Bald Grandma, Aunt...I'm on my way.

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  1. KarenFromKansas

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    Hey all. I am new to this group. While I am just in beginning stages of balding at age 40ish, I want to prevent it if at all possible. My g'ma and aunt both reached near baldness. 3 years ago, I noticed my scalp getting burnt, especially my part. Now it's obvious it's thin in a strip from bangs through crown. If there is a slightest breeze, it just flips and flops like feathers. The rest of my hair is very thick.

    Currently, I use Toppik to fill in the bald areas (I love it, and it's enough for now.) Tried Roggaine but not sure if it did anything. Plus, I didn't use it as directed.

    So, here are my questions:
    * What kind of baldness is hereditary?
    * What would you suggest I do now? See a dermatologist? Start some kind of regiment? (I know you can't give recommendations, but what would YOU do, if I were you?)
  2. KarenFromKansas

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    Oh Also...Acne

    I've also had acne since I was 14. Nonstop. And baaaad PMS. Seems like I have some kind of significant hormonal imbalance. ?
  3. VictoriaG

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    Androgenic Alopecia, which is female pattern hair loss, is hereditary. I think you should get bloodwork done, by your derm or PCP or GYN, checks your hormones, thyroid, iron levels...It's a good way to rule things out, or, of course, help pinpoint a possible cause. Good luck:)
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    I come from a family of bald old women too. I got a topper when I realized that it wasn't going to stop.

    I can't help on the test and stuff. I try not to give advise on anything but supplemental hair solutions. I am a balding woman so giving other balding women hair growing advice isn't my cup of tea.

    I can talk about hair!
    Welcome and good luck
  5. feelingwiggy

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    Ditto- a family of old bald women... couldn't have said it better... Oh, and the old bald women all had old bald women wigs... THANKFULLY, not like todays!
  6. chuyita32

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    Good Luck!

    I don't come from a family from balding women and have still lost a lot of hair don't know the reason why. I'm going to the dermatologist next week and we'll see. I'm also thinking of going to the natural doctor. Good luck with everything!!!
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    New At This

    :) Hi, I am new at this and just trying to find my way around the site.I am so excited to find a site like this, and maybe to have someone to talk to about this terrible hair loss. I try to avoid this subject, no I DO avoid this subject!! It will be so good to have others to talk with that have the same problem. Hope everyone has a nice evening and now I am going to see if this message shows up anywhere. :confused:
  8. feelingwiggy

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    You are in the right place. Great info and much understanding. We all have very similar feelings... Big Hug to you! Judy
  9. Gloria

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    Baldheaded old women

    Yep that is my story too :) (main thing to do is try and do the Vitiamin regiem and keep the faith. I just started back on sparoactone (spelling??) Bioten 5mg a day. I use Nizoral shampoo twice a wk, and Iam starting to use the Laser comb and Rogaine. Just want to keep what I can for when the miracle drug/solution or whatever the Lord does happens. :) I use a hair piece with clips so that I can take care of my scalp. Keep the Faith God is in Control!!!! luv irma
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    I don't have the answer to my hair loss yet either. I've just recently begun reading up on hair and nutrition. I've always been a believer of treating diseases/disorders from the inside out as much as possible, and this probably holds true for our hair follicles as well. You can't do much about heredity yet, but I'm convinced that eating healthy and exercise to get the nutrients where you want them is a good start. Good luck with your search for the cause and your treatment.