Can I pray for you about this?

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  1. Baker

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    I saw this idea on another site, and the plan struck me as a good one. I'm not very original, so for the most part I'm just going to stick to the plan I read about.
    I'm looking for the best strategy to get me through this hair business. So far I've tried blind denial and an all-consuming focus upon my problem. Actually I tend to vacillate between these two methods, with the result that I've been in a state of paralysis for many, many months now. I won't list the ways this paralysis has affected my life and the lives of those I love, but we need a change.
    As I mentioned, another person, on another hair-loss site, invited volunteers for a prayer experiment. He (or she) said he would pray every morning for the first two people to join him in this experiment. (I came late to the party, which is why I'm writing this post.) He suggested praying daily for a month. Participants would touch base at the end of the month , and keep up the plan if it seemed to be helping. (He seemed to think that if he prayed for more than two volunteers, or invited more frequent contact between participants, he would find himself unable to keep the commitment. That seems insightful, so I'm going to replicate his "rules.")
    Blindness for me is unsustainable, but staring at "the truth" in the mirror instantly defeats me; I just can't fight that battle. I don't want to pretend my problem doesn't exist, but I simply can't look at it intensely and directly, if that makes sense. I want to give it to God and let Him look at it for me.
    I don't have this all planned out, but I know I will at least be praying for mercy, in all its forms, for wisdom in choosing how to address our problems and where to put our resources, for an end to bitterness, for joy, for healthy self-identities, that we learn whatever it is we are supposed to get out of all this, and of course that our hair-loss problems improve. :)
    Please understand, this is not Mother Theresa writing. I do not have a long personal history of prayer or outstanding, selfless living. I am coming to this strategy out of necessity.
    I will check this post again three days from now, to see if anyone wants to join me. Best to all, whether or not we get together on this project.
  2. Baker

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    Forgot one thing: the responsibility of the two "volunteers." The plan I saw suggested these folks keep a daily record or journal of their progress during the month of prayer. (I think if you tried anything new, or gave up anything--a supplement or a food item, for instance-- you should include this in your record.) Thanks :)
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    C'mon, no takers? Would it have helped if I had said that I was Mother Theresa and that I do have a long personal history of prayer and outstanding, selfless living?

    I realize there's a good chance that anyone who does wish to pray with someone, will choose a prayer partner they actually know. If you're like me, though, you have already talked ad nauseam to all your loved ones about hair!

    At any rate, best to all in your journey.
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    Yes. I just wanna be able to accept. Accept myself for who I am with or without this hairloss. I have been one who always struggled with her appearance, with who I am, ect. This hair loss is like the icing on the cake for me. For now I am in that coping stage but I want to be able to have peace of mind.
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    Hi Alicia! Thank you for writing. I just saw your message today, and will start praying for you today. I've not been on the boards much lately because I'm trying to find a new vocation :) At a minimum, though, lets plan to check back one month from today. Thank you for reaching out!