Can dandruff be genetic?

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    I've always had dandruff but it was only last year that I realized how bad it got. I realized that when I scratched my scalp, some hardened stuff got caught under my nails. I first used Head and Shoulders for about a month, and it did absolutely nothing. Then my hairdresser advised me to wash with baby shampoo, since it's not as harsh as anti-dandruff shampoos, but it only made things worse! Then I went to the dermatologist and (aside from "helpfully" mentioning how bald I was!) he recommended 2% Coal Tar shampoo. I researched online and people were all about coal tar shampoo being really effective against dandruff. I tried it until I ran out of it... it was effective the first two weeks and then my dandruff came back, but not as badly. So I researched more on my own and bought a Ketoconazole shampoo (similar to Nizoral for people in the US). It worked almost immediately, for a few weeks, and now I have dandruff again! It's also not typical dandruff, it's more like seborrheic dermatitis...

    I don't know what to do! As if hair loss wasn't enough I also have dandruff. I was wondering if maybe it's hormonal? I have insulin resistance (no PCOS, though), and I've been reading about insulin lately and it really seems to control absolutely EVERYTHING in the body (including hair loss from what I read). I never took insulin resistance too seriously as my doctor says it's only mild, I don't have PCOS and I'm on metformin (one daily dose of 750mg). But now I'm pretty much sure my hair loss is related to the insuin resistance and I'm ready to take action (my sex drive has been dead for years, too, which I also think is related to insulin resistance). I was just wondering if maybe this dandruff/seborrheic dermatitis thing is also a part of the puzzle!

    My sister and mom also have insulin resistance and PCOS, they have hair loss too, but also different symptoms (my sister for example has acne and oily skin, I have clear, yet really dry skin). My thyroid is supposedly fine, I'm not overweight (though I'm close to it)... but I know symptoms vary from woman to woman (one of my friends has severe PCOS, insulin resistance and hypothyroidism... and a full head of hair!).

    Anyway, I hope that by conquering insulin resistance (or at least managing it!) I can help my hair with both alopecia and dandruff... and my other symptoms... I've read about a book called "The Insulin Resistance Diet" and a lot of women on Amazon swear by it, so I'm gonna get it and see if I can at least manage my condition.

    Greetings to everyone :)
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    Hey! My boyfriend has this. It happens a little on the skin on his face as well (only if he's stressed out, or went out drinking the night before- this usually goes away within a day).

    This is what I've seen work for him:

    T/Gel therapeutic shampoo, Extra Strength for psoriasis, dandruff, seborrheic dermatitis - by Neutrogena.

    Be warned the smell is very strong, so I'd advise following up with a nice smelling conditioner. Aubry Organics White Camellia Conditioner with argan and olive oil (white bottle, orange label) has a nice scent, is totally organic and non-toxic and I love what it does for my (baby fine) hair.

    Alternatively, I've noticed that the CVS brand version of the neutrogena shampoo has a less offensive scent, and I've experimented with it in my fine (non-dandruff) hair and really liked it, in combination with my Aubrey conditioner or EO Protective conditioner for damaged hair (mauve + white bottle).

    I've also used Heritage Store brand Tannenbaum Pin Tar shampoo and encouraged him to try it as well (I don't have any feedback from him yet). The scent is strong, but not as much as the ones I mentioned above.

    Other treatments that help:
    I suggested to him a while ago to try doing raw honey face masks and doing coconut oil treatments and it's totally turned around the condition of his skin. I would bet that doing some kind of weekly treatment like this to your scalp might also be helpful.

    I hope that helps!!