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  1. I, similarly to many of you, am constantly losing hair and it is all over my carpet (my entire apartment has carpet). I am going through an aggressive shedding period right now so it is even worse, and my vacuum cleaner recently broke--probably because I was unsuccessful at untangling all the hair that is caught in it. Besides moving to a place without carpet, does anyone have any advice about how to clean hair off carpet, or good vacuum cleaners that aren't easily clogged with hair? :confused:
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    I have an Oreck vacuum and I clean the roller every time I use it, it's been very good and handling the extra hair. You can try a swiffer duster, they have a broom-handled item and I attach the swiffer dusters (the generics work just as well). I run that over the top of the carpet and it picks up a lot of hair. I also live in a fully carpeted apartment.
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    I have found with my hair or pets hair the best way I have found to remove it from fabric and carpets is to get a damp towel or cloth and roll it over an area at a time and the hair forms a matt which is easily lifted.
  4. thanks, i have heard that for pet hair, which is also a problem, i'll give it a try.
  5. My mom told me Oreck is a good vacuum. Will look into it. I have a swiffer duster and never thought of using it like that.