Celiac Disease was causing my hair loss, worth looking into!

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    Hello, this is my first time posting but I wanted to share with everyone something I had never heard of before when researching women's hair loss. I have Hashimotos Thyroiditis which caused my hair to thin horribly. But that was fixed years ago and my hair never came back in and continued to slowly thin. In March I just found out I have Celiac Disease, which is actually an auto immune disorder but is usually categorized as a wheat gluten allergy. The damage that is done to your intestines over the years from eating products with wheat gluten and wheat flour inhibits your body from absorbing nutrients from your food, so what little vitamins you do absorb are directed to vital parts of your body. And your hair being an anatomical accessory is starved and is then shed. I am going on 4 months of being on a gluten free diet (which is not fun) but my hair feels great, it is so much thicker already, it is just amazing. So I wanted to share with everyone because in all my research I had never come across this as being a possible cause. I hope this information helps as many of you as it possibly can!

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    Hi Nicole that's very interesting about celiac disease and hair loss. I read up on the article and i was able to tick a lot of the symptoms. I was wondering the article links celiac with AA rather than AGA. Do you have AGA or AA? and what kind of things can you eat in your gluten free diet. Many thanks, V.
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    Celiac Disease

    Hi! I have AA, my hair was thin all over, it was getting really thin in the front by my bangs and it had been going on for around 6 years. They fixed my thyroid but my hair never came back in like it was supposed to until they figured this out. I have been on an (almost) gluten free diet for going on 4 months now and I am feeling a difference in my hair already, it is the greatest thing. And I say almost because it is very difficult diet,at least for me, I lived off of bread and carbs. On a gluten free diet you are not supposed to have anything made with wheat flour/wheat gluten (it's in everything). Meaning bread, pastas, cake, cookies, anything breaded like chicken nuggets, so pretty much every frozen food, pizza. (some of those items you can find made gluten free) I have to check salad dressings, it's in marinades, I am not even supposed to have gatorade. Even meats such as hot dogs and sausage have it mixed it...so we don't go out to dinner much anymore. The only fast food I can really eat is Chipoltes becuase they have the corn taco shells (no flour tortillas). Some of the main grocery stores have small gluten free sections, but I go to organic stores now. They have great selection compared to everyone else but it is expensive, for example a box of my favorite gluten free cookies is almost $6. What you can eat are things made from rice flour, corn flour, or tapioca (which those taste gross). They do have gluten free bread but I haven't had the guts to try it, it literally weighs ten pounds. Not sure if you saw my post before, but they can't test for Celiac just by doing a blood test (or a biospy) but the blood test is a little simpler. Well sorry for such the long run down, I put a link below if you want to check out more info. But I know how happy I was to finally have an answer so I hope it can help other people to do the same. Good luck!!!

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    Thanks Nicole for that detailed reply, i have AGA but i suspect i might possibly have AA as well, not sure that is even possible, but i have patchy missing leg hair near my ankles and while i have thinning on top of my head i have hairloss around the ears and other diffused areas. Ive got a derm appoitment in about 3 weeks and i will pursue this avenue at the very least i can rule it out. Btw, did u have other symptoms other than the hairloss?? bc hairloss is not one of the many listed symptoms its manly other things but it would expain possibly some other things that are going on with my body and one more question has your hair regrown now that you are on this diet?? Many thanks Vaso.
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    Hi, with the Celiac yes I had a lot of other symptoms. Which i did not realize until I went on the gluten free diet. I did not realize how bad my stomach was becuase I had never know any different. I was constantly gassy and bloated,my stomach was hurting, since i have been on this diet my stomach has not been bloated once. It is such a huge difference. And with my hair I can feel a difference, the biggest is when I am washing it, it just feels a lot fuller. And on my hairline I can see new little hairs coming in,which I can't tell you the last time that happened. So overall I do feel very different, I just have to make myself stop cheating on my diet, but I am working on it. It is just so hard, there are soooo many foods I absolutely miss. A lot of the gluten free food I have tried I didn't really like, they definatley have a different taste and texture. Well good luck, hope that helps!
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    Hey Nikki,

    How long did it take for you to see a difference in your hair loss? I have been gluten-free for three days. I know, I am impatient! How long did it take you to know this was the cause of your hair loss?

    I haven't been diagnosed but I have had some strange itchy/tender rashes, including two blisters on my arm for no reason, my scalp is very itchy, my stomach hurts all the time, especially after eating, and my stomach bloats to the point of being uncomfortable. Just a few days of eating only meat and veggies and all of the stomach issues go away (but no improvement on the skin/scalp/hair stuff, yet). I hope it improves my hair most of all!
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    Hi, I am glad you are feeling better!! First thing which you said you have noticed is your stomach feels better. I couldn't believe the difference, I didn't know how bad off I was until I felt normal. And one more thing, you will probably loose a ton of weight, I dropped pounds quick. As for you hair, I noticed in the first couple of weeks that my hair was not coming out in the shower as it always had. I am in month 4 now (but I still cheat sometimes) but about two months in my hair just felt thicker, obviously it had not all grown in but I think it was just getting the nutrition it needed. I am just noticing now all these new little hairs, it is too cool. It seems like my hair feels better ever week that goes by. So it will take a little time but much faster than the damn minoxidil that they tried to put me on. And I still take multi vitamins and biotin just to help. But I really hope this works out for you. I would definately see a nutrionist to help you with this diet though. I met with the one at my family doctors practice, and I was doing so many things wrong. It is not only wheat gluten you have to avoid but also anything with ingredients such as barley, malt,there is a whole list. Even beverages such as gatorade, in fact if you like beer (which I didn't so I was ok), that is also a no no. So I hope this helps, just give it a little while. I know it is not an easy diet though. Best of luck and please keep me updated!!!
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    Celiac Disease

    I was helping to care for a woman that had Celiac disease and she couldn't have even the smallest amount of wheat gluten. She couldn't tolerate milk either until her digestive tract healed up a bit.
    From what I understand, even a teenie tiny amount of gluten can cause a chain reaction. There was no medication for it, and we saw a marked improvement in her weight and over all health after three weeks. She had dwindled down to about 85 lbs. when she came to us and she had gained weight and felt better after two weeks.

    Wheat gluten is used in so many things. My grand daughter is allergic to wheat so we only buy rice pasta's, breads and soft cookies that are gluten, egg, milk, soy and nut free. (She's allergic to all those things)
    The bread we get for her is made by Ener-g. It isn't as dense as the other breads on the market.
    Another thing you will have to be careful with when purchasing gluten free products, is to make sure the product isn't produced on the same machinery as gluten foods. It should be marked on the lable if it was made in a plant that is gluten free.
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    One of the Easiest Ways....

    to eat a gluten and wheat free diet is to go raw/organic.
    Research Raw Lifestyle and get the support you need to stay off the SAD ( standard American diet).

    Your everyday food choices can either heal you or kill you. My personal opinion.

    ALSO check into Dr. Gabriel Cousins M.D. and Dr. Max Gerson both doctors have healed people with multiple illnesses just by changing the food they eat!

    Get the DVDs Food Matters , The Future of Food and The Beautiful Truth.

    Eat well, live well, be well.

    Telogen Efflivium OR Alopecia Universalis see new derm on Aug 17, 2009.
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    What is AA? AGA is androgenic alopecia, right?
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    I was wondering if anyone who has Celiac Disease also has alopecia universalis?