Boca Raton area - referrals, anyone?

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    Very unhappy with my present dermatologist. Not so crazy about my endocrinologist either. I would appreciate any suggestions on whom to see - either dermo or endo or both - in the Palm Beach/ Ft.Lauderdale area. If necessary, I'll go to Miami.

    Thank you.

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    I have an appt with Dr. Bauman in your neck of the woods next week. I'll post back with an update on my experience. I live in Tampa so I'll be making the 4 hour drive down to see him as I've done some research and he's supposed to be really knowledgeable about female hair loss problems. We will see!
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    You know what...........I just realized Dr. Bauman is not a dermatologist! For some reason I thought he was! Guess I haven't been very observant lately but I'm still going to make the drive down to see him. I figure at least he can look at my hair and bloodwork and give me some idea of what the heck is going on here!
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    Okay, I'm back with an update for anyone who is interested. Saw Dr. Bauman a few days ago, nice guy, he checked my entire head with this microscope type device, (can't remember what it was called) then he also measured the density of my hair over my entire head. He stated my hair is thinning in an "unusual" pattern which means it may be due to my GI problems. He suggested a new genetic test that just came out on the market 2 months ago, the test can show whether or not one carries the high-risk gene for hair loss. Since the test cost $175, I decided to hold off on that for now. He also mentioned that the presciption meds I take daily are known to cause hair thinning. :( He suggested I take a supplement called "Viviscal", also to continue taking Biotin daily. I told him I take 5mg Biotin daily and he stated that is not enough, to take it twice daily, in divided doses once in the a.m and once in the p.m. He also said it would be in my best interest to try to get my GI problems resolved but he said he knows that is easier said than done. :rolleyes: (been dealing with GI problems for many years now)!!!!:mad:

    Lets see..........what else, he's going to email me a script for some bloodwork and we'll talk about that when I return for a follow up in 90 days. He wanted me to buy his laser cap, said the laser would help me with regrowing hair. The laser cap he sells is very costly so I decided to pass on that. I've done some research and I was able to find someone who will build me a laser helmet that should work just as well as Dr. Bauman's for a third of the price. When I return in 90 day's he'll measure my hair density and see if there is any improvement. Something I really liked is that half of Dr. Bauman's patients are women, that was really important to me, when I was searching for a doctor to help me with this problem.

    Overall I would say I was satisfied with the visit. I've had other doctor's tell me my hair is fine and its not getting thinner but I know my body and I could tell things are not as they should be! At least he was able to confirm that, and now I can try to get things back on track over here. (I hope)! :)
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    I was wondering how things went with Dr. Bauman since you last posted. I've been on his website and am considering doing an online consult because I live in Maryland. I also was looking into that lasercap. Any info would be great.
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    I had to postpone my follow-up appt with Dr. Bauman but I'm planning on rescheduling soon. Now i'm starting to wonder if "toxic black mold" in my house may have contributed to this hairloss problem! A few month's after my appt with Dr. Bauman, I accidently discovered that dang black mold in the bedroom AND living room when I was doing some renovations in the house. No wonder I've been ill for so long!:mad: And God only knows how long I've been exposed to those toxins but since I've temporarily moved out of that house I've noticed a 100% improvement in my overall health so anything is possible.

    As for my hair, the good news is that it seems NOT to be getting worse. My hairstylist said she noticed new hair growing out of my "crown" and she asked me what I was doing to get new hair to grow. :) I THINK I've noticed some improvement, when I'm able to get back to Dr. Bauman's I'll have him use his machine to verify if he sees any new hair growing.

    I did order the laser cap online from OMG (could not afford Dr Bauman's). Haven't been using it on a regular basis, but when I do use it I notice that my hair "appears" thicker. I need to commit to using it on a more regular basis to be able to determine if there are any positive results. I have been taking the Biotin and Viviscal for my hair and a few other supplements for my GI problems on a daily basis and my GI problems have improved significantly. I can't say for sure if my hair is improving yet,BUT like I said above I THINK it may very well be, and at the very least I know that ist definitly not getting any worse, so I'm thankful for that.;)

    If ya ask me, I'd say if the online consult with Dr. Bauman is free then go for it. However, what I've found the most ufual, was him actually examining my hair up close and looking at the hair through that special machine to see how many strands were in each section. (wish i could remember the name of that device he used). He did mention that what was unusual with my hair loss is the crown is normal and the nape is the worse! The front and temples are also in the crapper but not as bad as the nape. So when my hairstylist says she sees new hair growing from the "crown" I have no idea what to think! That's the only spot on my head thats normal! Ha, the absurdity of it all!:rolleyes:

    If you have anymore questions feel free to ask.
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    Thanks for the update. Is anything in life free? It's a $100 one-time fee. I just started with a new dermatologist (my 4th in 3 years), so I'll give it a little more time with her before I spend the money on Dr. B. She did also recommend the Viviscal vitamins. I just started taking them so time will tell if they will help. The 3 grand for that lasercap is a bit steep. If I knew for sure it would work, I'd come up with the money. I'll check out the one you got.
    I'm so sorry about your mold problem. Actually, my hair loss pattern sounds a lot like yours....maybe I should check my house for mold. I'm always looking for other reasons besides bad genes to blame my hair loss on.

    Good luck with everything and please keep me posted with any new info you get from Dr. B.
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    I went to Dr. Bauman for a consult recently. He did examine the scalp and the spacing between hairs and the health of the hair. I am on a tight budget but when you are given HOPE.. ( like you I have ordered sooo many topical trials) I bought the laser cap even after telling him that I lost hair at a place called Renew in Michigan where I lost a ton of hair. He said that the cap is stronger and better. I've been using for a month... If anyone out there has a warning for me.. let me know! I can't afford to lose any more hair. I am already wearing a small hair piece.. :-(