Bosley Hair Produce

Discussion in 'Treatments' started by deangelo, Apr 12, 2010.

  1. deangelo

    deangelo New Member

    I was wondering if anyone has ever tried the Bosley hair product???

    Any thoughts on the products ???
  2. mimz II

    mimz II New Member

    i've never tried any of the Bosley hair products, but there are members in the network who might try asking them.

    (I've heard that they are expensive and not very good. but there may have been a person or two who have liked it.)
  3. Julia David

    Julia David Member

    I have been to bosley 3 times i was damn near completely bald i think they did a good job my last time was back in march so its still has not grown out yet the stuff they did the other 2 times looks pretty good as far as money goes every year most of the time in the summer they have a special price you can get it half off i payed full price the first 2 times 7,000 each time the 1st time was in 02 2nd time in 03 or 04 but the last time i payed 3,600 and you might want to use Propecia it works great for me. Good luck...