Biotin & Skin issues???

Discussion in 'Everything Else' started by PaulaJeanne, Nov 14, 2011.

  1. PaulaJeanne

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    The fun never ends. I've been on Biotin for about 3 weeks (and stared Saw Palmetto in the last few days). I've never had perfect skin, but one of the few nice things about aging was that it got better.

    My skin is so bumpy now!! Nothing too visible, but it looks like there might be trouble brewing. I'm on 5000MCG of Biotin. think that maybe there's some growth, but can't be sure.

    Anyone know about this? Thanks!!!

  2. ashily_kirsten

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    Sounds great! I'm also using biotin from Hercules Vitamins and it's included in my daily diet. Everyday I experience great results. My hair looks healthy and more shiny. My hair strands are thicker and minimize hair fall. I've also read that biotin not only offers cosmetic benefits but there's more. Biotin promotes a healthy body metabolism. Oh I guess it's also one of the cosmetic benefits it gives because the I know that when you have a healthy body metabolism, you burn more fats and convert them to energy. That only means you lose more fats and your body's more slimmer. :)
  3. aliaanderson

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    Biotin is an essential nutrient that helps skin stay healthy and may help skin heal faster. Biotin needs certain enzymes to function in the skin that manganese helps to active.

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  4. RichardStrickland

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    Well Biotin is having nutrition and it is very helpful for skin and heal faster from the skin aging problem.
  5. Julia David

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    Biotin will only make your skin look healthier if you have bad skin due to a biotin deficiency. So many different nutrients go into making your skin healthy that you are likely to get far better results by eating a varied and healthy diet, particularly containing lots of fresh vegetables.