Bobs bobs BOBS!

Discussion in 'Rants and Venting' started by gabbycat12, Sep 1, 2011.

  1. gabbycat12

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    I am getting so sick of bob haircuts! I have had a bob style for what feels like my whole life! My thinning hair makes it kinda hard to do other styles. I wish I could just cut my hair really short and just wear my wigs all the time. Cause the thought of another bob is just unbearable. Stupid hair!
  2. KathyF

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    Hi gabbycat! Well, you know, I would actually love to have a bob hairstyle! ;) I was thinking the other day that I would love to be able to have bangs, but unfortunately, I have curly hair and if I try to brush my thinning hair down onto my forehead, it sticks straight out and curls up in the air! Not a good look!

    Do you wear wigs sometimes then? I've just ordered my first and to tell you the truth, I am wondering if I will have the nerve to wear it... I was very brave when I ordered it and felt very confident, but now I'm not so sure. :confused:

    Anyway, I guess we should be happy that we have some sort of hair to style, even if it is thin! Some aren't so lucky are they... :( Hope you can manage to find a different style though! Maybe there's somewhere on the internet that might have some styling suggestions for thinning hair... or even on this forum? I'm not sure!! Best of luck anyway!! :)
  3. gabbycat12

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    your right!

    I should be greatful that I do have hair, I forget so easily. I just get really jealous of my sisters and friends who have long thick hair. I do have 3 wigs and I do love them.:> You shouldn't be scared to wear them. I get tons of compliments when I wear mine.
  4. gabbycat12

    gabbycat12 New Member

    I cut my hair

    I cut my hair really short about a month ago so no bobs for me unless I buy it from the wig shop. I hate my man hair!
  5. AK-Ren

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    Bobs x 3 made me laugh out loud

    You see, I cut my hair into a bob last month to disguise my hair loss (at that time bald in patches over my ears). Now my bald ear-patches meet in the back and I'm losing my bangs in nickle and quarter spots. I've ordered a wig.

    The part that made me laugh is that my wig is a bob.

    I'm resigned to my fate in Bob least for awhile.:)
  6. gabbycat12

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    Bob land

    Ok I am in bob land too! I guess bobs are not really that bad. I can come to peace with my bob hair style:)
  7. gabbycat12

    gabbycat12 New Member

    Thats not a bob

    When is a bob not a bob? When its a necklace!
  8. violetb

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    Been in a bob forever..really don't know what to do