Caffeine for hair loss?

Discussion in 'Everything Else' started by andiew, Feb 28, 2013.

  1. andiew

    andiew New Member

    has anyone tried any products with caffeine to help hair loss? i just purchased a shampoo called Plantur 39 with caffeine. fingers crossed!!!!!
  2. brenda3453

    brenda3453 New Member

    Wow, really? That is something I have never heard of....let us know how it turns out!
  3. brenda3453

    brenda3453 New Member

    I have tried a few different things and I am not certain, but the hair loss started happening when I started doing a skin tightening treatment for the loose and sagging skin I was experiencing. I don't think they would have a connection though....
  4. Jilli

    Jilli New Member

    Any luck with the caffeine shampoo? I was thinking of giving it a try...
  5. andiew

    andiew New Member

    sorry no luck with the caffeine shampoo
    no luck with anything for me i'm afraid.
    I totally give up
  6. RichardStrickland

    RichardStrickland New Member

    I never use these type of products, I know about caffeine it is a drug that is present in the leaves and seeds of plants. It find from research that several hair medical treatment are using caffeine for hair loss and baldness.
  7. Julia David

    Julia David Member

    NO it does not cause 'hair loss' ... beyond the 'normal everyday' hair loss, that is. That's up to 100 hairs a day ... so if you are 'going bald' and you don't have any male relatives on your MOTHER's side of the family with 'pattern baldness' or you are not male, I'd 'see a doctor' about this, because you may have a form of 'alopecia' that could 'benefit' from treatment.