Brazilian Keratin treatment and hair loss

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    I had the BKT done about 5 weeks ago and right away I noticed that I was shedding a LOT of hair. I am losing clumps of hair in the shower and when combing wet hair the most - way more than I normally shed. I am losing hair from the root, not breakage. Has anyone else had this happen and what can be done to stop it? I think my follicles have been traumatized by the treatment which supposedly contains formaldehyde. I should have known better, especially since I have thinning hair anyway. With the use of nioxin I had reached the point of not shedding constantly, so I don't know why I had this treatment done. Now I have a case of telogen effluvium it would seem. I have not had any flaking or itching and the treatment did not have a noxious odor when it was applied. I have ordered Nioxin products which I will use instead of the sulfate-free shampoo that you are supposed to use after this treatment. I am trying not to panic but it is hard when the shedding refuses to slow down. Any advice? Thanks,
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    Brazilian Blowout

    This response may come a little late. I do understand your desperation as I am going through this nightmare too. I used to have abundant, long, and thick hair until Aug 2012 when I got a brazilian blowout. I lose about 250 hairs just from washing and after that hair just falls out in five strands at a time every half hour. I dont understand how I still have hair left on my head given the way I am shedding. In one year I have lost more than 1/2 of my hair and the shedding keeps going strong. I was too persuaded to blame female pattern balding by multiple doctors but I know my self and this hair loss started the same horrible day of the treatment. My right side is almost bare and my left side is quickly catching up. I had some regrowth but I lost it after a dermatologist gave me a systemic steroid shot that he though would help curb the shedding. Unfortunately, my shedding increased and has not stabilized to my after treatment loss. Now, he wants me to start spironolactone but I am so afraid of side effects since I was not lucky with the steroids (got bloating, numbness, super dry skin and insomnia and worst of all symptoms MORE HAIR LOSS).

    At this I feel like I should stay away from medications and keep the rest of my body healthy. By taking this drug I will be gambling my overall health for the slight possibility of stopping the loss. It has been a very difficult road to travel as hair loss was not in my radar. I dont color nor style as I am afraid any manipulation will just dislocate more hairs. I am not sure what triggered the loss...was it the formaldehyde that poisoned my follicles, maybe the treatment aged my scalp (I am 44), maybe triggered an endless telogen effluvium, I dont know no one knows.

    I was wondering if you ever recovered from the hair loss and got your hair back? Were your doctors able to figure out why the treatment caused the shedding? My doctors are losing hope that my loss will get better as the one year mark makes my problem chronic and more likely to become a lifetime condition. I cant imagine my head without hair. I really miss my hair.
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    I got the Brazilian Blowout done in Feb 2012. I really think this triggered my TE and that it's part of the reason I'm dealing with diffuse hair loss today (even though my derm, hairdresser, friends and family are convinced the 2 aren't related). I always had thin, unmanageable hair and until I got this done I had a lot of it. Ever since then it's thinning and it won't stop falling out. Coupled with this my derm also says I am in the early stage of female pattern hair loss, couple with the chronic TE (which to this day I swear was triggered by the BB). I also got my hair highlighted at the same time and it's been almost 2 years and I still have a lot of blonde. Some hair that seems like it just stopped growing...

    I wish I would have NEVER had this done.
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    Brazilian Blowout

    I am not sure if you are familiar with this website You will find a lot of comments of other women who have gone exactly through the same thing. In my case the doctors to tried to tell me that it was female pattern balding but my hair loss is difuse and I swear the loss started the day of the treatment. My symptoms started two weeks after the treatment when my scalp flaked in big chunks. I have never experience burning, tightness, tingling in my scalp until this day. No one can tell me that it is not treatment related. I lose at least 200 hairs from washing and gently detangling my hair. This never happened before because I would've noticed it. It is so much hair that anyone would notice unless you're blind. The problem here is that doctors are not familiar with the effects of formaldehyde on your scalp In other words they don't know the Brazilian blowout hair treatment. I guess doctors are not used to seeing patients Who voluntarily expose their scalp and hair to formaldehyde.

    The last dermatologist I saw thinks that the formaldehyde in the treatment could have aged my scalp And if in my genetic makeup there is pattern balding this chemical shock may have prematurely trigger it. I do see regrowth Mostly in the middle top part of my head but I believe that it falls out after a couple of months. Have you experienced regrowth that falls out or any regrowth at all? I read some of your previous posts and it seems like you so Dr. Strick in Los Angeles which I was considering seeing I am in San Diego but It sounds like he will not give it a second thought. I really hope you recover soon.
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    MAGR - Thank you for writing me back! These forums seem pretty dead (which I guess is a good thing, right? Not a lot of people having to deal with this?). I would NOT suggest Dr. Strick. He's a nice enough man, but I took a day off work, spent $185 for him to tell me to use Rogaine and that I had TE and Female Pattern Baldness. He made a joke about pregnant women having great hair growth but he wouldn't suggest that long term. It's not a joke to me. It's devastated my life.

    As far as the formaldehyde aging the scalp or doing something funky to make the follicle stop producing hair, doesn't seem outlandish to me at all.. it's POISON after all. I just wish I could go back in time and think long and hard about what I was putting on my porous skin. I kick myself because SO many people told me not to do it.. and I didn't listen. I am about 90% sure that the BB was the beginning of the end of my hair.. even if nobody believes me. They haven't walked a mile in our shoes.

    I have been to that link and read many women's stories.. it's awful.

    As far as regrowth, yes and no. I see some baby hair (between 1/4 of an inch and 3/4 of an inch around my hairline (where the loss is the worst) but they seem not to get any longer and seem like they've been there forever. Even though I see them and start to get excited at first.. they are so, so fine, light in color and don't seem to grow well. So I predict they are probably not growing very long before falling out too. I just don't know what to think anymore.

    Thanks again for your response. I'm sorry you're going through this too. Though it helps to know I'm not alone.

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    Hey there, I hope I am not insulting anyone's intelligence, but after reading this thread I feel compelled to encourage you all. Emu oil, Polysorbate-80, coconut oil... are great tonics to massage into your scalp at night or when ever you can, especially if the scalp skin was "dried" by the formaldehyde. Best of luck
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    Why would that be insulting our intelligence? You don't think I've tried everything? It seems like you're saying, duh girls try this, it's guaranteed to work!! Not cool to open up a "suggestion" like that at all. Not to insult your empathy or anything...:confused:

    JEANNERN1 New Member

    Hey thislittlelight,

    No offense intended. Everyone reading this thread may not have "tried everything". With a medical background I only wanted to encourage; not my goal to be "cool".

    Since I have no way of knowing everything about everyone, I wouldn't venture to assume anything. Personally, after dealing with hair loss for over three decades, I was happy to discover that making my own tonic of Emu with Polysorbate 80 to be an excellent lubricating scalp moisturizer. That's all.

    I would never suggest anything is GUARANTEED to work for anyone. However, for those who may get discouraged with their hair loss journey, it is important to remember the simple steps of massage and scalp treatments.
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    Tried your suggestion a while back but made my scalp hurt

    I tried everything including the coconut oil but had to stop because it gave me scalp pain. I have heard great things about coconut oil. I tried olive oil too but I think it was making me produce more sebum because the lost hairs had a sebum plug (in addition to the root). I am at a loss nothing works. This is 14 months after the treatments and my hair falls out by the minute. I got my hair colored (yes I know I shouldnt) and my hair was coming out in clumps that even the stylist was in shock. I have an appointment with a homeopathic MD and another one with an endocrinologist to explore my hormones a little further. I just had all blood work redone and it does not show any abnormalities. I think my problem is a chemical injury to my scalp. At this point all I have to do is learn to be at peace with it. It has been 14 months and I am exhausted of dropping my hair.Did the oils help with regrowth?
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    I am seeing a homeopathic MD and I hope can see my problem from a different perspective and maybe help a little. I have lost about half my hair and I can only hope to keep this much. My scalp is super sensitive it has been itching nonstop since I colored my hair 4 days ago with semipermanent dye. Thank you for responding.

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    Hey, it is so frustrating, I know. My loss started when I was pregnant with my first child and he is 33 now. I too am a follower of homeopathic medicine, and as a result of my hair thinning, I became more educated and very careful with my nutrition, chemicals, hair products, etc. I too have tried most everything. I say most as I am always researching and sometimes come across something that sounds like a new "option".

    MAGR, I am not certain if the oils have helped with regrowth as much as improving the overall health of my scalp. It is hard to say as I take supplements and laser as well. I would stop ANYthing that gives scalp pain. Personally, I do believe in scalp peels /masks and massage, especially in drier climates or during any changes, environmental, etc.
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    JEANNER1 Would you share what diet Changes have you made? I know eating more vegetables and cutting carbs and sweets is the way to go but if you have done something that goes beyond the basic diet changes please share.

    Interesting that you mention your hair Loss started over a decade ago. Mine has happened over the course of 14 months. About 60% of my hair is gone it is hard to get used to so little hair over such a short time. I have a lot of gray hair and collar it two weeks ago I think I had an explosive reaction to it. I ask the stylist to use a semipermanent one but he must've done something because my hair loss accelerated by a lot. It could be that my scalp is damaged and can't tolerate any chemicals. I was wondering what hair products do you use and if you color your hair which color line do you use?

    Interesting I was at a café this morning and run into a bald woman. She seemed so at peace with herself so confident and so fit that her attitude and fitness took my eyes away from her scalp.

    JEANNERN1 New Member

    Hey MAGR,
    My heart aches for you, to have lost so much in such a short time :( As far as diet goes, I admit that area has been hard, because I crave sweets & bread.

    I have been going through menopause for so many years, its hard to remember when my hormones were ever close to normal. Currently, I am concentrating on more protein, dark leafy veggies, and water instead of other unhealthy beverages. One change is I've added a raw meal protein shake mornings, which boosts protein intake 20-40 grams, depending on one or 2 scoops of protein. 8 oz almond milk, 1 or 2 scoops of protein powder, Flax oil, plain greek yogurt, ice cubes & blend, yummy :) Also, been eating smaller portions more frequently. Just recently added MSM powder to my diet & increased Biotin to 10,000 mcg day.

    Yes, I do use color; my stylist uses Wella. But, I just bought Fo Ti, and plan to nip that grey. According to what I've read, it should take about 6 months to work, but wouldn't it be worth it to say goodbye to the grey without harsh chemicals? :0 I'm hopeful!

    What tips help you cope? I listen to positive music & pray. How are you styling your hair? Is yours long? I'm wearing mine long, but because it is so thin, it looks stringy when not freshly washed.

    Hope you are having a good week :) Stay in touch!
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    It's getting worse by the day with little regrowth. I am convinced I will be bald very soon. There is no hiding it anymore. It's so embarrassed and my thoughts are consumed by it. I try SO hard EVERYDAY to be positive but I can't feel comfortable in my own skin when I look like this.
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    This Little Light

    I know how you feel I have lived the agony of seeing each of the at least 70,000 hairs fall out of my head over the last 15 months. Get me out of here. I had a biopsy last week and I am just waiting for the results. I am losing at least twice as much when I wash I dont know why. I must be losing about 500 now. I colored my hair and changed shampoo at the same time. I am not sure which of the two did it. I also suspect that I may have contracted Tinea Capitis from my kids nanny who had an advanced case of it. Not knowing what it was I checked her scalp several times and she even curled my hair. I was just trying to be helpful as if getting help with hair loss would be easy. I paid for her dermatology appointment and he was able to diagnose the problem (my husband had diagnosed her too with the same thing but he never mentioned how contagious this is). I hope my kids dont get it. I will post next week about the outcome of my biopsy.