Can i recommend myself? Volumizing in Bournemouth and Poole :)

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    Hi everyone, I have been part of the womens hair loss project for about a year now from having chronic telogen effluvium, I'm so grateful to all the support i had through my journey, happy to say my hair has stopped shedding now for some good couple of months, so fingers crossed :)

    When I started my journey in hair loss i was let down by a "professional" hair loss stylist who actually caused me to then have traction alopecia on top of my CTE :( The silver lining is that through those months of heartache i decided to start my own business designing and developing, fitting and maintaining volumizers, hair integration systems, hairpieces, wigs and hair extensions that are 100% kind to thinning hair.
    I have trained stylists who can cut, dye and style systems and am opening my own discreet salon very soon.

    Feel free to PM me if you would like any details about my salon or if anyone has any questions about any of the above :) or visit my website at xx
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