Boston area custom wig maker?

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    I'll check out that place next time i need to do my groceries. I'll email you on your hotmail account and we should meet up next time i am in lexington or you are in somerville!
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    I was reading your thread and I'm from the Boston area too and have been looking for custom wig makers. I am new to this area and don't know anyone with alopecia and was hoping to find a good support system.

    There is Salon Alon and the owner makes wigs. I made an appointment with him to cut my wig but he seemed reluctant and canceled on me due to illness. I'm wondering if he only cuts wigs he makes. I just bought a custom and can't find anyone to cut it and was hoping to get answers here. Does anyone go to a hairstylist that will cut a unit?
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    My wigs are cut by the person who made them. Where did you get your custom wig?
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    Evelyntrav hi! I am 37 yo and live in Boston and I recently diagnosed with FFA. I lost a lot of hair in the past couple of months. I don't think I need a wig yet but I would like to see my options. You mentioned that you had a hairpiece at the beginning. How does that work? Someone has to put it for you or it is something that you can do by yourself?? Is it comfortable, secure??? I have all these questions????? How much are the custom made toppers? I would love to go to your NY contact. Is it really worth it? Or I can find something good local?
    I'll check 10 newbury also.
    Please any info would be greatly appreciated!!!
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    Wear a hairpiece

    First, I'm sorry to hear about your hair issues. It is very unpleasant, but somehow you will learn to just accept it and be thankful it is not something really bad. I still have fleeting moments of frustration when I look in the mirror, but 30+ yrs later they are very fleeting. My LLP started slowly but contines even though I have just about no hair left. I have heard that others do not have such an extreme case. Oddly, it started with a rash on my back, but a biopsy (and later biopsies) confirmed the diagnosis.

    If you read this entire thread starting from page one, you will get more information about my personal experiences, including my NY wigmaker.

    You do need to manage the hair piece yourself. With my first piece, I just used clips and a built-in comb to attach it, but with continued loss I now use tape. It has never fallen off. On windy days, I use a scarf or hat.

    I was unable to find someone local who made wigs from scratch and no one on this site has responded with a contact. I have tried ready-made wigs and wasn't pleased, but many people are satisfied with them. My wigs cost about $4,000 and looks good for about 2 yrs. they are very comfortable and I forget I am wearing them once I put them on. I keep the old ones for exercise, around the house, the beach.

    There is a national group to which I contribute. They have a newsletter, too. There is a Boston contact, but I have never contacted her.... just preoccupied with other stuff.
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    Dear Evelyntrav, thank you for your respond. It is really frustrating I know. I'm glad it gets better. Right now I'm still very angry with all that is going on. I'm becoming this person that I don't recognize. I always thought that I'm a strong person but I was mistaken. It bothers me a lot. And I'm trying not to show it in front of my family bc of my two girls. Reading these blogs and sharing info helps a lot. Thank you for Ralph's info. I trust you that he is the best. I'll call to make an appointment. As I said I don't need it yet but maybe a topper for now. Do you remember how much he is charging for those?? Also do they look natural?? Sometimes I just think that is easier to deal w wigs. Am I wrong?? Thank you!
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    Ralph will help you figure out want is best for you. On my first piece, he matched my hair perfectly. It was more like a fall and I brushed my own hair over it. It attached to my hair with a comb and clips and I wore a headband for added security.

    I do know what you are going through and can assure you even though the frustration will never go away, you will put it way back in your thoughts. When I get unhappy about it, I just remind myself that it is only my hair and it will not affect the quality of my life nor my life itself. I force myself to think of it as just another annoyance in life.

    When I was first diagnosed, my daughter asked if it was hereditary and my son's question was if it was catching. So another small blessing for them is that it is neither.