Can a wig be converted into a topper or partial hair piece?

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    I have lost about 70% of my hair over the past year due to stress. I used to have long, blonde hair, that was always fine and never had thick hair but I always had plenty to be able to style. Now my hair is too thin to do anything with, and i have to pull it back in a tiny ponytail. I still have hair everywhere on my head, just much, much less of it. My scalp is noticable near my hairline, where it has lost the most. I purchased a 100% human hair wig for nearly $1000 months ago, but it didn't fit my head correctly, and it was far too much hair (too thick) to look natural. The color and length however, are very close to my natural hair. Is there a way to create a hairpiece or topper from the existing wig I've already purchased? I just want something thin that i can lay over my existing hair and possibly clip in, to make it thicker and cover the scalp areas that are showing.

    Otherwise, it looks like i will need to get a topper or hair integration system, but I want something that looks natural. Because of my fine hair I can't just add anything that adds too much volume or it will be very noticeable. Does anyone have any suggestions? And where can I find a topper or pieces that might be able to be clipped into existing hair?

    Thanks so much!!
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    Yes it can, all you need is a good hair stylist that is familiar with cutting wigs, particularly human hair ones. Mine was way to thick and was so heavy with hair and hard to style. I went to another stylist, she thinned it out a lot! Cut off some of the length also. I bought it originally and they glued it on, but I didn't realize that they were going to shave my head on top. After I saw it, I freaked out and didn't have them do that anymore. $1000 later, when I actually went in to get a new human hair wiglet as my hair was so thin on top and sides, that you could see my scalp.

    I thought this would be better, having it permanent that is, until I saw myself in the mirror. I wore it for about 4 months glued on, it actually made me feel that I wanted to rip it off sometimes. It didn't seem like it was part of me.

    After letting my top hair grow, which is very slow, by the way. I had it styled like I told you, I then had some wig clips sewn in at different spots around the crown and it worked great.

    I still had trouble styling it myself and because of the thickness at the crown of the hairpiece, it was still to heavy for me. I wanted a much lighter and thinner one. I have since bought one, from "Look of Love" they have a web site. I really like it, it's very thin, light and I got it for $250. It was 12" long, when I got it and we then cut off some of the length. If you can't get yours to work right, check this site out and see what they have. They carry extensions, small wiglets, wigs, etc. They are very nice to deal with also.

    I think I would try and salvage the one that you invested the $1000 in first and if that doesn't work, try another human hair wiglet to cover up the thinning of your hair. They come in all styles, length, thickness's and aren't that expensive.

    I hope that I have helped. You can order these clips on line also, so best of luck to you.