeable with my hair, also I was afraid the clips would break off my already fragile hair. But like I said, keep the faith, they are started to clone the dna cells that make hair and maybe in the next 10 years women could get their hair back that way!!! I wish you a happy hair day...Dom
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    Hi twinmom

    You're not alone i'm exactly the same.

    I received a diagnosis of Telogen Effluvium last week induced by a very stressful period in my life over the summer. I started shedding in about November and so far i've let this blimmin thing ruin Christmas, New Years, my birthday and valentines day! My poor boyfriend is at his wits end.

    I have very good non shed days, in fact yesterday I phoned my Mum excited because when I brushed my hair yesterday morning only about 4 or 5 hairs came out in the brush. I tied my hair up (fatal) and went off to work happy as larry.

    I washed my hair last night and lost LOADS i had to pull it all out from in between my toes and back. Then I had to try and pull some of the escaped hairs from the drain and I pulled out what can only be described as a dead rat!! There was SO much hair in the plughole my boyfriend found me sobbing off the bathroom floor, took it off me and threw it out the window.

    I know this condition is supposed to correct itself but the waiting game is one of the hardest things ever. I guess the thing to hold onto is we never know whats going on underneath our scalps. My derm explained to me the new hair grows in initially as fluff so we'll hardly see it, it thickens up as it grows. She also said some of the newer hairs fall out as the follicle didn't quite get it right with the first attempt but there will be something coming up underneath.

    I found it a bit of a comfort to learn that the new hair is what actually pushes the old hair up and out. The growing cycle actually stops under the scalp line, which is why you get the white telogen bulbs.

    Hope you have a better day with it tomorrow. xxx
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    hi dominique
    ive seen incredible before after pics from the lazor light and it does seem to work! i cant wait to hear how youre doing with it. it takes 6 months to a yrs from what i read to see the results.
    out of curiousity do you like your wig? where did you get it and is it real european hair etc?
    the nice thing about synthetic is it stays styled.
    i hope todays a great day for you hugs
    btw todays my topper day im very nervous. hubbys taking me and im feeling pressured. i think hes hoping this will cure all but what if i dont like it or she cuts it wrong. then theres adjusting to it. not sure how itll go...
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    hi LM
    i totally feel for you! its so upsetting and youre right about the dead rat lol i couldnt help but laugh. ive had enough hair lost to make ten wigs. has your hair texture changed at all? hugs
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    Haha I know you have to laugh about these things sometimes!!

    My hair is awful, it's got no life whatsoever and it gets so so greasy!! I think my one saving grace was that I had such a full head of hair to begin with but i would say I've lost 60/70% maybe. It won't do anything at the moment so I'm just leaving it!!

    I don't shed so bad overnight but it's the washing of my hair it's a nightmare it's such an issue in my house when I do as I don't want to face what's going to happen. Sounds ridiculous, but my hair is now so thin I can't see where I can afford to lose anymore without it being visible!

    Also do you find your hairs ALL over your house? Mine are everywhere!!! Even my kids joke about it now as they fin them wrapped around their toys :)
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    Greetings TwinMom- Thank you for your kind words regarding my venture into laser therapy for my hair loss.!!! To be honest though, there are just as many nay sayers as there are devotees where the laser therapy is concerned. I have been aware of it for a few years but due to the lack of major research proving that it works, I have left it on the back burner of treatments to be tried. I feel that it is possibly like Rogaine- the science of it makes sense but even so, it only helps SOME OF THE WOMEN with their hair loss. I just hope that I am ONE of those women. I will keep everyone posted as to whether I notice an improvement from using it over the next year. I would not advise anyone to purchase it as a first treatment in the hair loss battle. It is just too expensive and not well proven as yet. As for my wigs, I have bought some really expensive human hair ones from Jacquelyn of New York and some much less expensive hair blends from Paula wigs. I have very baby fine hair and it is virtually impossible to hide the fact that I am wearing a wig from those who know me. I realized this early on and sadly concluded that I needed to view my wigs as an accessory, not as my hair. So when I go out I wear them as I would a beautiful hat or scarf and if I am out and getting second looks, I simply admit that it is a wig and go on about my life. Another friend on our site mentioned Fortune wigs to me and I have viewed their site. I really like them and may choose a wig from them in the near future. As always, I wish you a happy hair day!!!
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    When does this stop??

    Hi to everyone out there in "no-hair" land! I'm new to this forum, and am finding hope in everyone's stories, so...thanks! To LM: The same thing happened to me. Over the summer I suffered a severely stressful event and hair loss started in November. It is showing no signs of slowing down! It gets worse everyday! The shower is my worst nightmare. It's like someone is taking a razor and slicing it through my hair every time I wash my hair! Then during the day, it sheds constantly. It falls out by the handful. It falls out even when I breathe! This is no exaggeration. It is by far worse than the stressful event I suffered over the summer. Did your dermatologist tell you when it would stop, or even slow down. Many thanks to everyone out there for participating. It's so great to get feedback to someone experiencing this nightmare!!
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    Hi LM...yes I find my hairs everywhere :( it's especially distressing washing my hair and styling as so much comes out. I'm also at that point where my hair is so stringy and straggly I can't afford to lose anymore. This has really been the worst nightmare I've been through. It's very debilitating socially. I dread seeing ppl even family. It's very dewomanizing and embarrassing. I've come to the point where I'm looking at wearing hair because it's destroying my happiness and those around me. I'm getting a topper system on fir and hope it looks ok because I'm really counting on it

    Hi Dominique...I hope your lazer helmet helps and if it does I'll definitely buy one. You deserve some success as do all the women on here. You've been so patient and endured so much dealing with this.
    Let me know what you think of the wig once you order it. I wish they'd make wigs more lifelike ie make texture rougher not as thick. Really is it that hard to make a real looking wig? There's beautiful wigs but a lot seem too perfect where ppl just know it's a wig.
    I love follea wigs Y from here where's but at $5000. It's too steep. Also I don't live near Beverly Hills or NYC
    Hope you're enjoying your weekend.
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    Hi sorry you're enduring this nightmare as well. have you had your thyroid checked?

    My updates.....really bad hair shed day yesterday. I broke down and cried. Then something dawned on me. I was very emotional more so than usual and realized my period had started. I got thinking maybe there's a link. Dom you'd mentioned a book you'd read by a popular endocrinologist so I downloaded it. I've been reading it and I really believe a lot if not most hairloss is linked to hormones! I've been reading about spiro and how it can block dht which I want to ask about but more importantly I'm going to tell my doctor I want to see an endo! I asked to have my hormones checked but she said if I was still non menopausal it'd not tell much? Not sure why it wouldn't ? It just seems all my life hormones have affected me. As a teen it was excessive oily skin and acne. Pregnant it was extreme morning sickness. Now at 42 it's hair loss. There has to be a connection somewhere
    I went in for my topper appt we'd only to find out they ordered the wrong length :( I asked her to place it on my head and to me it seemed to thick on top so I asked them to order a thinner one as we'll because I don't want her to style the thicker one and be stuck with it. My apply is this fri and I really hope I don't leave feeling discouraged..
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    Hi TwinMom- Yes that is what I was guiding you toward- If a woman has AA, it is always caused by one or more hormones that are off. It only takes one of a woman's hormones to be out of proper range to cause the hair to shed. If her estrogen is fluctuating due to being in perimenopause (which you are) then DHT has a clear field to attack your hair follicles and kill them. Many doctors are not only uninformed but disinterested in becoming informed to help a woman with her hair loss. So ignore your present doctor and ran as fast as you can to a hair loss specialist, not every Endocrinologist is informed or specializes in hair loss- Choose one that advertises that they treat hair loss. Also you need to get on an oral DHT blocker as soon as possible to stop more shedding- remember its better to stop your hair from shedding to the point of no return than it is to find a way to regrow it after its gone. As for my laser therapy, the jury is still out on that but I will keep you posted. It should not be chosen as the first line of defense though, get on a DHT BLOCKER, I cant stress that enough!!!!
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    Hi Loriel i'm so sorry I've just seen your post. Sorry to hear you are going through it as well.

    My Derm said 4-6 months and it should stop but if it doesnt I need to go back for a scalp biopsy.

    I actually discovered the burning on my scalp was a delightful headlice infestation, the joys of children. My scalp was literally bright red and I've heard that the inflammation can attribute to hair loss too but can take three weeks to settle down.

    Im seeing my GP this Thursday as I just feel something isnt quite right. My hair doesnt seem to be regrowing at all.

    There's so much information on hairloss and telogen effluvium on the next but it's all very contradictory. I've read on so many websites that stress cannot cause hairloss or a bout of TE but my Derm was sure it was.

    One thing that has helped me is that i've been having CBT, (Congnitive Behavioural Therapy) which i was referred to after the events of the summer but she's been helping me cope with the hairloss and I have to say its been a huge relief. I've actually had a good 4-5 days... not having such a good day today but thats something i'm going to have to work through.

    Have you seen a Derm at all for yours? Is your hair thinning or just shedding? xxx
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    hi dominique
    hope youve had a great week! i ordered over three months ago hair essential vitamins which im on my third bottle. it claims to have dht fighters in it. i may look into provillus. it just boggles my mind that doctors/scientists have not figured out how to fully fight this dht issue. with all the advances in science it really is unbelievable.
    i go for my hair system appt today but im not feeling optimistic. i should afyer paying 1000.00! i love how the color matches but the top looked too thick. why we have to pay 5000.00 for anything that looks natural is beyond me. women dont want thick bulky they want just a bit more hair to make up for what they lost. it seems the wigs and pieces they bond onto bald heads look way more realistic but who wants to shave their head ?
    ive been following a raw food expert on utube markus rothkrantz and i bought his powdered wild herb formula for my.smoothies so well see if it benefits my hair.
    keep plugging along with your helmut i heard it takes at least six months for visible results. enjoy your weekend :)
  16. twinmom

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    hi LM
    im sorry to hear you have headlice :(
    thats great you started cognitive behavior therapy. i did the self one at home through midwest center years ago and i may go over it again. stress definitely can.cause hairloss that says it doesnt is incompetent imo.
    when im having a bad hair day i read success stories just google them and it keeps me going. best of luck. i cant remember have you been tested for ferritin?
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    Hi TwinMom-Glad to hear you are on the vitamins and that they have DHT blockers in them. If your shedding has stopped by using them then that's wonderful but if you are still shedding, I think that it would help you more to get an oral prescription from a doctor. you need a strong enough dose to stop the shedding and that usually can only come from a written prescription from a doctor. I too feel that most toppers and wigs are too thick to look real on a woman's head. Also unless the hair is very similar to your bio hair its very obvious to those that know us they we are wearing supplemental hair. I would like to have it look realistic and then I could choose whether to tell others ( or not) that I was wearing it. Personally, I can't afford 1grand to 5 grand just for hair when I know it will not last more than a year or so and then I have to invest more money to have it refurbished or replaced. yes I finished my fourth laser tx. Wednesday. unfortunately, it has been causing a shed and I hope it has stopped but I won't know until tomorrow. it usually took at least 48 hours for the shed to come after one of the txs were done- wish me luck because I would like to continue using it but can not if I continue to shed. hope you're having a happy hair day
  18. lorilei

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    Hi LM. I'm so happy to hear that you're seeing re-growth! That's awesome! I had an AWFUL hair shed day yesterday! This is so discouraging. One day it is getting better...then the next day is another setback. I go see a dermatologist today. I hope she is understanding and knowledgeable in hair loss. Please hope and pray for me for the best! Thanks for replying. Any support really helps a lot:)
  19. LM_83

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    Good luck Lorilei! I'll be thinking of you! It's so frustrating as it's possibly one of the most unresearched areas in the medical world and I often feel like they are just stabbing in the dark with diagnosis and treatment!

    Ironically I'm also having a bad shed day today! I knew I would after I had to leave that yucky shampoo in to soak! Everytime I touch my hair strands come away! I cleaned my bathroom this morning and by the time I'd finished there was more hair in there from me cleaning than when I got in there!!

    I hope you get a bit more support and advice today! Do let me know how you get on! Are you based in America? I'm UK so I think we will get a time delay but it would be nice to follow your progress xxx
  20. LM_83

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    Woops sorry twinmom I've just seen your reply too! The joys of a smart phone!

    I've had my ferritin tested and it's 88 so healthy for hair growth and my hormones are all normal too, my SBGH level is really high but that's because I'm on Yasmin. My GP is retesting me in three months to make sure it's not rising.

    I do have a slightly under active thyroid apparently from my last set of bloods but I'm having that retested in three months too for her to monitor as I'm only 31 so she's hesitant to treat unless it drops again.

    I also have slight seborrheic dermatitis so she's given me some steroid lotion!! Not sure what else my body wants to throw at my scalp lol it's determined I'm not destined to have a full head of hair!!! :)