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Discussion in 'Hair Loss Causes' started by NoraBe, Sep 24, 2009.

  1. NoraBe

    NoraBe New Member

    anyone have any bad experiences on mircette birth control with hair loss?
  2. VictoriaG

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    Hi Nora, just FYI, there is a group on the network for women who are losing their hair because of birth control, you might want to look there, too.
    I am not too familiar with mircette, sorry.
  3. angelinadiaz

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    There might have been some hair loss apter taking the birth control measure
    because of some hormonal imbalance.consult with doctor to ensure a proper balance of hormones.Eat nutritional fruits which contain antioxidant and flavonoids that provides protection for hair fall.
  4. Julia David

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    I have never heard of birth control causing hair loss, but anxiety is actually a pretty common side effect. You need to talk to your doctor about what you are experiencing, they may need to try switching you to something else.