Can anyone recommend a NYC stylist that you love?

Discussion in 'Hair Loss Friendly Stylists' started by Apac123, Oct 30, 2013.

  1. Apac123

    Apac123 New Member

    I have thin, very curly dry hair....its a tough hair type and I would love any recommendations from ladies with similar hair. Thank you!!!
  2. Beliza

    Beliza New Member

    A lady I know online went to Devachan in Manhattan and her thin, curly hair looked great afterwards.
  3. Julia David

    Julia David Member

    I live on the west coast, but I recommend just calling around to places that sound good and then asking question just like you're doing here. I have found that people who work in salons are usually really good listeners.
  4. DewayneWood

    DewayneWood New Member

    I will recommend you to use straight hair extension which will give you a perfect look.