Can Flaxseed make things worse?

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    I eat ground flaxseed everyone morning in a smoothie - and I've also noticed that a lot of women take supplements containing flaxseed oil to combat hair loss. However, I've been reading things lately that say while flaxseed can in some way block testosterone, it also can also block the effects of estrogen???

    Wouldn't this be horrible for those of us that are sensitive to androgens? We need all the estrogen we can get! Here's a portion of the article as well as the website. Pleas share with me any info that you all have - I'm kind of freaking out!:confused:

    Lignans like SDG in flaxseed are called phytoestrogens because they resemble the female hormone estrogen and they attach to the same receptors on the cells where estrogen would, thus reducing estrogen's effects by displacing it from the cells. This estrogen displacement can help prevent those cancers, such as breast cancer, that depend on estrogen to develop.
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    i have been taking flax seed oil supplements for a couple of months now, along with fish oil, for the EFA benefits. I also put flax seeds in my protein smoothies every day and take a capsule each morning and evening. i dont know what is causing me to have so much improvement with my hair lately, but something is absolutely working!

    i did have high(er) testosterone until just recently, but then started thinking maybe that was normal for me and decided to ride this out. Since I buzzed my head on 6/1, I have been taking only fish and flax oil and regular vitamins and I keep telling myself that I am going to get my testosterone re-checked, but I have not..... but I actually am confident that it has gone down. I am especially noticing that I am shaving my legs much less often.

    Like I said, I have not had my testosterone tested since the beginning of June now, but I am sure it has decreased and my hair IS growing back. I need to post some current pictures.... it looks great and healthy and thick!
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    Flaxseed is a GODSEND!!!!!

    We need estrogen, but not in excess...regarding too much in our bodies....when we have excess estrogen it turns into DHT, what doesn't turn into DHT can be cancerous. You really have to look closer at that article. Flaxseed is a cancer fighting food...very healthy.

    I found flaxseed by accident. It ABSOLUTELY grows hair. I have the worst type of hair loss, androgenetic alopecia. I started losing my hair in my late 20s, but it accelerated in my early 40s. My grandmother lost her hair in her 40s, and my sister is also thinning too, so I figured there was nothing I could do but accept it. It depressed me for a while. One day I decided to start working on me (I am overweight) I started changing the way I was eating. I became a vegetarian, and I joined a running group. I figured if I couldn't control my hairloss I would work on me and make me feel the best I could. I was simply looking for a protein supplement to add to my daily fruit smoothies. My challenge is with milk and dairy. I am lactose intolerant and I don't process whey or hemp well. I was worried that I wouldn't get enough protein in my diet. My daughter was reading up on protein supplements and suggested that we try adding flaxseed to our diets. So I decided to add it to my shakes.

    I have a problem with hangnails. That is what I noticed first changed. All of a sudden after about a month or so the hangnails started healing quicker, and my overplucked eyebrows started to grow in again. I also noticed some new hairs, but since I have tried everything, essential oils, castor oil, apple cider vinegar rinses, and the essential for hair vitamins I try not to get too jumpy. I am always seeing some results, but never enough...I didn't want to get ahead of myself especially if it was all in my head.

    Well within the first three months the hair on the crown of my head grew in patches (1.5 inches long). There are still some thin areas, but those areas have little hairs. Even my adult daughter stated it was no longer in my mind that she could clearly see growth. First the crown, then I started getting hair on the top (hair hasn't grown there in years) coming down towards my forehead...that hair came in after the crown. It's only about half an inch to an inch long, but it is black and pretty...the front edges are still very thin, but I am optimistic. I have to wait till I get to the 6 month mark. If I still see growth I will post pictures.

    I took flaxseed oil tablets in the place of fish oil. I actually didn't like it because in order to get any real benefits from it you have to take quite a few pills daily. I even started buying the new flax milk, to try something other than Soy...none of that stuff made a difference in my hair...well I wasn't expecting that it would. I only did it for protein and Omega 3s. What I never expected was that flaxseed would actually make my hair grow. It is also a natural DHT blocker. It's not the's the seeds. I have now added Chia seeds to my diet too, but I don't know if I am as impressed with those or not. :>:D:eek:
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    naturalnappy, Can we get an update on how your hair is doing on the flaxseed regimen now that it's been a little over a year? Are you still seeing new growth and no shedding?

    I read your post about a month/month and a half ago and immediately went out and bought a bag of roasted flaxseeds. I grind them up and have 2 tablespoons of the powder every day. I am at the point where I'm willing to try anything. I was diagnosed with AGA about 10-12 years ago. I saw this study (link below) where they gave a woman in her 30s flaxseeds every day and her testosterone levels dramatically decreased in a few months...of course, one person isn't a very good sample size, but if it happened in one person I am willing to try it out!

    I haven't seen any new growth, but I do feel like my shedding has moderately reduced. I'm so curious to hear about your progress.

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    My hair grew quite a bit in my worst spot, the "map" at the crown of my head. I was completely bald, with shiny skin there. It continues to grow. I stand behind the flaxseed, but I still struggle with the front bang area and edges. I recently started taking B100, and a hair vitamin, Country Life. My eyebrows never fully came back and I am getting patches of hair in the top, but it's still thin. I get lazy with the flaxseed because some days it's just too cold for fruit smoothies. I may miss days taking it but the new hair has not fallen out, but when I am not regular on it I do believe it potentially slows down my progress. The B100 is helping with my menopausal issues. My bleeding has regulated. I was having break through bleeding each month which I believe the flaxseed may have helped, no sure. I say that because the break through bleeding (average two periods a month) stopped, but I was still bleeding really heavy. Been taking the B100 two months and my bleeding isn't as heavy. I hope it helps kick start the hair on the top/bang area and temples a little better, but if it's just taking longer I can live with that. What it did to my crown was truly amazing. I will get my daughter to help me post a picture in the next day or two. It's an angle where someone needs to take the pic for me
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    So just an update, I've been taking 2 tbsp ground flax seeds every day for the past 5 months. I can't say it's improved my hair at all, unfortunately. However, I have noticed that my skin is less dry this winter, and I think this is because of the flax seeds. I'll keep taking them for that reason.
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    I am sorry to hear you are not seeing results. I did after about two months. I hope you're not using too much? I don't eat more than two tablespoons a day. I read somewhere the more you consume daily the less effective it is as a dietary supplement. I am still seeing results. I see some improvements around my edges but I am still very thin on the top which has had very little new growth in the past two years. The crown which was shiny and bald continued to grow and the rest of my hair is very healthy.
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    Hi naturalnappy,
    I don't eat more than 2 tbsp a day either. But I do take those 2 tbsp religiously. There are so many factors that could account for the difference in results from person to person.
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    True, it's so difficult to determine the true causes of hairloss. I think if it was as easy as saying its a hormone inbalance HRT would cure the problem.