Big ol' VENT!!!

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    I've posted quite a few times on here and just having one of those days really where I want to scream!!

    I've been thinning since Nov 13 and was diagnosed with stress induced TE by a dermatogist in Feb.

    My shedding has definitely eased slightly but my hair is so thin now and I keep noticing the odd new hair coming out and I get so mad at how quickly I let that affect me!! I've had a really really good few days and even hardly found myself thinking about it until I almost made myself think about it, then I get into a vicious cycle with myself.

    Also I really can't bear this slight burning sensation I've got on my scalp along with what feels like crawling sensation. I just sit here terrified of another major shed.

    The thing that is scaring me most is that although 2013 was incredibly stressful for me I've honestly never felt this low or anxious before in my life and what if this starts it off all over again?

    I've just wish there was a true hair expert out there! Someone that categorically can say this is what you have take this/use this/do this and then you know where you stand!

    I also get so infuriated as I'm trying so hard to get less 'stressed' but y life is so stressful in general I can't see how this is ever going to change :-(

    Sorry for the text explosion I just wanted to get it out somewhere :) xxx
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    hi LM...
    im sorry i totally understand how you feel. it seems so ridiculous they can perform brain surgery but cant tell us why our hairs falling out and the biggest thing is it seems like they place no importance on it!! it is important! if it affects a persons happiness and ability to cope with life then yes it is an important health issue not to mention that whatevers causings the hairloss is not normal. whether it be unbalanced hormones or TE caused by stress. the fact you have burning could be a good thing in that theres possibly concrete reason for your hairloss vs some of us that keep bejng told were 'healthy'. i dont buy it. if your hairs falling out that is unhealthy.
    have you been to an endocrinologist yet?
    hugs and vent anytime you like. try not to stress. i keep telling myself not all days will be the same shed days. some will be more than others
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    Hey thanks twinmom how are you doing?

    I've decided to go back to my GP. I've been using a steroid scalp treatment for 3 weeks now and my scalp is still so red and dry I'm so annoyed.

    The good news is I don't know whether it's the vitamins, the short hair cut or time but I'm definitely shedding a lot less! It's only showers now that I need to wait to see a bigger reduction!

    I'm taking
    Flurosine - which contains ferrous sulphate
    vitamin c
    Evening primrose oil
    saw palmetto

    I've checked at a couple of health stores in case I'm over doing the vitamins but they said it was fine.

    I've also quit alcohol and removed wheat from my diet.

    I'm just terrified that these sensations on my scalp are a sign of an impending shed.

    Another thing I'm really struggling with is now it's thin my hair gets so greasy after 1 day! I'm trying to keep my washes two days apart but it means on day two I'm going to work with thin greasy hair! :-(